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  1. You have every right to hate what post you choose. How bout trying this, if you hate a topic so much just ignore it and stop posting about how much you disdain the topic. Just a thought.
  2. The irony is you making yet another comment that's bitching about other people bitching.
  3. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    Your insecurity is showing.
  4. Wouldn't it be a more achievable goal for you to "let go" of insisting on others letting go. I mean if it really bothers you this bad just bow out of the conversation. Many of ushave invested in this team emotionally and financially and everyone has the right to deal with this loss in their on way and time without fellow fans telling us how to react.
  5. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    There is no such thing as "incidental contact" to a QB head or neck area in the pocket. And there was most definitely a bat of the ball on the second.
  6. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    The CATCH by Cotchery and the ensuing blow to Newtons head strip sack td was definently a game changing play. That play alone was enough to question the officials integrity. Cam was outside the pocket and and threw past LOS. No grounding. The kick interference would to had been declined for the resulting return to stand. There was 0"game changing" momentum busting bad or no calls on Denver. There were many such calls against Carolina.
  7. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    And your view point is completely unbiased? Right. There is not a Bronco fan out their that can convince me thst they wouldn't be screaming blood ass murder had the situation been reversed And 15 was right. Something is bothering you about this game or else you'd be on some other sympathetic Bronco board sharing in the glory of your tainted SB "victorty", instead of lurking on our forum trying to convince us we are to biased to correctly interpret what we saw. So run along and take comfort in the fact that nobody is going to take away Denvers Lombardi, no matter how undeserved it may be.
  8. Replay assistant for SB50, was a Broncos fan

    No this guy "gets it" because he agrees with your view point. Show me where the official from Charlotte had a part in costing Denver a 30 yd reception, and allowed Carolina to take a shot a Mannings head before stripping the ball for a TD that never should have been? You can't, but if the tables were turned, you and other Bronco fans would be bitching just as much. So kindly leave us the hell alone and go join one of the many Broncos circle jerks. I acknowledge that the Panthers didn't play up their ability, but thst one series alone was a pivitol turning point in the game that unfairly turned the momentum in Denvers favor. Not to mention many other momentum killing calls the rest of the game against the Panther. So excuse us if the majority ofPanther fans that do not share in your narrative.
  9. I've never been able to understand the criticism of how Cams handles losing. I would be a whole lot more pissed if when we were losing Cam was yucking it up, cutting up and laughing with some teammates. Even something as insignificant as a regular season Middle School or a H.S. football. If we got beat I'd get so mad I would literally cry after the Game. I walked through the post game lined becaused we were required, but I wouldn't ever shake hands or congratulate the opposing team.
  10. Well Isn't That Convenient...

    1) your a troll. 2) your a idiot. 3)Just get the fug off our. Board!!!!!
  11. Big Congrats to the Carolina Panthers

    We just need to fire the fair weather fans. Im very proud of our team.
  12. So now we know the refs are against us

    Your wrong to put it nicely. Ball never touched the ground.
  13. Help my superstitious mind....

    Thanks fellows. Victory is now assured. T minus1:36
  14. Help my superstitious mind....

    I know. Were all just trying to kill 4 hrs.