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  1. Good let him play. Better to get battle tested for the playoffs now by a great QB. To be the best you beat the best. This is greenbays last hope for the playoffs so they will be bringing it. Panthers better be hype and focused to knock them cheese bitches off the playoff map.
  2. 18

    Should get more targets now with Cams confidence with him.
  3. Go for the score. Send Byrd long
  4. Shula is killing this team
  5. CMC and Byrd needs to have a big ass game. Cam will be under pressure and their speed needs to be used highly.
  6. Should have seen his damn face during most of the panthers game. Ass hole
  7. So which one of you did this?

    Damn thats funny
  8. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

    Matt Ryan playing for the saints tonight
  9. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

    NFL making new rules in game
  10. Newton - Rivera a "lock" to be back

    I can see Rivera but Shula ass needs to be gone
  11. Byrd

    Just what I said myself. He needs Shepard snaps. I also seen a play where he was crossing the field wide open and Cam over looked him. My kids was screaming at the TV saying look at Byrd. Thats why during the game I said Byrd is open.
  12. Predict Byrd's stats today....

    Byrd should be wr2 or even Bersin. They have shown the ability to get open. They both need a bigger role. Byrd was open on plays but wasn' t the hot route so Cam would lock on to funchess or shepard.