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  1. Fug I can't say it better than that.   Is a cam "nut huger" still supposed derogatory statement, cuz fug it ill hug
  2. Because they hold such the same weight. You do realize what "thug" is meant when used by said old white guys right?   If you feel there is any semblance between the two as far as derogatory goes, then I really don't know what to tell ya.
  3. Well, that's because it probably is for a lot of folks. We all know what an old white dude means when he says "thug".  
  4. Huddle United

    It will be rough but I guess I'll do it
  5. I can see funchess getting it against the titans. I could even see 100 yards with 5 receptions or less.   I do have double vision right now so take that for what it's worth.
  6. Cam Newton is your Offensive Player of the Week

    How many "of the weeks" have we won this year. Good god this team is amazing
  7. The Keep Pounding Chant Before TD INT

    I heard it through the tv, at a bar. We were incredibly impressed.
  8. Realistically?  Your first born.
  9. How loud was boa?

    That chant at the end sounded insane on tv. Just how loud was BOA with all this packs fans there?
  10. So I Watched the Game in a Bar in Minnesota...

    I'll pie you bruh,  Being in Minnesota is pie worthy enough
  11. Game ball, Who gets it?!!

    Fuggin the whole team deserves it
  12. Funchess Touchdown Gif

    Are you suppose to call a doctor if you have an erections for more than 4 hours without any aid, cuz it's getting difficult to walk around
  13. If anyone's got any cheap nosebleeds for this game I would love to get at em. Funds are a bit low, but I want to say I went to a carolina game the same year we won the superbowl.   Thanks guys