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  1. As for worst picks over their career as a Panther I only take into account the first 3 rounds. While Corvey Irvin was the least productive of any pick in the first 3 rounds, I would say the most disappointing pick was Eric Shelton. The biggest waste of value is unquestionably Kerry Collins considering the other options available.
  2. If the subject is Panthers draft picks while only accounting for their years with the Panthers, then Cam Newton ranks 5th. 1. Steve Smith 2. Julius Peppers 3. Jordan Gross 4. Muhsin Muhammad 5. Cam Newton All of them have gone to and lost the Super Bowl, but clearly Newton has the worst performance of all of them in the Super Bowl. Smith, Peppers, and Gross have been to the NFC Championship game twice. They also had an exceptional 2008 season that was cut short in the post season by a terrible performance by Delhomme. Muhammad missed the 2005 season as a Panther, but returned for the 2008 run. Muhammad also has more individual success in the Super Bowl than Cam Newton. I do believe Cam Newton will eventually surpass them all, but as of now he does not hold the best career of a player drafted by the Panthers. If the topic is about the best season, then the answer is Cam Newton. Newton has had the 2 best individual seasons of all Panthers players who have been drafted by the Panthers.
  3. Cool. J-No showed up for Tolbert's charity event

    Corrected your post so it represents the actual quote. You accidentally left parts out even though you posted them back to back. Being caught up in the emotion and manipulating quotes is expected when you value the front office over the players. Tolbert chose not to speak or share what he has spoken to Josh about regarding this position because he is a friend. He does however speak to the team being unwilling to pay Josh because the team felt Josh was not showing the front office he wanted to be part of the team by taking less than market value and giving the team a home town discount. You can also infer that Tolbert does not view the front office as friends/family since he chose to speculate on their position. Tolbert clearly does not speculate, share, or speak for his friends or family out of respect. Tolbert also said Josh Norman's departure was shocking. Tolbert approved of Tre Boston confronting the fans of the front office by making it clear that getting paid what you are worth does not fall on the player. The front office was the one who chose that Norman was not worth his market value and made the call to part ways against the behest of many of the players. The Panthers had Norman locked up if they were willing to pay anywhere close to his market value.
  4. Cool. J-No showed up for Tolbert's charity event

    When that group of fans value the GM/front office over the team/players it is quite bizarre. Their desire to become apologists for Gettleman at the expense of the family, their need to attribute others' success to Gettleman, and their willingness to put blinders on regarding the failures of Gettleman is on the verge of the inane. Any player with that section of the fan base will be ridiculed and demonized because the front office made the move, and the front office can never be wrong in the eyes of these fans. Any historical importance or value that player has will be tossed aside by these fans until the front office instructs them to honor that player at a future date.
  5. Boykin was brought here to be the nickel in a strong front 7 to complete the secondary between one of the best CBs in the NFL and a promising up and coming CB. Imagine how he felt when the plan he was pitched completely crumbled and turned into a total rebuild of youth/inexperience? Do you think he ever wanted to be an outside CB? No. He takes pride in covering the slot and making a living out of it in the NFL. He has several other teams who want him to fill that exact role. Now, do you think he wants to be trusting his career to the calls/communication of 3 rookie CBs? Absolutely not. Having to work with 1 rookie CB for a majority of a game is bad enough with all the communication breakdowns that will occur.
  6. Outside of the 1st round there have only been 2 notable CBs over the past 10 seasons in their rookie season. Both performed on pass defenses that finished on losing teams among the bottom half of pass defenses in the NFL. Janoris Jenkins E.J. Gaines Even if you believe all the rookie CBs are going to be great/good, you still must realize they are rookies playing the most difficult position to transition to in the NFL (excluding QB). Bene Benwikere is coming into his 3rd season, and he is still developing. Rivera had trouble trusting Bene and Norman to be disciplined and carry out their responsibility in their first couple seasons in his defense. The odds are not in favor of the rookie CBs being world beaters. Odds actually favor 1 or 2 of the CBs drafted to bust before their 3rd season. Then there is the rookie wall to consider. Even if they do manage to overcome all the hurdles, they will become reliable in 3 seasons at the earliest as a great majority of the valuable CBs have done in their development process. The Panthers defense is much more vulnerable now than many fans would like to believe. The lack of veteran leadership in the secondary will hinder the Panthers defense - especially late in the season.
  7. NFL Top 100 - Ryan Kalil #79

    Maybe Gettleman will finally get one of his players in the top 100 this year with KK.
  8. Brandon Boykin to visit Falcons

    We can officially say the Panthers have the most inexperienced secondary in the NFL now. The Panthers likely have the worst secondary in the NFL as well. I feel for Kuechly yelling at those CBs in coverage like he did Cortland. I just hope Kuechly can bail out the secondary week after week. Kuechly may very well be the best defender in coverage now.
  9. Panthers Release Boykin

    This is so similar to the WR house cleaning following the 2013 off season without the infusion of veteran players. This secondary is now even more inexperienced than the 2004 secondary with 1 vet, 3 second year players and 2 rookies - Chris Gamble, Ricky Manning, Mike Minter, Colin Branch, Dante Wesley and Vinny Ciurciu. I believe 2016 is now the most inexperienced secondary in Panthers history. We all know Ron Rivera does not trust rookies and young players - especially in the secondary. Rivera would have leaned on Boykin all season until he was cut ala Antoine Cason. There is a history of Gettleman lobbying for his young drafted players to get more playing time while Rivera is resistant. Ealy, Bene, and Boston are prime examples. Rivera did not trust any of them to carry out their responsibilities and leaned on used up/injured vets whenever possible in Harper, Coleman, Tillman, and Allen. Well a GM who wants his young guys to get playing time can make that happen by not giving the head coach any other option. I imagine we will see this come to a head when the young guys keep making mistakes and getting beat. Rivera will demand veteran help when the mistakes start happening and the front office will go scrambling for more patchwork Jared Allen/Cortland Finnegan type players during the season.
  10. Norman "Panthers aren't family enough"

    If you must know, players signed because they were told the family/team would be kept together for another shot. Josh Norman was a sticking point for some players, but when the franchise tag was placed on him they were led to believe by management he would be with the team for at least the 2016 season. Turns out Norman got tagged leading to these players signing on and taking less money. Now they feel that they were duped by management when the tag was rescinded. With the promises made to other players it was believed that Norman's tag was a done deal for a year no matter what, and a long term deal would be in the works for the next year. Even Josh Norman thought he was here for the next year at the very least. No one saw Gettleman pulling the rug out from all these players and going back on his word. We all know that "it's business", and these players feel like they got hosed by management. These players wish they could rescind their contracts now. They now know to put a contingency in their contracts that a list of possible players leaving prior to the start of the season would allow them to void their contract upon the termination of said player if management wants a pay cut. Josh Norman's point is that while the players have a family with their teammates, management lies to their face and could care less about the family they preach about to the players in negotiations. "It's business"... you will hear that a lot from players who value the family when directing their comments at the front office.
  11. Norman "Panthers aren't family enough"

    If you only knew the truth. Just remember that when family is mentioned it does not include the front office in the Panthers organization. When a player under contract mentions "it's business" that is code for the front office screwed up/screwed us.
  12. Norman "Panthers aren't family enough"

  13. Does it really matter if he dove for the ball or not? It was 3rd and 9, and Cam Newton appeared to be trying to pick the ball up to make a play to keep the drive alive. People fail to realize he ended up being the only player on the ground with the ball at rest for a recovery. The ball never bounced away from Cam. The ball was illegally batted away from Cam by Von Miller. The officials chose not to call the illegal bat. If the illegal bat was never allowed, then Cam Newton recovers it or the Panthers get the ball back after the penalty. Also, the game was not over at that point. The score was 16-10 Broncos with 4 minutes left in the game. The Panthers would have punted the ball either way. There were other plays/bad calls that impacted that game in favor of the Broncos. The 2015 Panthers are now the most penalized team in Super Bowl history.
  14. 1:36:15 > A small back runs right at Butler making him look bad again. Feel free to post his good plays. I am wondering what you consider is good. He does like to take credit for other players tackles. Funny you think the play before and after 15:15 were good for Butler. The play before he gets blocked by a RB 1/3 his size and stops his rush. The play after he shows no urgency and jogs half speed to the sideline. His effort at the goal line is garbage. He could have stopped a TD if he had hustle. Instead, he just jogs and watches his teammates try to make the tackle and then throws his hands up complaining about his teammates efforts to stop the TD. Which game do you believe was his best? Please, do not say the Senior Bowl.
  15. You see this through just about every game and so many times he is unable to finish a single drive because he gets tired. Here is the New Orleans Bowl. I will post a few videos. There are too many plays he gets beat, quits, or abused to post them all. 15:15 mark 21:55 This entire drive Butler was dominated. Appears he was pulled out of the drive at one point to be spoken to by the coaches before they put him back in. Probably for lack of effort. Watch the entire drive, but here are 2 plays from that drive. 54:00 59:00 > They target Butler at the goal line and run right at him for an easy TD. Watch the entire game and you will see. This is a bowl game too. This is the typical play you see from Butler in every game over the 2015 season. Seems that most of the scouting process for the Panthers occurred at the Senior Bowl. Explains a lot with the Panthers's 2016 draft class.