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    yes i agree capitalism is indeed a house of cards waiting to crash. i fail to see how voting for an "outsider" who just so happens to represent the same old insider interests is any kind of solution to this problem.

    ah yes you, venom, have an outstanding track record when it comes to discerning the realistic from the unrealistic. hell im posting from a FEMA death camp as we speak

    it has everything to do with the type of person who finds libertarianism appealing. it's "fug you got mine" politics. also johnson seems just fine leaving social policy up to the states. not sure how that's very progressive for, say, the millions of minorities living in ultra conservative black belt states. btw just curious, how many nonviolent drug offenders did johnson pardon as governor of new mexico? was it a lot? or was it just too difficult of a decision for the huckster to make? did he spend more time and resources on opening more and more private prisons or did he do the right thing and pardon nonviolent offenders? which was of greater importance to the piece of poo? and who did he make very wealthy through his highway boondoggle? the kochs? maybe even himself? what specific actions as governor of new mexico do you find most appealing?

    except that's not what im doing here. instead im making reference to the blatant pandering that libertarians have taken to in hopes of luring in disaffected youth. if i wanted to stereotype libertarians i would just focus on how overwhelmingly white, male, and financially stable they tend to be. the party itself is merely tool of the same conservatives who support republicans which is why they tend to hard sell the few "progressive" positions they hold while glossing over their largely right wing policies. the party exists to peel off single issue democratic voters and to rope in politically ignorant young men into a lifetime of libertarian missions and sexual frustration.
  5. Obama to visit Hiroshima on the 71st anniversary of the bomb

    at one time i thought the indiscriminate destruction of civilian population centers was bad but then an old man posted the publisher's summary of a book written by a right wing crank and published by the u.s. naval institute which shockingly defends those responsible for unimaginable death and destruction in the face of those privy to the details who later expressed deep regret for their role in the horror inflicted upon the innocent citizens of hiroshima and nagasaki and...well...boy did that change my mind

    your apparent suggestion that he's worthy of a vote as the lesser of evils is indistinguishable from similar arguments in support of clinton or trump. you can't handwave away his failures while not allowing the same courtesy to clinton and trump. the only true break from the status quo is what he claims to be his foreign policy and if you're willing to vote based solely on that then why not throw full support behind sanders? even at this point where only an indictment could save his campaign he has a MUCH better chance of becoming president than gary johnson, and he comes without a lot of the baggage.

    The road-widening cost the state $345 million, which Gov. Johnson covered by tapping a federal bond program giving the state 20 years to pay back the interest. So the “principled” budget-conscious libertarian governor forced his state deep into debt to pay for a campaign donor's pork barrel project, and the only way he could raise that much debt was to go to Washington DC and borrow everything he could against the state, sticking the poorest state in America with the bill: $345 million for construction of the road, plus another $142 million in interest on those bonds. It will take New Mexico's residents twenty years to pay off what was essentially a transfer of a half-billion dollars from New Mexico's residents' wallets into the Kochs brothers' offshore accounts. The Upshot: The Kochs bankrolled Gary Johnson’s 1998 campaign, and they helped make him a national figure by PRing his name through their libertarian think-tanks like the Cato Institute. The Downside: Less money available to pay for New Mexico’s public schools, food programs, Medicare, parks, and all the other roads and infrastructure. Which is to say, no downside if you’re Gary Johnson or Charles Koch. Which you’re not. So vote for Gary Johnson, because he’s unconventional. He's for marijuana. wow this sounds great sign me the fug up for some of that good ol' ~fiscal conservatism~

    noted defender of liberty struggles to come to terms with the first amendment. then, noted man of principles and consistency walks back his dumb rhetoric the moment he receives blowback less than 24 hours later. at least when trump tells you to keep an eye on those deceitful, shifty muslims he seems like he believes what he's saying. johnson will say anything for a vote but how will be legislate? i suspect he would legislate as he did in new mexico: on behalf of wealthy conservatives

    what's great is how natural social progress is leading to the widespread legalization of marijuana and neutralizing the faux-progressive cred of right wing shits like johnson. how will the libertarians attempt to lure in young gullible low info voters once weed is as legal as tobacco nationwide?

    you really should read about his highway program. anyway for someone who tries so hard to portray himself as enlightened and above the fray, you sure do take words at face value when they're the ones you want to hear. i encourage you investigate johnson from an angle more critical than that of say reason magazine or other right wing trash.

    yeah it would be great if he actually hoped to do that but here in the real world we can only judge him by his record, not his thin veneer of opportunistic populist pandering . so he rejected the early release bill because it wouldn't pay for MORE prisons. wow a truly radical thinker. sounds about right coming from the same person who campaigned on felons serving "every lousy second" of their prison sentences, making no attempt distinguish nonviolent offenders until after coming under fire for his rhetoric.

    big fan of private prisons, eh?

    yeah dr paul isn't racist. i was mistaken. i was thinking of the guy who penned racist articles for the ron paul survival report under the name ron paul and then went out and spent thousands of dollars on a ron paul mask and took pictures with and donations directly from known white supremacists all in hopes of ruining the good doctor's name.
  14. How the Left wins it for the Right

    the commodification of mlk in action itt

    i mean it's basically the ron paul thing all over again except, unlike the good dr. paul, johnson hasn't revealed himself to be a virulent racist