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  1. Are we witnessing a Hiliray collapse?

    I would love for her to get indicted before the convention so get Bernie the nomination. If she is not indicted by then I hope they wait until after Election Day. It will keep Trump out of the White House and her Veep will be a better option than her anyway.
  2. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    It would really suck if Daniel is gone. I prefer this to TWD and he is the main reason. There are other characters that I like but Daniel is by far my favorite and I doubt I would enjoy the rest as much if he is not around. It would not make much sense for him to just die there though. I do hold out hope though if only because leaving Ophelia to brave this world alone and without his protection would be completely out of character for him. The whole way it ended for Nick was stupid but I like that his character keeps using the whole blood and guts camouflage. To me the dumbest thing in TWD is that they so rarely use this. Carol at Terminus and then the group when pinned down in Alexandria are the only times I remember in recent seasons. I would use that every time I went anywhere.
  3. I have been pretty spot on when it comes to my opinion the past few years with which players they should pursue/avoid as well as which ones to kept, etc. The one notable player I was dead wrong on (and I am happy to admit it) is Jackie Bradley Jr. I was correct about not wanting to trade him back when his name was floated, but that was due to the fact that his value was at rock bottom. After he ended last season well though I was more than willing to shop him. It was my opinion that he was nothing more than a fourth OF on a good team due to his fantastic defense. I have been enjoying my nightly meals of crow. One player I wish I had been wrong about though is Buchholz. I was willing to cut bait several years ago on him. At least Porcello is rewarding my patient support (and unlike Lackey it had not taken him as long).
  4. I think Cam will be top three with Von Miller and Watt.
  5. Trump vs Sanders

    I have never bought a thing on Pay-Per-View, but I would pay for this.
  6. Noah Telling teammates he and the Bulls are done.

    I have despised Noah since his days in Gainsville. I imagine I would get over it quickly though.
  7. MLS 2016

    Same here, I just do not have a connection to any team and when I have no rooting interest then I do not care.
  8. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    The one team I truly hate and the one manager I truly hate. Makes life a little easier for me.
  9. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    Possible he thinks a strong performance there could bring him more suitors?
  10. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    My day just got better =)
  11. Probably Good

    Exactly. Just because sixty-years ago the only people Leeroy could share his asanine ideas with were the like minded individuals at the local bar does not make him any smarter than Leeroy Jr. and Leeroy III as they shoot their mouth off to the world on Twitter.
  12. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    I will admit, I was one of those. But as I said a few pages back, the new version of Nick is a character I very much like. I really hope that they avoid having him finding drugs at some point and having a relapse, that would be annoying.
  13. Las Vegas Raiders

    I think that they should just go by Vegas
  14. 2016 Europa League Final

    I am pulling for Liverpool because Fenway Sports Group owns them. They are basically my favorite non-German team by default. Well them or Perth.
  15. Tampa Takeover

    I live ten miles up the road so would not need lodging but would be interested in the game/tailgate and the Saturday night festivities. I know others in the area that would either have the same interests or would be interested in just the tailgate and the game. Are there packages for those situations as well?