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  1. A real WR battle May the best man win
  2. Hurns, funchess, Smith, Wright, Samuel, Byrd Damn thats good
  3. He already has with that contract
  4. Dickson to Seahawks

    Looking for a TE signing today
  5. Is Ryan Kalil still safe?

    Kenny Vaccaro?
  6. https://sports.yahoo.com/lions-releasing-tight-end-eric-191239062.html
  7. When Byrd went down, that was the season, period. Everyone felt it and knew it. He even took Sheppards snaps. Samuel and Byrd is the future. If Byrd is not, our draft pick will be. We have more invested in Samuel. With Smith we have enough bodys if injuries happen.
  8. That drop in the saints game did it. And lets be real, Clay was only playing because of Samuel and Byrd injury.
  9. Byrds that type of player that we over look. Gets cut, then signed by the falcons or Saints, and light our ass up.
  10. Yeah lets cut our return man that actually took one to the house last season.
  11. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    Same thing people said about Ginn before playing for Carolina.
  12. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    Waiting for Tavon Austin to be released, but think the eagles are interested.