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  1. Thomas Davis With An 11-0 Shoutout

    Hes gonna have a talkin to cams momma when they get home!
  2. Johnson and Hardy

    Anybody else notice after one play hardy going up to cam (I presume to help him up) and cam brushed him off and ran to the sidelines. The look on gregs face was legit shock. 
  3. Unheralded Architect of the Carolina Panthers

    He brought the cornerstones but he did his best to make them not worth a damn thing with the contracts and players he added around them.   teams obviously take time to grow, but he handcuffed this team. Gettleman is allowing them to flourish. I do thank him for taking the "chance" on Cam and luke to some extent. But those two would've gone nowhere with Marty's other GM responsibilities and decisions. Football is the ultimate team sport.
  4. Colin Jones in the slot...

    Get out of our base 4-3 as much as This year? Dude we had the highest nickel formation in the league the past two years. Nickel was basically our base formation.
  5. friday morning schadenfreude

    What's even better is going to the Falcons and saints board. They are legit scared of this team.
  6. Johnson and Hardy

    I want to be clear that I'm not trying to make hardy out to be a victim in all of this. He did this all to himself. part of me wishes he was a panther because it's obvious our players really like this guy and just maybe they could have helped him. Dallas is a freak show.
  7. Johnson and Hardy

    I have very mixed emotions about this.     But i think you can see from those pics that hardy misses us. What a sad situation all around.
  8. We went 12-4 in 2013 you nincompoop. Go back to the saints board where you swore your allegiance to last year.
  9. Norman on Dez Bryant

    Yo check out ESPN. dez called out Norman before the game. Bene ran to the lockerroom to tell Norman. That's why Norman was so hyped and in his face more than usual. Basically told Norman he was overrated and he was gonna run all over him.     1 catch 6 yards. Suck that big black panther dick
  10. Romo

    Cowboys fans (and not the crazy ones) seem to think this was his last game for Dallas. Said he miiiiight have one more season.  I don't know what his contract is but the guys injuries are piling up and he's 35+. This truly might be the end of tony romo.
  11. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    You are greedy as hell lol
  12. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Romo is not soft jesus. Guy plays through brutal games. Closest thing to Farve I've seen. Besides cam of course
  13. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    We literally just took a dump on dallas
  14. Kurt Coleman

    Well it looks like he is headed to the pro bowl so........
  15. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    What do you expect in Dallas.   Dude we had take it back to one. Clutch as fug Brian McKnight oweeeeee mayyyyyne