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  1. NFL Turning Point highlights the illegal bat by Von Miller while Cam was recovering it. Not only does it show a perfect angle of what should have been a penalty on the Broncos with 1st and 10 at the Broncos 35, it shows the exact position of Clete Blakeman and his view of the batted ball. He has located the ball and is running toward it during the recovery and as soon as he sees the bat he reverses field toward the end zone. Clete spots the ball and begins to move toward the recovery. Von Miller reaches around Cam Newton to bat the ball away from him. Clete continues to track the ball. Clete has a clear view of Von Miller batting the ball and his head has turned with the ball movement showing complete awareness of the location of the ball. Clete reacts immediately to the bat of the ball accounting for the change in direction and speed from what was a ball nearly at rest in front of Cam Newton and Ryan Kalil. Clete Blakeman was a college QB and has been officiating for years. He is just as aware of the ball as any athlete and the game slows down for him just like the veteran players on the field. You can see how aware he is tracking the ball. He knew it was a batted ball and it was his call to make. He shows no intention of ever going for the flag. He saw the fumble which is designated by the blue flag he threw, and he tracked it the entire time. He begins to move from his stationary position as soon as he sees Von Miller bat the ball. If he was unaware of where the ball was he would have run toward the scrum to locate the ball. He is clearly a very aware official with some nice reaction time. We are to assume he was just awful at officiating on this day and could not make decisions according to his training? Maybe he was not well versed in the rule book? I highly doubt he gets to the Super Bowl by being at the level of a high school official. Make your own judgement, but NFL Turning point and Inside the NFL puts everything you need to know on tape.
  2. They called Trai Turner for a 15 yard penalty due to blocking after the whistle. When you watch the actual play Turner's man hits the ground and then the whistle is blown following Fozzy hitting the ground. You can go on and on with all their bad calls. This was the worst officiated game I have seen in years and it happened in the Super Bowl with a crew that is one of the best graded crews in the NFL. Missed calls, bad calls, refusing to overturn plays, and calls being upheld that were obviously wrong after review. They had drives where they would have 3 major mistakes in the one drive. I just wish the Panthers coaches would have instructed their players to get chippy, get in their faces, take extra shots, and push the limits as the officials were giving a ton of freedom to the Broncos. Once you see the opposing team getting away with illegal actions that give them an advantage, then you do the same. If they call you, they have to call the other team or their will be a ton of public scrutiny in the media when it comes to a game like the Super Bowl.
  3. Once you knew Clete Blakeman was the lead official  you should have put your entire life savings down on the Broncos. Turns out the Broncos not only win every game he officiates for them he also covers the spread every time. Clete Blakeman is the Broncos MVP.
  4. Clete Blakeman told Josh Norman he knew Talib was offsides, but took the position that it was not his decision to make. Keep in mind Clete was the head referee and has the ability to overrule any of his officials. Clete overruled the defensive holding call on the Broncos later in the game because he believed it did not impact the play. This is a double standard by the head refree. Too many issues with the officiating and the NFLs role in allowing officials with possible bias on the field and in the booth. The reception at the start of the game that was ruled incomplete should have been ruled a catch unless an official saw the ball hit the ground. The official responsible for the call did not make a ruling because he was not sure if it hit the ground. Instead an official from the other side of the field who did not have a clear view of the catch since Cotchery blocked the view with his body ruled it incomplete. Clete knows in this situation it is his call to determine no one saw it hit the ground and rule it a catch since the receiver came up with the ball. Clete also had a clear view of the ball being illegally batted by Miller. You can see Clete running in to determine the fumble recovery and then when he sees Miller bat the ball he has to completely reverse his body as the ball passes by him. Many issues with a referee that should never have been in this game. He was also hanging out with the Broncos and fraternizing with their team during pre-game. The fact that he has never officiated a Broncos loss coupled with his fan/team connections should have been enough to toss him out imo.
  5. 2016 Top NFL free agents - running backs

    No need for RBs. OTs and Receivers please.
  6. Apparently Carolina won the Super Bowl

    Must be a different reality in the 3rd world with all the championship gear over the years by the losing teams. Somewhere someone thinks the Panthers have won 2 Super Bowls and that the Bills are the best team in NFL history.
  7. Replay assistant for SB50, was a Broncos fan

    Clete is 6-0 now when playing for the Broncos. Clete has only been lined up for 2 Super Bowls. Both were for the Broncos. He was the alternate in 2013. We can only imagine what the outcome of the Broncos - Seahawks Super Bowl would have been with Clete as the referee.
  8. Cam Newton was the one about to recover the football when he went to the ground until Von Miller illegally batted the ball toward his opponents end zone. Cam Newton was on the ground about to recover it with Ryan Kalil. That was the Panthers ball, but the officials missed another call in the game. No surprise there. So, he jumped back. He was still the one in position to recover the football. Not Cam's fault the officials allowed the Broncos to illegally bat the ball away from Cam.
  9. 2003 or 2015.... which one hurt more?

    2003 was a success with a second year rebuild that had their best game in the Super Bowl. 2015 was a disappointment with the worst performance in the Super Bowl. Funny. The Panthers needed Cam in 2003 to win it. They needed Steve Smith, Muhsin Muhammad, Ricky Proehl and Jordan Gross in 2015 to win it. The kicker let the team down in both Super Bowls. 2008 is still the biggest disappointment in the playoffs - 2015 is second.
  10. I think most of the offensive game plan was bad. Not sure what film they watched to prepare for the Broncos, but they clearly chose not to use the Chiefs film. They key to the pressures are always predicated on Demarcus Ware. Von Miller is the gunner, but Ware is the key. They want teams to focus on Miller and have Ware sneak in to pressure up the middle. When Miller is coming full tilt off the edge, Ware is coming from the other side across the field. He reads the QB. If the QB stays in the pocket, Ware comes up the middle. If the QB tries to break around Miller's rush, Ware will pursue down the LoS and take care of contain on Miller's side. You do not key Miller when he rushes. You key Ware stunting into the middle. When this happens the Broncos open up the left side of the field and there is only the DE to beat. If the QB stays in the pocket or loops to the right side, they have to beat Ware and Miller. Either Shula missed this huge advantage for the Panthers in the film or Cam Newton did not do what he was told. Cam would have avoided many pressures and been able to come up with gains on the ground or in the air. The Chiefs game showed this weakness about the Broncos defense. The Panthers rushed 3 times around the left side for 38 yards. Cam should have been prepared to break the pocket to the left side and he was not. This falls on Shula preparing and putting his players in a position to win. On the first turnover, if Cam rolls out to his left as soon as Ware stunts inside, he has open field to run and both Tolbert and Olsen as receivers or blockers. He also had Ginn open deep against Roby. Miller would have been in a chase position the entire play. If Remmers holds his one on one block, or if they kept Tolbert in to double Miller, then Cam gets his throw off to Ginn deep. Ginn beat the coverage and Cam saw it. If Ginn catches the ball, it would have been an 85 yard TD. The risky choice of all 3 options was Remmers one on one with Miller and leaving Cam in the pocket with a long developing route.
  11. This is crazy

    A perfect pass by Cam. Remind me, did the receiver drop that one after it hit him in the hands? I think that had more to do with it than the turf. The only thing that I believe can be talked about is all of the missed calls by the officiating that led to Broncos points. Points and turnovers which were a direct result of illegal plays by the Denver Broncos. If you allow players to smack the QB in the face, illegally bat fumbled balls to an opponents sideline, spear players while leading with the crown of their head to create fumbles, knee players repeatedly and forcibly in the head while on the ground to recover a fumble, and jump the snap without a penalty, then you can turn the Saints defense into the best defense in the NFL.
  12. CJ nearly changed the game. Nearly.

    If CJ launched himself while aiming to smack Manning in the face mask before he went for the ball, then he would have gotten a fumble/sack like Miller. The officials probably would have flagged CJ for hitting Manning in the head though since he is not a Bronco.
  13. This team disgusts me, and they do not deserve to claim to be the best defense in NFL history. They can claim to be the dirtiest defense in NFL history. Denver has the dirtiest defense I have seen. Worse than the Bengals. Denver has been getting away with it and the NFL should have come down on them to suspend several of their defensive players. Something wreaks of another bounty gate in Denver. Trevathan pulled back his knee and thrust it into Ginn's head twice following a fumble recovery. Wolfe ankle locked and rolled up on Stewart's ankle. Both safeties lead with their head trying to spear everything. Demarcus Ware stomped on Cam Newton's knee after a sack, and leg whipped him followed by rolling up his legs. Von Miller lead with his helmet into the head of Cam Newton and Philly Brown. He continuously hits players in the head with a club move - especially QBs. He also forcibly chopped Cotchery in the neck after they went to the ground. Sylvester Williams went to the head of Cam Newton followed by driving his weight into Newton on the ground while running 4 yards toward him after Cam had thrown the ball. Aqib Talib was intent on injuring the neck of Corey Brown by whipping him around by the face mask with all his body weight for leverage. This has been an ongoing dirty defensive system with the Broncos under Wade Phillips. The NFL needs to do a thorough investigation. I believe if reporters dig enough they will discover another bounty scheme. The Denver defensive players constantly threaten to injure players they face with life threatening acts on the field. And the sad part of all of this is the NFL officiating allows the Broncos to carry this out while the NFL punishes other teams that are not overtly blatant about their intentions to harm other players careers. If the NFL chooses not to correct this issue, then I will not be surprised in the least if justice is taken into the hands of other teams when they aim to put the Broncos defenders on IR. I hope the Bengals and the Broncos send each others teams to the IR next season when they face. That will be true justice. 
  14. You need to read this

    Re-watching the game shows that it is worse than I first thought. The officials allowed Von Miller to illegally hit Cam helmet to helmet followed by clubbing Cam in the face prior to going for the ball. This is how the Broncos scored their first touchdown. The Broncos second touchdown was set up by Von Miller illegally batting the ball away from Cam Newton while recovering the ball. A defensive player is not allowed to bat the ball toward their opponents sideline. It is a 10 yard penalty and the ball is dead when the illegal bat occurs. To make it worse, the officials allowed Vasquez to get a running start and push the RB into the end zone after his forward momentum was stopped. This is also illegal and should have been penalized. These were just Denver's scoring plays that led to 15 points. The officials missed many more obvious calls in the game that were a major factor in successful drives for the Broncos and failed drives for the Panthers.
  15. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

      This is correct. Cam was not on top of the ball to dive on it. By jumping back he put himself in the prime spot to recover the ball. This should be a moot issue since the biggest talking point on this play should be another missed call by the officials. Cam was in the process of securing the fumble when Von Miller illegally batted the ball away from Cam so he could not recover the fumble. Here is a screen shot from another angle showing Cam about to secure the ball. Von Miller should have received a penalty for illegally batting the ball toward his opponents end zone. This should have been a 10 yard penalty on the Broncos and Carolina would have kept possession. There must have been 10+ missed calls by the officials all in favor of the Broncos.