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  1. That Locker Room Leadership...Wow!

    I'd heard many times about the captains taking care of such things; I'd never heard the angle where a vet told the young guy due some discipline that he'd advised the coach to fine him (the vet)if the kiddo broke the rule again...and made it clear to the younger player what he'd told the coach. Thought that was nice way to keep things in line.
  2. There's a link to this video in another thread, but this deserves it's own discussion. In an interview on CNBC's "Squawk Box", Rivera is interviewed and discusses how his team leaders have stepped in to takecare of locker room issues. The story starting at :49 is pretty amazing to me. Nutshell - young player breaks rule; coach is about to take care of it when vet says "I'll take care of it"; later vet comes back and says "done"; Rivera asks what'd you do?; Vet says, "I told him I talked to coach and we're not going to fine you. I told him 'if you're going to break that rule, fine me'!" He didn't identify the players involved but I can picture any one of our captains taking care of business in that situation. Don't think the young player will break thatrule again!
  3. Delete me

    Dog walks into a bar with one foot all bandaged up and says, "I'm looking for the man who shot my paw"!
  4. Non-issue now. Going back for senior year to play TE on Baylor's football team.
  5. So Rico Gathers, Baylor's all-conference power forward basketball player, is interested in working out for NFL teams and follow in the footsteps of NFL standouts like Antonio Gates & Tony Gonzalez. Gonzalez played both sportsin college and was drafted in the first round; Gates, like Gathers, played only basketball in college but had a football history before. After the 2003 draft, Gates signed as aUFA with the San Diego Chargers and the rest is history. Gathersis ginormous...6'8" 275 lbs...some sites list him at 6'6" 275. That's 20 lbs heavier than either Gonzalez or Gates. This fits with Gettleman's "big men help you compete" mantra, but is he too big for TE? And how in the world do you evaluate him as a prospective NFL player? Would our GMrole the dice on someone that's huge and athletic and haspretty high potentialbut no history to go on. Would you consider him as a 5th or 7th rounder or hope for the best at UFA-time? Or just say forget it? What think the huddle?
  6. Was Kalil at the Super Bowl Opening Night?

    Thanks folks...Watched both...good stuff. Kalil on Jordan Gross, "He'sjealous of my size, I think"! HAHA
  7. Silly question, I know. I saw pictures of him there. But I've gone to,, and elsewhere and have yet to find any video clips of him being interviewed...Tons of Cam, Luke, Greg, etc., which is really nice, but Kalil is a personal favorite. His quick-witted dry humor makes him a great interview. I could only imagine with all the hoopla surrounding the media day, the kind of stuff he'd come out with. Come On media...we need some Kalil!
  8. Lets dispel the "small market" persona

    Of course not...But just like I drive from Winston-Salem to Charlotte for the games, out in Dallas or Houston, I'm sure there are bunches of folks that drive from Austin, Round Rock...probably San Antonio to one of the larger markets. Gotta draw the "market" line somewhere. Clear as mud when you start drawing it up based on the population within the areas people drive from.
  9. Lets dispel the "small market" persona

    As mentioned above, MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) is more applicable than the population within the city limits. With that, the Charlotte MSA is 34th in the 2010 census. Rank within NFL markets is27th. Only smaller NFL MSAs areNashville, Jacksonville, Buffalo, New Orleans, and Green Bay.
  10. Remember that quote? In Davis's first week as a Panther, he was asked in an interview about his tackling philosophy. His reply? "Get to the ball with bad intentions". I've never done a GIF, but would love for someone to put the clip of Davis's tackle on David Johnson last week on here. That's when he blew right through the line and totally creamed Johnson for a 6-yard TFL. The speed...the violence...just incredible! If he wants to use his arm less,I can see him just trucking his target with all he has.Can you imagine a more violent Thomas Davis? Kinda scary. Can't wait to see you in the Super BowlTD! Looking forward to thosebad intentions!
  11. Where Are They Now? 2003 Panthers

    Kasay - Charlotte Christion AD - Hoov - Football Coach -Cannon School in Concord-
  12. Along the Sidelines - NFC Championship Game

    Terrific Pics, as usual! Favs are slide 4 with TD lined up as the ball's about to be snapped...think the center pooed a bit in at the thought of a TD blitz. And the pic of Rivera's thumbs upwith the trophy is really nice! Curious, who is the gent in slide 18 on JR's left? My wife asked a couple times last night "who is thatlittle old man"?