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  1. Walking Dead Season 6

    I think "distopia they are trying to make into a utopia" is a mischaraterization. They aren't trying to make the world perfect again. They are trying to make the world NORMAL again. And normal before the fall was not killing people.  I for one found Morgan's solo episode to be one of the best of the series and made me root for him that much harder. It's easy to just kill people who might be threats. It's probably safer to be like that. But even Carol, the most bad ass one out of any of them who has killed a little girl sees how fuged up all this is. She's was looking right at Morgan and he is the example of another way of doing things. Very powerful writing there. They had been building that tension and I thought they did a good job of Morgan and his story line.
  2. Walking Dead Season 6

    To non comic book readers this first half was probably a little slow to you guys but the pay off that's coming is worth every thing from this first half. Can't wait to see how they handle Negan.    I had given up on this show when they were still in the prison and the governor hadn't been taken care of like 2 seasons ago. I waited until the episodes where that battle finally took place then kept watching from there. The only time I've ever had a problem with this show is the whole pig/ disease thing and being at the prison to long. This show has been money ever since they've gotten out of the prison. This show is going to hit another level when Negan rolls throw. So much is about to hit the fans
  3. Captain America: Civil War

    No it wasn't. Directors cut of watchman is better than all three spider man movies.
  4. Walking Dead Season 6

      totally worth it. Next half will be fuging amazing
  5. You couldn't have asked for a better NFC SOUTH weekend

    Panthers scored more points than the entire NFC south this week.
  6. What would our record be?

    Set injuries and logistics aside. Purely think of how many teams we could beat if all things remained equal and constant for both teams
  7. What would our record be?

    What would our record be if we played all 31 other teams in a season?  Weve swept AFC south and one win away from sweeping the NFC east. granted those aren't things to hang your hat on but in a hypothetical world where we played each division at a neutral fields how many divisions do you think we'd sweep? Id comfortably put our record at 28-3. the only divisions we wouldn't  sweep would be AFC East NFC West and AFC West. And that's not to say we would lose those games. Just that I see Pats, Cards, and Broncos as the only real challenges left to us this year. What do you guys think?
  8. Revenge Tour isnt Finished

    Every game is revenge tour. Revenge for the constant poo everyone thinks about us and now our forced to keep down because we shut them up every week. Keep it coming and Keep Pounding
  9. Pure Respect Rivera / Davis

    El Capitán in all his glory. Truly remarkable person. Huge inspiration when it comes to work ethic and how to overall be a good person.
  10. Will Luke or Norman finish this year as DPOY?

    Them playing on the best defense playing on the best team only helps them.
  11. Thomas Davis With An 11-0 Shoutout

    Talented team full of amazing people. Couldn't be happier.
  12. Captain America: Civil War

    If you have anything to refute that claim present your evidence now or walk away shamed. No one is praising every marvel movie. You just swing into every marvel thread spewing the same poo. We get it, you are an emo who likes dark comic book movies. You aren't cool for trying to poo on movies everyone else enjoys because you have built in bias.   "Sorry, just because I don't agree every film Marvel Studios releases/produces is a smashing success (quality wise) doesn't make me a 'hater'." um you haven't liked any. From your posts you've gone out of your way to trot out the same shitty catch phrases to INSANELY successful movies because you can't handle how WB/DC has dropped the ball in every conceivable way until Chris Nolan brought them back to relevance. And this comes from a guy who ONLY owns DC comics. I'm no Marvel nuthugger. I'm a realist and you are a hater.  The reason those marvel movies in your top 10 is because Marvel has simply been better at making comic book movies. That's the simple truth, facts, reason, and logic support this. and I know that hurts your little heart. also you look dumb for trying to bring in a Sony movie has if that has any relevance on how Marvel studios makes better movies than WB
  13. Captain America: Civil War

    You tried Francis. maybe go back to try to change the post you DIDNT respond to next instead of following me into other threads like a lost puppy?
  14. Captain America: Civil War

    You do realize Tony's characterization has been pretty consistent on this issue since the end of Avengers 1 right? Dude straight looked at the brink of all human life ending and thought he was going to die to by the end of that movie. That changes a person.  His actions haven't just appeared out of no where. But I wouldn't expect a DC fanboy who uses bullshit like "cookie-cutter" and "watered down" to describe the most successful expanded universe in cinematic history.   just save your posts for when DC FINALLY drops a movie trying to cash in on that marvel money.
  15. Captain America: Civil War

    That's not the only reason for the civil war. We only saw the trailer but clearly they are still doing the philsofical differences between Tony and Steve. I mean I take your opinion with a grain of salt anyway. I'd bet my entire life savings you are the first person to make a thread bashing this movie regardless if it is good or bad just cause it's marvel.