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  1. For the sake of argument

    For now. If they beat us in their place though they will have it on Division record I believe since they have a win over the Saints.
  2. For the sake of argument

    We will still be in the WC but will be tied with Atlanta 6/7 regardless of what else happens. We certainly cold use help from Jacksonville against Seattle to force a three way tie and giving us one other team to fight with. Also would prefer GB and to a lesser extent Detroit to lose. If either win then they will be within one game of us. We have the tiebreaker over Detroit but in GB case they could beat us next week to force a tie and they would have the h2h.
  3. Needs for next season

    Right now I feel like we have needs everywhere except DT, QB, and P
  4. Hornets vs Bulls

    Sadly I agree. Kemba is an UFA after next season. Cannot afford to lose him in FA. His value is highest before the deadline. If you cannot extend him them you need to see what you can get for him. Then trade everybody that anybody will take and get as many picks and expiring contracts as possible. Keep Monk and play him more. It is the only way he can learn and get better. This group is not going anywhere, it is time to start over.
  5. Hornets vs Bulls

    Half their bleepin wins are against us
  6. World Cup Draw

    Am I the only one that thinks Portugal is going to have a scare? I still expect them to go through but if they open up with Spain the way they did with Germany four years ago and Iran/Morocco is not a draw then things could get interesting for a few days.
  7. The Walking Dead season 8

    I stopped watching after the episode where Tara finds the women with the guns. I still listen to a podcast on it though as I like the two guys doing the pod and listen to them for several shows. Evidently I am not the only one as they get e-mails every week from people that stopped watching and keep up through them.
  8. Time person of the year - 10 finalist

    Yes there were, Harvey was not the first to be accused, but his situation seems to have been what got this snowball rolling downhill.
  9. Time person of the year - 10 finalist

    The first Weinstein accusers would have received my vote. I know it falls under the metoo movement but I would have gone with specifically those women as they are the ones that got this started. Mohammed bin Salman would be an interesting choice as well. Would also add that as much as I am a fan of Kaepernick and the Dreamers, choosing them would feel a little too US-centric for me.
  10. World Cup Draw

    Happy with Germany’s draw. Their group has a whole is likely one of the top two but nobody that should overly threaten. If they take care of their business then it opens things up to the semi-finals with the Swiss likely awaiting in the Ro16 and Poland/Colombia/England the likely QF opponent. Now if Brazil and/or Belgium fail to win their group then that all changes.
  11. at least Luke can still tackle
  12. We are who I thought we were, and this is one time I wish I was wrong.
  13. Our tackling bleepin blows
  14. The Walking Dead season 8

    The helicopter is gone. Their last location was in Mexico, near the border, probably near AZ. The leader of a new villain group did mention something about trying to control trade from the Gulf to Pacific and was going to take one of the characters with him to Houston, but with the way the season ended it did not seem as if that was happening. Of course I think it has only been maybe two months on that show so I suppose they have time. Honestly though it is pretty clear that the people behind all this do not care about things making sense at this point.
  15. Rae Carruth needs redemption

    Is it possible to forgive? Yes. For something like this though it will take an incredible amount of time and effort on his part to ever get to that point.
  16. This thing was always going to pass, the GOP is filled with people that either believe in bleeping over the rest of us in favor of the rich or they choose to do it because if they do not they lose their donors, and thus their jobs. If the Dems play their cards right though (hahaha) this bill will make the massacre next November both greater and more assured.
  17. Well I would assume that our picks would not have been the same. The scenario I wanted at the time was to hope Dalvin Cook fell to our pick in the second (who knows how that would have gone as he may not have gotten hurt) and if he did not then target Joe Mixon (which I acknowledge Jerry would have never allowed). In no way do I dislike CMC or am I unhappy with him, nor do I fault anybody for thinking he was the best option. I just preferred Lattimore and at this point in time I stand by it.
  18. Tennessee named Greg Schiano HC too. We just need a scandal and a Twitter mob. Maybe a few of our lady Panthers can accuse him of improper touching.