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  1. What position did you play?

    Mostly CB and WR. 
  2. That wasn't sarcasm. It's literally worth three threads
  3. Brees at the end is worth making three threads
  4. I was T-boned in the drivers door by a car coming off an exit ramp. My car spun across the intersection and onto the sidewalk, and I was knocked unconscious. I declined the ambulance when I woke up because I felt fine, and didn't feel anything until the next day, where I was more sore than I've ever been in my life and had whiplash for a month lol These guys go through that every week though.
  5. Bad Lip Reading 2016

    Brees's animal themed party at the end was perfect
  6. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Watch us be up by 20 and the stadium lights go out. 
  7. Superb Owl Push

  8. I never watched him in college but once I learned about him in the draft I passionately wanted us to draft him over Luck.  He was clearly a very special talent and I still can't understand the people who didn't see it. It continues to baffle me to this day. 
  9. It would be sick if we still had Barnidge.

    Just saying. You're right though. Another TE + KB would be scary
  10. It would be sick if we still had Barnidge.

    It would be sick if we were in the fuging Super Bowl Oh wait..
  11. Yep

  12. Jacksonville had those too.
  13. NFL's Sound FX NFCCG

    "You're pretty cool. You're pretty good at what you do."   I loved Proehl: "We don't have any wideouts!!"   Love these videos