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  1. How About Them Heels?

    That would be nice. Any idea how individual teams give out their tickets to bowls?  Do you have to be a student or alum to get a ticket in the teams section(s)?  If we do end up in the Russell Athletic I would love to go, it is only a two hour drive for me.
  2. A hot take from the Patriots message board

    Next verse, same as the first
  3. How About Them Heels?

    Yeah, there are several teams that need upsets to get eligible.  I really hope Nebraska gets that sixth win though.  A loss for them coupled with a B1G CCG loss will help our at-large shot. The worst part is ACC bowl tie-ins suck.  Losing the Peach to the playoff really left the conference with nothing after the Orange.  The Russell Athletic Bowl on 12/29 is our #2 bowl?  They need to do something about that.
  4. We are not "legit"

    I mostly agree, but I do feel that Arizona is more respected at this point.
  5. How About Them Heels?

    I was just looking at bowl projections and we are probably going to get screwed pretty badly.  The Orange Bowl is a semi-final game this year, so the ACC does not have a tie-in to the four big bowls.  So while the #2 team from the B1G, Big XII and SEC will automatically get in to a bowl as a replacement for their playoff teams. Meanwhile, with no ACC tie-in we will need an at-large spot, one of which will certainly go to Notre Dame and FSU likely getting a second spot leaving only one spot for UNC, Iowa, and whoever else to fight for.
  6. Before we get all happy

    As long as Tillman, Bene and Lake Norman are all healthy then this is not a problem that will arise when things matter
  7. Stop McFadden and win the game.  That was my goal going in.  Romo helped matters of course =)
  8. Teams you hate to lose to!

    Whoever my opponent is that day Really the only team I really have "sports hate" for is the Bucs, which goes with living here currently as well as during other stints in my life (late 90s and early 00s).  Honestly though, I hate losing to any team equally
  9. Another Cam ROARING RIOT mention

    There was a play near the end of the game, and incompletion to a Dallas player in the corner of the end zone.  My brother and I noticed several Cam #1 jerseys.  Upon rewinding it we saw a bunch of black Panther jerseys and Panther jerseys in general.  Was that the RR?
  10. I was never one to call Seattle fans bandwagoners because I knew that many were like me, struggled for years and finally it paid off.  I knew one day I would be in the same boat, welcoming the bandwagon and being called one myself (as a Red Sox fan, been through it before!).   Well, come one come all!  I hate bandwagoners but some will remain lifelong fans which is a win for us.  Just know newbies, this is sweeter for us, because the sweet is never as sweet without the sour.
  11. I give it a ten.  My previous favorite was about a 4.2, based solely on winning $500 on A&M v. Texas
  12. Does anyone have any advice for a future teacher

    I taught for three years and am in my seventeenth year working with kids.  I may go back into the classroom at some point, not sure. Anyway, my first piece of advice would be to consider that there are a lot of different avenues one can take to work with kids.  I am an assistant director at a before and after care and also substitute teach some in the school as well.  I enjoy this a lot more.  I can get to know the kids better and do not have all the politics of teaching.  I loved being in the classroom but everything involved in the teaching that was outside of the classroom drove me into the ground.  That was me though, does not mean that is you.  Just something I always tell people on that path. If you do decide you want your own classroom my biggest piece of advice is not to just jump into a classroom right away.  You can end up in a bad situation that way.  Do your homework.  As bigjohn said, figure out where you want to live and if you can afford it on a teacher salary.  Do a lot of research, taking into account the districts, the pay, and anything else that will effect how much you will enjoy living there.  The great thing about teaching is that you can do it anywhere so pick your place and go from there. Once you get to that place, figure out the district you want and substitute teach for a year.  This will get you the opportunity to explore different schools and decide which ones you do and do not want to work in.  Once you are known you will have the chance to spend most days substituting in the same 3-4 schools.  I owuld not narrow it to one though, they may not have an opening, keep your options open. Most importantly, if you are doing okay financially as a sub then cherry pick when jobs for the next school year being to open.  Do not just apply to the first ones you see.  Trust your gut.  I had four schools that I spent a lot of time in as a sub, two in particular I really wanted.  I was out of school for two years at the time and wanted a job and while I cherry picked those four schools I also jumped on the first one.  The day after accepting that job (fifth grade) and job in the grade I really wanted (fourth) opened at the school I really wanted.  The next day while subbing at that school I was asked if I was applying. In the end, I wish I had waited.  I was in no bind financially and had it not worked out I could have subbed another year.  The school I ended up at seemed nice, but I did not feel that it was exactly what I wanted.  There were some things with the school politics that really became a major reason why I finally decided to pursure things outside of the classroom.  My friend meanwhile got a teaching job teaching second grade at the other school and is now in Year 9. As I said, the great part about teaching is you can do it everywhere.  As long as you are not hard up for money then be picky and get the job that you want. Oh, and the custodian and office manager are your best friends.  Be very, very kind to them at all times, it pays off if they like you!
  13. Elliot Harrison is a "blank"!

    Who is Elliot Harrison?
  14. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    My sister-in-law's famiily is hosting Thanksgiving.  When we were all invited my brother told her that he and I would only be there if it is understood that we would be in front of the television from kickoff until the final whistle.  Now we are eating at 2 =)