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  1. Not sure what to think about, Hardy

    Are you a forensic medical examiner? Are you trained in identifying and matching bruise patterns? I doubt it. Until then I will believe in the report by the forensic medical examiner in this case, and that report refutes Holder's testimony.
  2. Not sure what to think about, Hardy

    I can not believe her word when you know her character. I can not believe his word, because he has shown poor judgement. I can not believe the presses word because they are in it for the money/ratings. I can not believe the public view because they are a mindless herd that ebbs and flows with emotion and irrational judgement. So, who can I believe? I can believe those who had something to gain and took a loss on this, or those who had nothing to gain and just did their job, So, I choose to believe the police. They saw no reason to believe her coked, drunk, and crazy self when they ran after her in the streets of Charlotte. They did not see any reasonable proof of battery after hearing both sides of the story. I believe the forensic medical examiner who found no evidence of physical abuse on Hardy's part. These people are trained to evaluate bruises and match them to the person/implement used and the amount of force used during the incident. They found that she fell and was restrained forcefully. That the bruising on her hands and feet are signs of her attacking another person. That her cuts were from minor contact with broken glass. Nothing to corroborate her testimony of being hurled onto a bed of rifles, dragged across the floor, choked by a man with large hands, or thrown in a bath tub with more force than her own body weight. I believe the magistrate who decided that this did not fall under a felony due to battery and the arrest was allowed under misdemeanor charges. I believe a district court judge who gave Hardy probation and counseling as a punishment. (Rarely if ever do they rule not guilty unless the defense has absolute proof. The judge simply goes with the lesser penalty and reduces the charges.) I believe the DA and his team. They had every reason to prosecute for personal gain and wanted to from the start. They had to drop it since the evidence failed to corroborate her story and they began to question Holder's side more than Hardy's. They can and usually do prosecute these cases without the victim as long as they have physical/photo proof that is supported by experts and corroborates the victims testimony and the witness testimony. I believe the Superior Court judge who always discusses this with the DA and warned the DA of what was to come with the holes in the evidence/story of Holder and her reluctance to work with the courts. I believe Nicole Holder's attorney who refused to continue working for her and got dismissed by the judge so he could wash his hands of her. So, that tells me that you have two very troubled individuals who need to get their act together. I can conclude that both Holder and Hardy lied, and Holder's lies were much greater than Hardy's. I can conclude that those who were in contact with the events chose not to elevate/pursue this case even though they had a significant gain if they were able to pursue this event. Some of you are blinded by the herd mentality and fail to see the key piece of evidence that favors Hardy because you believe the evidence is "gruesome". The photo evidence actually supports Hardy's side and not Holder's. Look closely. Look for what not is present that should be, and look at what is present/what it matches. Hardy is innocent by rule of law/procedure. The courts even expunged the record (and that is not easy to get if there is reason to prosecute). He is guilty in the eyes of the press/public because they love a good irrational/emotional event that enables them to carry out their agenda or find justice in a story/straw man that gives purpose to the hurt they have experienced in their personal lives. If you care so much about justice, then pursue the Holder side. Look into her story/character, and if you still believe this is worthy of being prosecuted, then convince/support her in taking a stand as this is still within the statutes of limitations. Last I knew she was in Wilmington. Go ahead. Reach out and see how she treats you. Now can we move on? Please!
  3. GETTLEMAN freaking MAGIC!!

    Too many of you assign this 'elite' status to players that Gettleman has brought to the Panthers who have barely played a single season for the team, and have not even been a whisper for a pro bowl - nevermind all pro status. None of the players Gettleman has added in his 3 years would be considered elite. You have above average and good players listed, but that makes for a mediocre to average team. The Jaguars have good players. The Bucs have good players. The Raiders have good players. That is what good gets you in the NFL. Just be glad Hurney gave this team the players to carry it to success in spite of the depth and the coaches. Also, be glad the coaches finally trusted their star players to lead the team on game day.
  4. GETTLEMAN freaking MAGIC!!

    4 win team if you replace Hurney's players. Undefeated if you replace Gettleman's players. That is where they would be. You give him too much credit, and home runs are All Pro players. Let me know when Gettleman gives the Panthers an All Pro player. Not seeing any on the roster. Some potential, but none realized. Gettleman has brought in some good players. Hurney brought in an entire championship caliber core of great players - All Pro players. Credit the right person is my point. Gettleman will get his credit when his players start carrying the team.
  5. The reason D.G cut ties

    Here are the reasons the Panthers are winning... Cam Newton, Jonathan Stewart, Mike Tolbert, Greg Olsen, Ryan Kalil, Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis, and Josh Norman. You replace them and this is a 2-4 win team. How many of those players belong to Gettleman? None. Hurney is about to add two more All Pro's to his resume. Gettleman is still hoping to get his first All Pro at the end of his 3rd year.
  6. GETTLEMAN freaking MAGIC!!

    So, Cam Newton, Greg Olsen, and Ryan Kalil carry the offense over the glaring problems at OL and WR. The problems created by Gettleman with his projects. The anchors given to the Panthers by Hurney. Yet Gettleman gets the credit for what Hurney brought the team to begin the rebuild in 2011.
  7. The reason D.G cut ties

    Steve Smith, Jordan Gross, and Thomas Davis all bullied the Panthers in spite of their coaches with the horrid start in 2013. 12-4 finish was because of their leadership in response to the crap job of Gettleman, Rivera, and Shula. Gettleman blew up a team that was poised to be a top the NFL. Now Hurney's players still push this team past several of the problems that Gettleman has created for this team and the coaches have finally learned to get out of their player's way. The OL fail project, and WR debacle is because of Gettleman. The secondary struggles for 2014 were due to Gettleman's horrible acquisitions and Rivera's stubborn coaching. Norman needed to be starting since 2013, but he was stuck to the back and almost was booted in favor of Josh Thomas and Melvin White. Panthers could have been doing this last season (instead of waiting til the last 4 games) if they did not screw with the team adding fail projects, stubbornly sticking with awful veterans, and micromanaging players during the game.
  8. The reason D.G cut ties

      So, this explains the Panthers going 12-4 in 2013 and losing to the 49ers because of defensive inefficiencies in the secondary as well as Cam Newton NOT being able to call plays at the line. Not to mention Smith was the only thing good on offense in that game. Cam failed to sneak the ball how many times? The int to start the game was thrown to Brandon LaFell. The other int was thrown to Greg Olsen. Smith finished that game catching 4 of 5 targets, and he was targeted the fewest times compared to Olsen, LaFell, and Ginn. Last year the Panthers struggled to a 7 win record without Smith, and it was not until the end was near and Shula let Cam run his offense with no huddles and changing plays at the LoS that the Panthers started to win. Against the Seahawks in the playoffs Cam did not have your Steve Smith excuse, and he lost a fumble and threw 2 ints. Can not blame Smith for that. Steve Smith rarely worked with young WRs with the Panthers, and the ones he did had success and credit him for being a mentor. This myth he held young receivers back is a joke. He was coaching up players at even the defensive positions. He was a distraction for Rivera and Shula because he constantly called them out and questioned them as the reason why the Panthers were struggling. He encouraged Cam to do his own thing and not rely on the coaches as much. We all see now Steve Smith was correct and the coaches had discovered they need to get out of the way of their players to see success. The two major differences are the Panthers finally figured out they need to start Norman and get another good CB in Tillman. The biggest correction was letting Cam be Cam and stop forcing him to play like a traditional pocket QB. Giving Cam the ability to change plays and speed up tempo. Cam had +60% completion percentage with Steve Smith as his #1 while being among the best at big plays in the receiving game. Cam's int% was also lower with Steve Smith at WR. Now the WR drops are up without Smith. Lastly, everyone who knows football understands it takes 5 to 6 years for a QB to come into their own and put it all together if they will be a franchise QB. Cam is now in his 5th season and it shows. If you honestly believe Cam Newton would not be better at this moment with a #1 receiver the caliber of Steve Smith, then you are fooling yourself.
  9. Does being undefeated make you more nervous?

    The Pats are favored/expected to approach the undefeated mark. That would make me nervous as a fan since it is somewhat expected. The Panthers aiming for being undefeated is different because they are being doubted not only to be undefeated, but to be the best in their conference. In this case the undefeated goal is huge motivation to keep that disrespect motivation going for the remainder of the season and into the playoffs. I would actually be nervous for a let down if the undefeated motivation was off the table. Did you see the players eyes in Seattle when they realized they were still undefeated with that TD throw to Olsen? The Panthers could be 16-0 going into the playoffs and I can see several people still saying that the Packers, Vikings, Cardinals, and even Seahawks have a better chance at getting to the Super Bowl if those teams are in playoffs.
  10. TD and yardage stats are post Titans. Wins stat is pre Titans.
  11. Should it be 13 wins for Cam? 4 to end the regular season last year and 9 this year?
  12. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    Probably the same family that wrote this letter...
  13. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    If Cam said that and made that gesture to the fans, there would be a full on investigation and lawsuits. Cam can not even dance for the fans, and they may decide to keep him from giving balls to the kids.
  14. Road to the #1 Seed in the NFC

    The Vikings offensively struggle against any reasonably sound defense. Their defense looks good right now, but they have not faced any strong offensive teams. That will change with the second half of their schedule. The Cards record against the Seahawks, Rams, Steelers, Bengals, Vikings, and Eagles will tell me what I want to know about their offense. I believe you will see teams like the Packers, Seahawks, Rams, and Eagles raise up in the standings while untested teams like the Cards and Vikings fall back to the pack. Similar situation in the AFC. I see the Steelers, Jets, and Texans stepping raising up in the standings with the Bengals, Broncos, and Patriots falling back in the standings. I was surprised to look at the Patriots schedule and see they have yet to face anything better than an aver defensive team. I am interested to see how the Patriots offense with that weak OL handles a tougher run with divisional games book ending a defensive gauntlet of the Broncos, Eagles, Texans, and Titans. Their defense will have it easy, but I want to see their offensive performance in those games. Then they finish with 2 divisional road games before the playoffs. As far as match ups go, the Broncos, if they can get their offense rolling, is the only team I think the Panthers could struggle with for the remainder of the year. Of course, that would have to be in the Super Bowl.
  15. A little more practice and I will have it down.