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  1. Pulling for the Bengals until......

    I think we should give burfict the benefit of the doubt guys. I mean it's not like we see this from him all the time right?
  2. Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Man people love hating bersin, ball got punched out relax
  3. J-No DIDNOT body slam Oblowjob

    Oblowjob? Come on man, we're better than that
  4. Holy fug, he left burn marks on that dudes head That was incredible 
  5. Greg Olsen update

    Holy poo why is that so funny Greg olsenin dem folks
  6. Lol can't really argue with him seeing as he is an actual nfl player. If there is anyone qualified to talk about who an nfl mvp is are actual players.   Truth, straight truth.   Cam is mvp
  7. Another big potential milestone Cam can reach this year

    Pshhhhh he is going to get that from the 2 falcons game easy 350 on Sunday Another 300 after that 200 at least for giants and bucs
  8. 28 appreciation thread

    Absolutley. It seems if any team can stop jstew then we are in a bit of trouble
  9. A word from Josh Norman.

    And honestly by your incredibly inane logic, you should put cam on the list with his interception because it kept the Saints "competitive"
  10. A word from Josh Norman.

    Lol your right, hurney only brought in pro bowl players with every one of those choices. Wait... why is he gone again?
  11. I literally explained that guy the same way when I showed that video to my friend
  12. 28 appreciation thread

    Absolutley. One of the runs he had today had me in awe. One of the Saints defenders cane to tackle his legs and he totally wiffs him and does some crazy nonsense with his legs, but gets those feet down and keeps on trucking
  13. A word from Josh Norman.

    Wait what the fug are you on about? Kurt Coleman wit g an int almost lost the game for us? Funchess with a td catch almost lost the game for us? Teddy ginn Jr (admittedly could have played better) with td almost lost the game for us?    Ugh, like you literally made no sense with this post, you understand that, right?
  14. 28 appreciation thread

    I am so incredibly amazed at how great Jonathan Stewart plays, not because he isn't great, but because the workload he takes on. In this game especially, he had, to me anyway, jaw dropping runs. Runs that look like losses or no gains turn into 5-8 yards or a first down. His avoiding tackles, throwing his legs in the air. The guy is just amazing.