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  1. Well there YOU have it. Sucks but well, what makes sense never happens most of the time.
  2. Shula for sammy
  3. Lol Mixon to the we do dirty poo team
  4. Got to go TE if they picking one
  5. Just knew it. Called it but thought it would be cook
  6. Bring his ass back now
  7. Don't really need another back. But will be interesting if one is sitting there when we pick. Mccaffrey, Stewart, cook? Yeah one can dream but have others needs
  8. Obi at 40 Wr at 64 Butt or Leggett in 3rd Switzer or DE in 4th or 5th CB in 5th or 6th K in 6th or 7th
  9. Leggett or Butt at TE probably
  10. I'm really starting to think of a double dip. If cook or Kamara (I think that's his name) is there
  11. 22, 25, 27, 35
  12. Cook lol Just joking
  13. If Shula really asked for a TE, someone really doesn't like him. The writing is on the wall.