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  1. How is this guy still employed?

    Im fully aware when the article was printed. Just pointing out how wrong the writer was and Cam is worth every penny of his contract. The writer has written other misinformed articles on Cam and the Panthers.  
  2. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/06/cam-newton-contract-money-carolina-panthers-guaranteed-how-much-long How can somone be so wrong so much and still have a job? Just thought it would be fun to remind our friend of how  his analysis  of Cam continue to make him look stupid.
  3. Sportswriter of the year!!!!

    I like the one about Cam being one dimensional. 
  4. Local paper hating on Cam

    This says it all.
  5. Sportswriter of the year!!!!

    http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl-news/4661862-cam-newton-panthers-criticism-silly-quarterback-controversy-tennessee-mom-letter-banner-packers-fans-nfl?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter If I had a vote I would give it to this guy. Pure gold
  6. Oher and cam

    Yea. Thats what I got from it. 
  7. Notes and Memos - Redskins

    Dear Redskins, the Panthers are not the Saints.
  8. Oh USAToday...

    I don't care if or expect every member of the media to praise the Panthers.But if someone witites an article like this one, that is regurgitating a lazy and false narrative about our team, the writer should be called out and questioned for producing this hot garbage.
  9. Oh USAToday...

    Yea,  the haters have microphone in  hand, arm extended, waiting for the Panthers to lose so they can do a "I told ya so" mic drop.
  10. Falcon fans: Your team is still soft.

    Amazing how that worked out.  I suspect he'll be back when/if we lose.
  11. What Redskins Fans Are Saying

     Many of the ExtremeSkins  posters are delusional. Not because they believe the Skins can win, but because their complete lack of knowledge about the Panthers. 
  12. Oh, crap.

    And que Bristol love fest in T-10..9...8
  13. Which is going to make you happier.... ?

    Personally I'd much rather Romo and the 'Boys come into the Thankgiving game feeling real good about themselves It'll be so much sweeter to punch them in their mouths having them thinking they were about to turn around their season.
  14. What Redskins Fans Are Saying

    My favorite is. "The Panthers have had a soft schedule,  they have only beat one team with a recotd over .500. If we play PHYSICAL,  and limit our mistakes, we will win this one."
  15. OMG!!!!  McCluster and Walker both did  the "first down" celebration. Shouldn't that be taunting?