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  1. Tickets

      Those are ticket exchange prices, PSL owners selling tickets.
  2. Mass shootings, explosions in Paris... Dozens killed

    I don't see the situation in France  ever improving. These attacks will get worse and worse and become more and more common. The best solution for a Frenchman is to relocate to a country with different immigration policies (Switzerland?). Islam is the future of France. All you need to do is look at the facts. Look at the number of mosques going up, look at the number of immigrants and look at the birth rates. Islam has no space for secularism. Once Muslims can use democracy to further push their views (which are mostly anti-democratic) then that will be that.
  3. When did Gary Barnidge become a good TE?

    Steve Smith, DeAngelo Williams and Barnidge have all had some great games this year. They all look better in their new and different homes.
  4. After Dan Morgan's wasted career, there is absolutely no rush in bringing him back.
  5. Harry Giles Watch

    Duke is the place to be these days.
  6. Huddle Workout Warriors

    I have a bad case of turf toe. You'd be surprised how few workouts you can do when you have this injury.