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  1. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    He probably got kicked in the head by a mule
  2. Next Call of Duty includes CoD 4 remaster but

    Rumors are you'll need the Infinite disk in to play it. But if not, I'll do just the same thing you are.
  3. Top Roster Questions at each position

    I think we have to go after Howard if we want a chance. Batum is nice that he can play SF as well, and MKG staying healthy is no guarantee.
  4. new Radiohead new Radiohead new Radiohead

    I miss the old Radiohead, with the booming guitars. I kept waiting for it on that new song. It's not bad, but, I miss it. Actually I really like it, on 2nd/3rd listen but I still keep waiting for some nice guitars lol.
  5. The Punisher Netflix

    I mean, everyone knew this would happen, unless he completely blew it on DD2. Marvel doesn't really do bad casting though so I was like 99% sure this would happen. He was even better than I imagined he could be on DD2.
  6. You have to buy the $89 or higher versions to get it. WTF? I love CoD4, my favorite game maybe ever, definitely my favorite FPS. I thought it was mostly perfect. I'd easily pay $30-40 for a remastered edition with servers that are kept up. But no, Activision wants to force us into buying their new game, which, I do not want. In fact, I bet most people that loved CoD4 really don't even care for the new ones. I hope the backlash changes their minds and they put this out there as a standalone purchase. Then to make it worse, they only have 10 maps with it. The game came with 16 and then 4 in a map pack. Can't even get all the default maps? I guess it'll come in DLC I'm sure.
  7. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    I thought Payback was better than Wrestlemania, honestly. WWE seems to be going with a quality over quantity and it's working, mostly. The Owns/Zayn match was the best though, but not surprisingly, they kill. I hated Miz winning, I think he's a boring wrestler and Cesaro is much better but, it's OK if Cesaro gets his title run like he deserves. Styles and Reigns was a great match, and that's saying something, with Reigns involved. He finally took some real bumps and looked like he could lose. I thought the Dean/Jericho match was only OK. I've figured out something with Dean, which is clouded by amazing mic work, he's pretty boring in the ring. Almost Reigns like with the same 5 moves. I'm also tired of Jericho. It's time to roll out and let the young guys battle. I'm sure his break is coming soon anyway. The ending of the woman's match was stupid. I just wanted a clean win or lose, no matter who wins, in that match. Charlotte is a great wrestler, and I get she is a flair, but you have to let her win clean sometimes because she's so good, it's unbelievable she can't win on her own.
  8. Thanks for the kick in the nuts again Nintendo

    Nintendo seriously needs to ditch the console game. They should just make their games for Ps4/Xbone and make a TON just selling that. They can keep making handhelds but consoles.... please stop.
  9. Game 7

    Yup. I said this along with a few others when we let him walk that it was stupid. He got paid peanuts too. We really failed. Would it have helped us win this? Idk, but I know Biz would have gotten under Whiteside's skin and probably messed him up in the head. Also, they wouldn't be getting free buckets in the paint against us.
  10. What if.......

    The best we can hope for is Bernie running independent and making it REALLY interesting for election time.
  11. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I don't think this show is going to "slow-burn" anymore. With the reports of making the last 2 seasons even shorter, they really can't, especially with so many characters. Showing Jon come back that fast is evidence of this.
  12. Joe Person knows his stuff...

    Does anyone else care about late picks for the Panthers? Yeah, I don't think so, only people paid to do it. Which is he.... and Jones.
  13. Joe Person knows his stuff...

    Is it really that hard to call a draft pick when you know the Panthers are like, the only team to visit them? lol
  14. In case you lost count....

    I really think one of these guys is going to be groomed as a safety.
  15. Should have done this. Would have just created two threads saying "Panthers draft random CB named ________________ ." Then went out for the day.