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  1. I like how his reasoning for not wanting us to win the is because we don't win with dignity and are sore winners.  Big Papi had the sorest vagina at the OBGYN that day 
  2. Violence Beats Analytics

    Scrolling through this board waiting for my wife to get out of the market and reading this garbage.  Go find a box of napkins and some anime porn and keep yourself busy for a few minutes and spare us your bullshit you Ren and Stimpy looking jack wagon.  I usually just lurk around and read any news on this board but this is obnoxious GTFO and OD on something.
  3. The Bandwagon Effect

    One can avoid being called bandwagon by wearing a jersey of a player that nobody else would know. Get Brad Hoover or Wesley Walls or Patrick Jeffers or Eric Davis or  either of Salt and Pepper (Lathon/Greene) or Ricky Manning Jr or Moose or Rod Rutherford or Taye Biddle or Barry Foster or Donald Hayes or Anthony Johnson or Chad Cota or Tim Mckyer or Todd Saurebrun or.............
  4. Amazing Photo Giveaway!!!! Rejoice!

    I would split these between my brother and dad and my son.  My brother and my dad for their mancave (they live in Chicago now so can't watch as many games with them anymore). My son would get one with Cam because I have Cam to thank for my little man falling in love with the Panthers at the age of 3, because Cam is always so animated.  My little guy can and does dab and do the superman to everyone he meets it seems like.  I would have to give one to my wife's 7 year old nephew who lives in LA and doesn't have a great father figure to look up to who I stay in touch with and have converted into a Panthrs fan.
  5. We are 2nd in the East

    Then don't be an NBA fan, as that is due to their format more so than being any sort of indictment on the Hornets as a franchise.  NBA is best of 7 every round in order to prevent cinderallas and find out who the best team truly is.  NFL and even NCAA allows for more upsets and a higher likelihood for the field to knock off the top dog in the postseason with win or go home formats.  With the current format, the 5 or so teams with the top players in the league can just   Take it easy and turn it on a month before postseason and end up beating up on teams like Charlotte that bust their ass in the regular season just to get there. Charlotte is filled with slightly above average (Kemba) to good (Zeller, Lamb, etc) to very good (Batum) players that are for the most part young and still have room to grow their game and they play well together.  We have an NBA team but aren't fortunate enough to have landed a top 5 player, so...... I don't really see what you don't enjoy about being able to watch professional basketball in Charlotte when your team is filled with enjoyable players that play a fun brand of basketball who happens to win more often than they lose.  
  6. Just saw this while perusing Sports Illustrated.  Each of you are required to vote or GTFO. "Sports Illustrated’s editors will choose the 2015 Sportsman of the Year, but we think our readers should also have a say. Cast your vote below for the person in sports (or, in Pharoah’s case, superhorse) you think embodied the spirit of sportsmanship and achievement this year. During the month, we'll also be publishing a series of essays from our writers and peers of the 12 contenders that make the argument for each candidate. Read more about each contender here. Voting closes at 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 12 and the winner of our reader poll will be revealed on Dec. 13. Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year will be announced on Dec. 14. It's your chance to let us know who should take home SI's biggest honor for 2015." http://www.si.com/sportsmanofyear/2015/11/10/vote-si-sportsman-poll
  7. Can you do without the Cam celebrations?

    In the NBA, the halftime crew with Chuck, Kenny, Ernie and Shaq would just get a good chuckle out of all of this and probably have fun with it.  In the NFL, there is a ridiculous expectation for quarterbacks to resemble grizzled war veterans.  Let him have fun.  The Titan LB came after him after a normal celebration and Cam gave him a good F*** YOU in response, which I admit made my pants happy. You have no idea what was being said to him on the field.  Titan defenders were dancing all game, they could have been running their mouth to him the whole game. Why don't Peyton Manning do or say anything in response? How about Rodgers? What about Brady?  Well they can't say anything back, they for the most part are skinny-fat, pasty, doughy, white dudes.  Cam is bigger than most defenders, just maybe he is less intimated than the others. One week, its completion %, next week it's the towel, next week it's the celebrating.  The media and fans always focus on the negatives with this man.  Why can't we just see the obvious and understand we will look back and miss the days of Cammy Cam when he is no longer our QB and Jimmy Clausen's son and John Fox's nephew are in charge and boring us all to death.  Unless you are a thrill-seeker and travel for a living or are an actor, or chase tornadoes we all have our regular normal ass routine....WTF is wrong with introducing some fun into your life???? It is a game
  8. I was surprised when I saw this on the NFL Network.  He is always the saltiest potato chip.
  9. Panthers Influence

    My wife's father was born in Thailand and her mother was born in Mexico, so I have had to teach them all the game of football.  They lived in LA for a while, so they were aware of basketball (Laker fans unfortunately but closet Hornet fans now) but could never quite get into football bc of all the rules and it was not in their culture at all.  I now have them all calling each other during the games and my wife is a bigger fan than most of my work colleagues.  We even send Panthers gear to her family members who live in LA, Mexico City and Bangkok.    The End
  10. TD has to make it this year.  Have you voted today?
  11. Video of Cam Ripping Down Banner

    Just watching the video and seeing that banner annoys me.  I love that he did this.  Opposing fans get a little too comfy in BOA
  12. Video of Cam Ripping Down Banner

    Swiper no swiping!  Lol gotta love Cam even dropping in the Under Amour slogan.