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  1. Let's do the team a favor next time....

    When you are playing against the refs and the opposing team it's really hard to win the most important game of the season. We got hosed hard
  2. So now we know the refs are against us

    Hard to win when everything is going against you
  3. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    Need to be better on first and second down to have a chance to win. Them pinning their ears back and rushing us on third and long is going to kill this oline. Drops fumbles sacks are killing us
  4. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    I've wait so long for this moment. Win lose or draw it's been a magical ride. But let's go finish this the right way! I believe in you boys. Go get it done.
  5. this is just great lol Dat Falice for the L
  6. Double Greg Olsen, keep Cam in the pocket

    If that's enough for you to hate someone then you probably need to look in the mirror and contemplate your life. 
  7. Double Greg Olsen, keep Cam in the pocket

    What's with all the Prime hate from you guys? Seriously I don't get it
  8. Coach Beam is there! Proof in the pictures

    Great story. Really hope we can cap off this magical season the best way possible.
  9. So your telling me I can rip off this same storyline and have it be universally loved? Sign me up. Book coming out soon
  10. The Keep Pounding Drum

    KB please.
  11. Straight out of context

    That's pure gold lol
  12. Kurt Warner =/= Peyton Manning and only you would try to make the comparison.
  13. Making a Murderer (spoilers inside)

    When Zellner gets Avery freed I wonder what pstalls reaction will be. Meaningful insight on how he was wrong the whole time or more doubling down.. I'll bet on the latter
  14. ESPN gave him a radio show at 4 nationally and it's awesome. Fresh perspective, no bs. Bomani is good stuff
  15. It's not that they don't do divisional but that they do the most appealing matchups. But you could be right  IIRC they did giants v Cowboys to kick off the 2012 season and every year since hasn't been but it's been some form of a rematch or compelling Matchup