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  1. UEFA Champions League

    So Leipzig is in second through three matches but Dortmund is struggling to finish third and qualify for Europa? Interesting.
  2. How about those RED SOX! Part Deux

    Glad to see Farrell is gone. Dombrowski no longer has Farrell as the scapegoat either.
  3. For some reason we cannot post in the old thread so I guess we need a new one. The first one saw a World Series title but then had two last place finishes so maybe we will get some new thread magic. Anyway, Price has been named Opening Day starter. I really was not all too keen on this signing. Just like last year they are overpaying drastically, although at least I like Price most than the bats we wasted cash on last season (I still hate Panda). This feels like a second or third place team to me, not as bad as it had been but not as good as '13 either. We definitely have some fine young talent. I really hope that the idiot contracts to Sandoval and Hanley do not cost Shaw playing time. Luckily nobody looks unbeatable in the East, although Toronto will be favorites to repeat as long as Stroman is healthy and the pen does not blow. I have them in the high eighties. Balimore is the weakest in the division and should win in the mid 70s. That leaves Boston with New York and Tampa in the middle. I think we have the best roster of the three and the Yankees are the worst, however that pen of their's is so damn good it will disguise some weaknesses. They have won more than they should have three years in a row due to their stellar 8th/9th inning guys and this year's pen is their best yet. We should be fighting New York all season , both finishing in the mid-80s. Tampa meanwhile will stay close but I do not think they have the hitting to win more than 79-82. No matter how it plays out, so glad to have baseball back!
  4. Trump is mentally ill

  5. 506Sports Map for those interested

    CBS definitely won that trade.
  6. How about those RED SOX! Part Deux

    Well that went poorly. Afraid to say it but that felt a lot like last season. Second year in a row my pick to win it all was our first round opponent. I got Houston over Arizona

    Panthers and Panther North helping each other out!!!
  8. Bundesliga 2017/18

    Another 2-0 advantage. Another blown lead. Two more points dropped. What an embarrassment. Ribery is likely done with an ACL as well. At least Freiburg helped us out by beating Hoffenheim. They somehow have a win and a draw against Hoffenheim and Dortmund but are 1-0-4 against everyone else. Five points down is not a good start.
  9. Bundesliga 2017/18

    Borussia Dortmund 5-1-0 19:1 +18 16 1899 Hoffenheim 4-2-0 11:5 +6 14 FC Bayern Münich 4-1-1 14:5 +9 13 Hannover 96 3-3-0 6:2 +4 12 FC Augsburg 3-2-1 8:4 +4 11 RB Leipzig 3-1-2 10:7 +3 10 FC Schalke 04 3-0-3 7:8 -1 9 Hertha Berlin 2-2-2 6:6 EV 8 Borussia Monchengladbach 2-2-2 8:11 -3 8 Bayer 04 Leverkusen 2-1-3 12:10 +2 7 Eintracht Frankfurt 2-1-3 4:5 -1 7 VfB Stuttgart 2-1-3 3:7 -4 7 VfL Wolfsburg 1-3-2 5:8 -3 6 1. FSV Mainz 05 2-0-4 6:10 -4 6 Hamburger SV 2-0-4 4:11 -7 6 Werder Bremen 0-3-3 3:7 -4 3 SC Freiburg 0-4-2 2:9 -7 4 1. FC Köln 0-1-5 1:13 -12 1
  10. How about those RED SOX! Part Deux

    Well, it took longer than expected this week but...AL East Champs!!! On to Houston we go with Sale on the bump Thursday. Go Sox! I am really interested to see who the RP on the roster are. Obviously Kimbrel, Price, Reed, and Smith. I would throw Kelly in as well. The sixth and seventh spot are the questions. My choice surprisingly is Austin Maddox. With a five game series, two off days and the fifth SP in the pen I am not sure you need a seventh. Take the extra bench guy, especially if Eduardo cannot go. If they do take a seventh though I am thinking Robbie Scott to add another lefty.
  11. Is he aware that the United States and North Korea are separated by a much bigger amount of water with bigger ocean water? If we cannot get aid across big water then how can we fight a war across bigger water?
  12. FBI NCAA Bball probe

    I thought I saw they sent out subpoenas for Nike as well. This is going to bring down a lot of people and programs. Hopefully this speeds up the end of this faux amateurism.
  13. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket

    I know that this is totally off topic, but I wish the Bucs and Dolphins would do this for their match-up on what should be their bye week. NBA players have done it recently in nationally televised games to protest back-to-backs and whatnot and it led to a change in the schedule. It would never happen in the NFL though. That is what happens with non-guaranteed contracts.
  14. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket

    Hell, I do not even do that. If DirecTV offered the streaming package to everyone instead of discriminating against me for where I live, and if they offered a one team package the way the NBA does them my hard earned money. My money is not good enough for them it seems.
  15. FBI NCAA Bball probe

    I dislike Kentucky as much as the next guy, but I would find it funny as hell if several dozen schools get hit with this and they find nothing on UK.
  16. He gets a clean pocket so infrequently that it confuses him.
  17. The answer is Steve Smith, but I would love to have '15 Josh Norman back
  18. That decision really drained whatever ability to care that I had left.
  19. Six more fields goals gets us to overtime, we got this