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  1. Team needs to wake up, but every day won't be a great day. Learn from the drops and miscommunication. Focus on improvement.
  2. Hell Gano is a gamble. Last season showed that.
  3. Would love for it to happen but will believe it when I see it. He is trending upward.
  4. Final Spartanburg Practice Thread 2017

    Shepard and Byrd makes me feel good about the receiving core. Compliments KB and Funchess well.
  5. http://www.panthers.com/news/article-2/Panthers-Training-Camp-Observations-Day-13/7781de05-48c3-4999-82e4-40b227983d79 the hype continues
  6. Same here my friend. Same here. Give him time with the ones and free the Byrd He have the "it" factor and the smith like attitude
  7. Give duke another chance
  8. No way to damn valuable
  9. Wide receivers update....

    Really hope they keep 6 KB Funch Shepard Samuel Byrd Duke
  10. I'm so pumped it's like I'm practicing
  11. So who is your punt returner? Mccaffrey, Curtis, ex. Who? I would let Byrd for key players won't be returning kicks.
  12. Barnidge then cut Dickson then sign Clady
  13. You need to add the money he gave Jake after that crazy bad Arizona playoff game.