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  1. I pose this question to all Huddlers...

    Probably not. I just don't see him being very dominant out there on the field with his torn achilles.
  2. When and Why to make Noise

    Yes, this. Please don't just "start making noise when the offense comes to the line". Noise during the radio transmission of the play call and during thehuddle can cause the coordinator and QB to have to have to repeat the play call multiple times, leaving far less time at the line to read the defense and/or audible the play. Most of the actual scheme and protection changes at the line are going to be done with hand signals regardless when playing on the road.
  3. Wilson for MVP....

    Still a stretch that he wins MVP with 13 completions. I think Lynch 100 Yards + a TD gets it. You'd think they would be more concerned about getting Wilson that first career win in a game where the Seattle D gave up more than 24 pts. As it stands now, he's 0-7 when they do. But yea, go ahead and pay him 25 million a year.
  4. Best Buffalo Wings in Charlotte?

    I'll second those who said Picasso's and Midtown Sundries. Technically not Charlotte, but Killington's in Huntersville and East Coast Wings in Mooresville are both very good for anyone that's up north of the city.