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  1. Byrdman4real

    Curtis Samuel

    Byrd practiced today just to let u know
  2. Byrdman4real

    Corey Coleman...

    Starting to feel the same
  3. Trade Butler and Funchess in a package. I wouldn't care at all. Trade both of them MF
  4. Byrdman4real

    My one take away...

    Exactly I only mention Byrd because everytime he in the game and used, he do something special. You ride players like that. Thats the players that make things happen.
  5. Byrdman4real

    My one take away...

    In the preseason I said DJ Moore, Samuel, and Byrd on the field together was a nightmare for defenses because of their speed. Wright today showed me he can be trusted more then Funchess and Smith. Wright, DJ Moore, Samuel, and Byrd need to be used in the passing game They talked about speed all offseason. Use all your tools. PS- Samuel and Byrd is a big part thats missing. Already know Olsen hurts
  6. Byrdman4real

    This Loss is on Ron

    Coaching isn't easy at all, but Rons weakness is evaluation and using his playes strengths. Every player has something they are good at. Ron doesn't use players the right way. Another issue is his love for vets. You never know what you have if you don't play the young players. Clook management is another problem Utilizing timeouts is another problem. If your defense is getting gassed, call a timeout just to get them on the right track and get them some wind. Game planning is a real big issue also for the offense. Everyone know CmC going to get his chances, which he should, but he don't need to be the focal point every game. Getting people involved that normally wouldnt be, would confuse the opponent and create opportunities for others.
  7. He wasnt even out of his brake yet lol. Sorry ass
  8. This, and maybe take out Funchess
  9. Wright is better then Smith Samuel need to get back
  10. Run Anderson and use CMC in slot with Moore
  11. Cam was hidding Shula's deficiencies, just as he hides Rivera's