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  1. Jason Peter instead of Randy Moss.
  2. Your biggest concern going into the season?

    Without Josh Norman the Panthers will not be able to keep Julio Jones in check. Falcons will be able to roll out and pass all day on the Panthers. That's what happens when you have weak DEs and CBs that stretch the safeties (who are also suspect). It will be bombs away on the Panthers D with jump balls for days from just about every team until the rookies prove they can play. Takes CBs about 3 years to get to a level capable of covering the best WRs in the league. Offense better be ready to put up 40 points per game.
  3. Bradberry given JNo's number

    You are talking about Gettleman. He is that petty.
  4. Panthers Select Zack Sanchez CB Oklahoma in the 5th Round

    Worley is going to be cut before the season starts.
  5. Everyone take a deep breath.....

    If the video makes it cut and dry, then release it. He should have gotten a 6 month jail sentence like the prosecutors asked for, but WVU football athletes get off easy. If you release the video to the public, and I guarantee you someone will for money, we will see just how incriminating it is or is not. It was bad enough that Worley could not say he was innocent in court. He put his hands around the throat of a woman and threw her to the ground. Is this okay? Are there no other ways to diffuse a situation? Gettleman thinks it is okay. Gettleman goes as far to defend this as not being as bad as domestic violence. What the hell? Any man that can put their hands on a woman in a violent manner has a serious problem. This is clearly a distraction and will build up as more media outlets get wind that Gettleman, Richardson, Rivera, and the Panthers condone/protect it. This is on a national stage now, and you better be ready for the distractions.
  6. You clearly do not understand how expunction works for a conviction in West Virginia. This is only allowed for 18-24 year olds to keep the records sealed from employers. This has nothing to do with saying he was found not guilty of the charges. The charges were never dropped. That is a lie. Prosecutors wanted him to serve a 6 year jail sentence, but WVU athletes get off easy. You can stab someone, get convicted, clean the WVU stadium, and then expunge the records a year later if you are a WVU football player. He forcibly put his hands around a woman's throat, and it was never deemed as self defense. It was assault. He had no chance of pleading not guilty. WVU football players get away with criminal activity often.
  7. Sorry, but Worley has video evidence of assaulting a woman. He should have been banned from the NFL before he had a chance to enter the draft. Big time waste of a pick, and they traded up for him. I am willing to bet they had no clue about this in his past. Seems like they are just going off of Senior Bowl practice tape. Here is the audio. He takes no ownership of it. Told everyone that it was expunged so it no longer matters. No remorse in his voice. No different than Greg Hardy. Oh wait, it is worse. Worley actually had video tape of the incident and Gettleman saw it. Panthers need to make the video tape public and let the fans decide. Gettleman vetted it? Check this out. He was facing a 6 month jail sentence and got off light. Charges were never dropped. He plead no contest. He did not plead not guilty. He was suspended because of the incident from WVU. I guess that does not matter. Here is some more due diligence for you Gettleman. Apparently, the entire WVU football team gets convicted and sentenced to cleaning the stadium after beatings and stabbings. Definitely a story here. WVU football team ranks in top five for player arrests
  8. Don't look for a big move to replace Josh Norman

    He did this year. Go watch what happens to Butler against run blocking every game he played in 2015 outside of the the no scheme Senior Bowl. I guarantee you right now Worley will not only be a bust, but he will be a major distraction in the locker room. He was the worst DB on the field for the Mountaineers. As for Bradberry... look for 21 on just about every Louisville highlight. He does not like contact, playing aggressive, or taking proper angles to the ball. Awareness is bad. Major project. Dog house candidate.
  9. Don't look for a big move to replace Josh Norman

    Horrible draft. Had some instant impact players in: 1 - Emmanuel Ogbah DE 2 - Shilique Calhoun DE 3 - Miles Killebrew SS Plus the Panthers keep a pick since they would not need to trade up. The two DEs instantly challenge Kony Ealy and Charles Johnson for starting spots. Major impact in the rotation. Allows Kony Ealy to rotate into the DT spot on passing downs. Killebrew would be the starting SS day 1. These are the type of players that Kuechly can make better quickly. Killebrew is basically a rookie Kuechly at SS. Instead, the Panthers go with 3 projects who will sit on the bench most of the season and both CBs have the potential to be deactivated or put on the practice squad for a majority of the season. Finnegan and McClain are better options than Bradberry and Worley. Butler, Bradberry and Worley are going to frustrate Kuechly with their style of play. It is unbelievable that the Panthers gave up an extra pick for Worley. There were only a handful of CBs worth drafting. The rest are just as good as UDFA's and street free agents like Finnegan and McClain. Missed opportunities! I am being reminded of the 2014 off season with a much worse draft.
  10. Horrible pick. Worley was beat regularly and was the main targeted DB in the Mountaineers secondary. He has trouble tracking the ball and he avoids contact. Horrible against the run. He will make 1 or 2 flash plays in a game with excellent length and athleticism and give up 4 or 5 big plays. Gets dragged around the field like a rag doll after a tackle while holding on to the runners legs. Awful at the goal line. He is decent when playing with his eyes on the QB and the WR in front of him. Always beat by the double move and lacks the ability to recover. I would give this a D, but since the Panthers traded away an extra pick to move up to get him, the grade is an F. Another CB who will struggle to beat Lou Young, Robert McClain, and Teddy Williams. Also, he is horrible on special teams. At least Bradberry can impact special teams. I would have kept the extra pick and not traded up. My pick at 93 would have been Miles Killebrew SS Southern Utah.
  11. Panthers Select CB James Bradberry in the second round

    A project. 2 years before any impact. Raw talent with length and ability. Lacks body control and discipline. Easily boxed out by larger WRs. Average against the run. Great break on the ball and can locate the ball in the air well. Will be on the bench. Robert McClain, Lou Young, and Teddy Williams are better. Another drafted player who will be seeing the bench/deactive list a lot. D+ I wanted Shilique Calhoun with the 2nd round pick.
  12. 4-3/3-4 hybrid

    So, the people who support this pick believe it is in the Panthers best interest to reduce the roles/impact of KK and Star to below 50% of defensive snaps, and replace their production with a raw rookie project that has a low motor and trouble keeping his shoulders square. Probably the same people who believe giving Boykin 1000+ snaps over the season will not create a liability other offenses will target, or that making Kurt Coleman spread himself thin by playing more of the field on a per snap basis means he will increase his production. While were at it, why don't we decided to reduce the running attempts of Cam Newton and Jonathan Stewart in favor of a fumble prone RB. Now, let's add to the reduced snaps philosophy to keep KB, Olsen, Davis, and Kuechly fresh. The idea that playing the starters/impact players less and relying more on inexperience/projects throughout the season is not improving your team. That is called regression.
  13. 4-3/3-4 hybrid

    Kind of like how Rivera and Gettleman based their choice on the Senior Bowl film they just watched this past week. Listen to the presser. They tell you his college tape is unimpressive and this decision was based on the Senior Bowl.
  14. 4-3/3-4 hybrid

    If Vernon Butler plays anything like he did against Mississippi State, then the Panthers can cut him now. He was absolutely abused in that game. They ran right at him. He is very easy to double team and does not take chip blocks well. He turns his shoulders often giving the blockers an easy target to get him off balance. Usually finds himself pushed off the LoS in the running game, and gives up on plays when they are run away from him. His one strength is he is an excellent bull rusher to collapse the pocket when he is one on one. In the run game, he is a non-factor. Major project.
  15. Kony is turned loose.

    When Rivera stops telling us how he does not fully trust Kony, and Kony plays in more than 95% of the defensive snaps, then we can call him the next Josh Norman. Until then he is streaky and unreliable.