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  1. I believe you will see Shula back off micromanaging the offense and let Cam play since it is the first game of the year. Shula will trust Cam to control the game, and we will see what we expected in the Super Bowl. Cam was not allowed to change his protections like he normally would do. Why? The one drive Cam did take over and made calls/changes the Panthers scored a TD. Then Cam was put back in the box with the Panthers down 6 points. Shula kept Cam in a box and let him play his game when they were down by 2 scores. The coaches were fine being down by 1 score all game.
  2. Cam was let down by his offense

    Shula let every one of his offensive players down. Directed them into the teeth of the Broncos defense instead of protecting them from the Broncos strengths. Shula exposed the OTs;which exposed Cam; which exposed the WRs. Dominoe effect that starts with the pass protection packages not aimed at taking care of the Broncos strength.
  3. Well Shula now has all offseason to prepare for the opening game of 2016 game against Denver in Denver. Hope he gets it right this time. Dumbazz. Do not leave Remmers one on one with Miller. Send 2 to 3 blockers at Miller and run the option game at him. Idiot. Check out how the Chiefs do it. They man handled Miller pushing him 5+ yards back by sliding the blocking at him. Moron. Roll out your QB to break Miller's contain and slide protection that way. Imbecile. Get your crap straight Shula. It was not hard to figure out the Broncos defense and what they would do. Shula did nothing to take away the Broncos defensive strengths. Numbnutz.
  4. The players are throwing the coaches under the bus. The coaches are throwing the players under the bus. I believe the coaches were not well prepared for this game. Thinking you could leave Remmers and Oher one on one with Miller and Ware while having long deep developing routes. That ball needed to be out of Cam's hands fast and the coaches did not prepare to do that. They relied on the OTs one on one to give Cam time. Ridiculous coaching. The biggest issue in this game is that the coaches did not put their players in positions to win. Most of the blame is on the coaching. Remmers, Oher, Dickson, and Fozzy were all put in bad spots. It seems like the coaches would tell their players to run through a wall instead of around the wall and blame them for not being able to do it. Horrible game plan. Horrible coaching.
  5. Mike Remmers

    The OC should have thought up protections to double and triple Von Miller at times. Many in the forums knew that before the game. The Chiefs had the answer and it was to send multiple blockers at Miller and Ware and run option runs off of it. Glad to see Ed Dickson call out the coaches hanging the OTs out to dry and putting Cam Newton in a bad position. He has been blocking well against the Cards and Seahawks in max pro to help the OTs during the playoffs and now he saw less blocking and more pass routes, which he was never the main target.
  6. If you do not take issue with Belichick pressers, than I do not need to hear you criticize cam for short answers in a depressed voice. Thomas Davis was not being criticized by the winning team during his presser after the biggest loss of his life. What does the NFL expect when they put a celebratory press conference next to a press conference where they just lost the biggest game of their life? Then you allow both sides of reporters to criticize the losing player in their questioning with some inane questions. No player should have to go through that. Imagine if Cam were to demean Chris Harris loudly during his press conference so Chris Harris could hear it. Chris Harris won and would still get upset with an opposing player demeaning his win within ear shot. Nothing to see here. Cam was in the right to walk out of that mess of a press conference. The NFL forgot about professionalism on their part. Whoever thought about forcing the losing team to be placed into the winning teams victory celebration should be fired on the spot and criticized heavily at the same time their replacement is celebrating his new job hiring while criticizing the out going employee in his presser - within minutes of the firing. That would be ethical.
  7. My Last Thread - On Cam and Conformity

    Some of those reporters were asking inane questions that were meant to poke at Cam. Cam wanted to ream the officials I am sure for the Broncos being allowed to hit him in the head while he was in the pocket, leading with a helmet to helmet hit after he had gone down to the ground from another player, being driven into the ground out of bounds, and the late him after he threw the ball away. Cam wanted to toss his coaches under the bus for leaving him exposed in the game and not utilizing the read option, no huddle, and shotgun audibles he does so well at in game as long as he is allowed to run a fast paced offense. We all know what happens when you try to slow the offense down and turn the entire offense into game managers.
  8. Hate to say it but.......

    What OC in their right mind would leave Remmers 1 on 1 with Von Miller? Are you insane? Those 7 man protections were awful designs. I have seen the Panthers do so much better this season with 7 man protections that sealed the pass rush off from Cam. You had 2 things to do all game on offense. Double team Miller and Ware all game, and continually run misdirection plays. Neither happened and the Panthers lost. Also, I noticed Rivera and Shula both threw Cam under the bus with their post game comments. I wish players would throw the coaches under the bus more often when they completely screw up a game plan and put their players in positions to lose.
  9. Thank you TD

    Have to hope the players can win in spite of the coaching. I was shocked how the coaches allowed Cam and Luke to have so much control in games this season while playing to their teams weaknesses. Unfortunately, the 2 games the coaches kept control and limited Cam and Luke from changing plays on the field resulted in losses. Cam and Luke making the calls for at least a half on the field and sticking to their optimal rhythm; 17-0. Rivera, Shula, and McDermott micromanaging the play calls while minimizing the audibles and controlling the rhythm of the game; 0-2.
  10. Mike Shula is in full control of the offense

    If Bum decided to drop Von Miller into deep pass coverage a majority of the game, and Von struggled to stay with receivers would that be Miller's fault for not playing well? If Kubiak made Peyton throw deep go routes most of the game and never gave him a receiver to dump it off to within 10 yards while having no max pro, would that be Peyton's fault? If Shula made Cam become a game manager within the pocket that had no max pro and minimized his ability to audible while making him develop deep routes against man coverage, would that be Cam's fault? I agree with you. People need to think. Everyone praised Shula for designing game plan's and an offense around the strengths of his players who had major limitations. Now in the biggest game of the year he goes away from all of that and forces his players to play to their weaknesses and people want to blame the players? Sorry, the coach must know his team and what they do well. He must play to their strengths and guard against their weaknesses. This game plan was awful, and the tape will show it. What happened to all the misdirection that has been a staple of the Panther's offense? That WR pass looked horrible, and relying on Fozzy and Philly for a majority of the 1st half offense? Who here would ever think that would work. I know it won't work, because that kind of coaching garbage led to the Panthers 3-8-1 start in 2014. Stick with what got you there and challenge the other team to beat it.
  11. Mike Shula is in full control of the offense

    The game plan was horrible. They went to a game management strategy and made Cam play to the weakest part of his game.  The no huddle was non existent for most of the game. The players were not physical and played calm/patient in the first half. The option game was minimized. The max protection was not used enough allowing Miller and Ware to play one on one with the OTs. Slants and deep crosses were not used enough.
  12. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    coaches are playing not to lose. playing for the last possession in both halves. I don't like it. Play the way that got you wins in the playoffs. trust cam and luke to control the game. Broncos are trying to injure players with dirty tactics. Also spearing when they tackle. obviously coached to tackle that way. Same dirty play officials allowed the Broncos to take against the patriots. OL is sending one blocker to hug and tackle kuechly. not a single call on the way they are blocking/holding kuechly.
  13. Two of those QBs lacked a defense, and all 3 lacked a running game. Dan Marino had 9 attempts for 25 yards. Peyton Manning had 14 attempts for 27 yards. Tom Brady had 16 attempts for 45 yards. If you told me Cam Newton would have a running game that produced less than 50 yards while only running the ball on less than 25% of their plays, then I would also believe the Panthers would lose the game.  
  14. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    And they are going to need to pick up Ginn on deep crossing patterns coming across their face. Not going to be a good day for the Broncos safeties.
  15. The Panthers have had 6 10+ win seasons. Steve Smith has been a leader on the field and in the locker room for 4 of those seasons. So, when the Panthers get their 5th 10+ win season post Steve Smith leadership, then we can have this discussion.