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  1. CPantherKing added a post in a topic Do the numerous RB cuts around the leage increase our chance of sneaking Wegher to PS   

    A lot of young RBs with great vision, hands, quickness, speed, strength, toughness, and freakish athleticism? Ones that can slice through small holes in a red zone defense with little to no blocking for 10 and 5 yard runs on a regular basis? Ones that can launch themselves from the 5 yard line and into the end zone with consistency? Ones with the high jumping technique/ability to go up and over the defense at the goal line? Ones with the ability to tackle like a true defender on special teams?
    Two offenses Wegher will thrive in when the Panthers release him: Patriots and Saints.
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  2. CPantherKing added a post in a topic How Many Gettleman Trades Have Worked Out?   

    Barner is not on the roster competing for a spot. So, yeah he whiffed.
    Fozzy Whitaker came here last year to replace the flop that was Kenjon Barner. Definite whiff. Even bigger whiff if Barner becomes a force with another team.
    When a GM wastes picks on players to ship them to other teams so they can become great players in the NFL, that is a tell tale sign of a GM that needs to be replaced.
    Bad enough the NFL Draft is not being utilized well enough to stock the team with talent. The room for error on making the wrong call on cutting a draft pick is even smaller because of the few draft picks the Panthers have had under Gettleman.
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  3. CPantherKing added a post in a topic We Absolutely Have To Stop Over Hyping UDFA's   

    This excludes players on IR for the season and drafting K/P
    Seahawks: 27
    Patriots: 27
    Panthers: 15
    Packers: 29
    So, you can see it gets even worse once you factor in the players retained as both the Seahawks and patriots have an 80% increase in drafted players currently on their roster since 2011.
    Then add the players they have drafted prior to 2011:
    Seahawks: 5
    Patriots: 8
    Panthers: 4
    Packers: 10
    So, going into the cut downs for the final 53 we find:
    Seahawks: 32
    Patriots: 35
    Panthers: 19
    Packers: 39
    And we still have yet to take into account key free agents/trades who are starting:
    Seahawks: 4 (Marshawn Lynch, Jimmy Graham, Kevin Williams, Cliff Avril)
    Patriots: 3 (Brandon LaFell, Rob Ninkovich, and Alan Branch.)
    Panthers: 4 (Greg Olsen, Charles Tillman, Roman Harper, and Michael Oher)
    Packers: 1 (Julius Peppers)
    The remainder are Free agents for depth and udfas:
    Seahawks: 17
    Patriots: 15
    Panthers: 30
    Packers: 13
    Are you seeing the disparity in how these teams are built through the draft for quality talent in their depth? If you have 1 or 2 go down for the Panthers it is devistating. For the Patriots, Seahawks, and Packers it is a set back that they will get through. This is what allows teams to compete in January at the end of the grueling physical marathon that is the NFL. The Panthers need to be extremely lucky to reach the playoffs without any key players getting injured and hoping they hit on some great surprises in their udfas.
    The Panthers really need to use the draft more wisely in stocking their roster to catch up to these teams. Then we will see much more of a playoff impact. Until then the Panthers will always be at a disadvantage going into the playoffs.
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  4. CPantherKing added a post in a topic We Absolutely Have To Stop Over Hyping UDFA's   

    Draft picks over 5 years with the last 2 Super Bowl teams:
    Seahawks 47 (+12)
    Patriots 43 (+8)
    Panthers 31 (-4)
    With draft picks filling a roster for 4 to 5 seasons you would have how much more top tier talent on a 53 man roster? If you could select 15 more picks over the past 5 drafts, how deep do you think the talent would be on this roster?
    Instead the Panthers will be relying on 25 to 27 udfas to fill their roster for depth. Also, 4 to 7 of those udfas could fill starting roles come week 1.
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  5. CPantherKing added a post in a topic We Absolutely Have To Stop Over Hyping UDFA's   

    That day is far off with the current management. You cannot draft 5 players a year which gives some team more draft picks each year and keep your team stocked with talent through udfas and worn out vets at rock bottom prices.
    You may have a team that can win the division, but the teams who use the draft to stock up on 8 to 12 picks per year are the ones that will see the Super Bowl with consistency.
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  6. CPantherKing added a post in a topic Carolina Panthers Cuts...   

    Brockel has always been mediocre at best. Should have been next man up with Lee Ward.
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  7. CPantherKing added a post in a topic Carolina Panthers Cuts...   

    When it comes to speed, strength, and mechanics Bersin is near the bottom if not the bottom. When it comes to preparedness and reliability Bersin is at the top.
    Do you want a WR who can catch the ball when he gets open, or a WR who gets open all the time and can not catch the ball?
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  8. CPantherKing added a post in a topic What team do you really want to beat this year?   

    Seahawks and Packers.
    0-6 Under Rivera. 4 home and 2 away. Giving up an average of 23.3 ppg and scoring an average of 14.2 ppg.
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  9. CPantherKing added a post in a topic Video: The Run Game - What went wrong?   

    That is possible Remmers set up his block too far back to pick up the trapped defenders. Olsen still maintains a shallow drop step.
    The funny thing is you can see Remmers looking straight at Stewart in the second still. Almost as if he is wondering why Stewart is cutting to the A gap.
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  10. CPantherKing added a post in a topic Video: The Run Game - What went wrong?   

    I already demonstrated the initial set up and cut of the first play in a previous post. Plain as day where the lanes are based on the blocking set up and Stewart's first cut before he hesitated.
    As for the second play:

    You can not execute a stretch block if you have a body in the way to stop the defenders momentum. The angle is lost and the only option is to cut the defender at this point. Folkerts failed to adjust to his teammates error and execute a cut block, but the defender did not blow up Folkerts. Norwell gave the defender leverage.
    Based on the defensive alignment pre-snap Oher is to double down on the DE and release to the LB. Norwell is suppose to double down on the NT and release down the line to pick up the first defender who is released to the inside which would have been Olsen's defender allowing him to release up the sideline and lead block. You can see Olsen wanting to release his defender inside, but he realizes no one is there to take him.
    Norwell simply did not know the play or the snap count. That is the breakdown that occurred, and the rest you see are the dominoes falling.
    Panthers have too many breakdowns at the snap of the ball on offense in preseason. As a whole they are not mentally ready before the play even begins.
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  11. CPantherKing added a post in a topic Video: The Run Game - What went wrong?   

    Let's illustrate this play since some people do not see it from the design of the play. The B gap was never the main gap to run through as dictated by the T and TE blocks. The goal is to misdirect the defense to a smash by hoping they key on the lead blocking FB without noticing the OT and TE. It worked as designed since the Patriots LBs took the bait.
    Tolbert's job on that play was to draw in the linebackers as close to the B gap as possible to trap them inside. He executed perfectly.

    The breakdowns occur with Stewart's inability to trust the play or poor read/timing and Trai Turner losing position on his block at the second level. Stewart ran right into the natural defensive lanes the blocking had created.

    This play had nothing to do with Folkerts. Stewart messed up and ran into Folkerts and directly into the arms of the defense for an easy loss. The design of this play was to get the Patriots to bottleneck in the B gap and run it off tackle to the outside.
    Assuming this was a smash up the B gap, then both Remmers and Olsen did not know the play call and created the breakdown. I highly doubt both would mess up the same way with the same angle - especially Olsen.
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  12. CPantherKing added a post in a topic So which team picks up Wegher?   

    Fozzy balled out? Stewart and Fozzy have looked horrible in preseason.
    Todman is a rag doll that gets tossed around and makes a lot of mental errors.
    CAP has yet to prove to me he can run through a defense and can utilize anything smaller than a 5 yard hole. He is not effective in the redzone and goal line.
    There is only one RB on the roster I believe can consistently get the ball in the endzone and keep the chains moving in the running game and passing game. That is Wegher.
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  13. CPantherKing added a post in a topic Video: The Run Game - What went wrong?   

    Pointed out Norwell was the one who screwed that play up. Pause it after the snap. Norwell is still in his stance, ignores the first level block and releases to Oher's assignment.
    Remmers did well both times. Olsen and Remmers had the off tackle run set. Stewart's timing was off on his initial cut.
    Poor Folkerts getting all the blame for other peoples screw ups.
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  14. CPantherKing added a post in a topic Video: The Run Game - What went wrong?   

    Neither are on Folkerts.
    First run is being blocked for off tackle outside (look at Remmers and Olsen set the edge). Stewart realizes he cut off tackle too late (his first cut) and follows the decoy block by cutting back inside through the B gap.
    Second run is on Norwell. Norwell fails to get off with the count and does a crappy job setting up the first level block.  You can see him still in his stance as Cam is handing the ball off. Then he releases to the second level. The DT is already into Norwell's hip preventing Folkerts from getting any help or any angle. Looks like Norwell tries to back up and bump him with his butt to rectify his error which impedes Folkert's angle even more.
    First was Stewart. Second was Norwell. Neither was Folkerts.
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  15. CPantherKing added a post in a topic How about Kony Ealy!   

    Several wanted Jarvis Landry paired with Kelvin Benjamin. Better value given what the Panthers needed.
    Ealy still gets too wide and over pursues. Teams do not even consider wasting a double team on him. Sacks from being unblocked are not impressive. He still has a lot of work. He will be the primary target for any opposing team's running game.
    Also, comparing a DE who does not require double teams to a DE who required double and triple teams should be avoided.
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