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  1. Byrdman4real

    DJ Moore finally signs his contract

    Damn didn't even know that
  2. Byrdman4real

    DJ Moore finally signs his contract

    Its about time
  3. Byrdman4real

    Top 6 WRs

    Byrd averaged a team-high 32.7 yards per return https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2018/05/26/panthers-highlights-why-damiere-byrd-should-get-first-look-at-kick-returner/ That alone might be the reason to keep him.
  4. Byrdman4real

    Top 6 WRs

    I trust Byrds hands more then most of the WRs on the roster. Hope they keep 6
  5. Im sick of hearing about Cam and his so called accuracy problems. The truth is Cam has had little room for error with the bad receivers routes, play design, and play calling. Also the drop rate and separation. Cam have to nearly throw a perfect pass every time because the window is so tight. I have seen him throw some balls that other great QBs can't. And every game I watch I see QBs over throwing the receivers.
  6. Byrdman4real

    Curtis Samuel ....

    Exactly, Only way he leave in anyway is if he get reinjured
  7. Byrdman4real

    Curtis Samuel ....

  8. All our castoffs will belong to them. If Byrd dont make it, he will get picked up by them also.
  9. I wouldn't take the cut also. Would be completely stupid. He knows he will be probably cut anyway.
  10. Byrdman4real

    Panthers signing Kenjon Barner

    Thats exactly what their doing
  11. Byrdman4real

    Fozzy Whittaker tore his ACL (placed on IR)

    Also might make Byrd more important for kick returner
  12. Byrdman4real

    Elijah Hood claimed off waivers

    Well there it is
  13. Byrdman4real

    I’ve never seen anything like this before

    When have u seen him catch with his body? Every catch was with his hands