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  1. PanthersClinic added a post in a topic Bersin four catches for 54 yds   

    4-0 everything is good. We had some issues with receivers getting off the line and creating separation against Seattle in the playoffs.
    Love what the receivers have done up to this point but it only gets tougher. That said Bersin seems years ahead of the guy from Seattle we got and the guy we drafted.
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  2. PanthersClinic added a post in a topic Biggest Surprise through the first Quarter of the Season   

    The biggest surprise is Cam.  People crowned him early but the first four this year he stepped up and earned that crown. He is reading the field way better than he ever has and his pocket presence is drastically better this year. His passes are more accurate and his footwork is improved.
    People always like the most improved and surprises to be a cinderella story but sometimes it's one of the big names on the team who show up even better than they were before.
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  3. PanthersClinic added a post in a topic Kuechly Officially OUT for Third Straight Week. We Need Answers.   

    After Dan Morgan's wasted career, there is absolutely no rush in bringing him back.
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  4. PanthersClinic added a post in a topic Anyone else experience this on the huddle or is it a virus?   

    Use adblock. Browsing sites without adblock is like having unprotected sex - you're sleeping with all of the Huddles sponsors and ad partners.
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  5. PanthersClinic added a post in a topic Harry Giles Watch   

    Duke is the place to be these days.
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  6. PanthersClinic added a post in a topic Panthers Trade for Jared Allen   

    Post deleted and stolen by authorized user.
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  7. PanthersClinic added a post in a topic Cam Newton 13 Yard Bootleg TD   

    Cam has finally arrived. He's shown flashes in previous seasons but he totally gets it now. He plays winning football. He protects the ball, he isn't doing circles in the backfield for 20 yard losses, he isn't forcing the issue.
    And Ted Ginn and Brown may not be upper echelon receivers but they have speed. Cam can buy time for them to break away.
    This offense has been over 20 points each game this season and that's because of Cam moving the chains and making big plays.
    That said the Falcons look like early Super Bowl favorites so I'll wait and see how we do against them and Seattle before I get ahead of myself.
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  8. PanthersClinic added a post in a topic For All those that said 89 was done for the last several years   

    Smith is playing great and has been very reliable as a Raven. Too bad he plans to retire after this season, I wouldn't mind seeing a retirement tour next year with Smith as a Panther one last time.
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  9. PanthersClinic added a post in a topic Would you rank the Panthers as the second best in the NFC?   

    Definitely not. The Panthers are 2-0 against the AFC. The Panthers don't play in the AFC. Won the most meaningless games possible in terms of tiebreakers. Still a lot of work to be done. Let's get these 2 division wins then talk about standings.
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  10. PanthersClinic added a post in a topic Newton right now   

    He did a good job of playing it safe. The one INT was entirely the receivers fault. No dumb passes that hurt the team or put the opponent in scoring position.
    Cam hasn't been spectacular but he's been playing winning football so far, just like he did at the end of last season.
    Next two games will say a lot about Cam and the 2015-2016 Panthers. 4-0 will put us in great position for a third straight division title and a third straight playoff appearance. Make it happen, Cam.
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  11. PanthersClinic added a post in a topic Report: Jason Pierre-Paul injured in fireworks accident   

    Yeah. my hands are great. I watched fireworks set off by a professional.
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  12. PanthersClinic added a post in a topic Report: Jason Pierre-Paul injured in fireworks accident   

    Stupid is as stupid does. Low intelligence is common in sports. Unfortunately not everyone is great at everything.
    It reminds me of Jay Williams wrecking his motorcycle.
    Great athletes tend to lack risk aversion. Beating up women, blowing up your hand, crashing motorcycles, doing illegal drugs, beating your children, etc - these are not wise decisions. Oh, I forgot one, shooting yourself is also ill-advised. And getting drunk and saying racial slurs. etc etc etc.
    If fireworks were all removed from society this wouldn't happen. But if there were no low IQ people this also wouldn't happen.
    About as stupid as these people in NC who keep going into the ocean and getting bit by sharks.
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  13. PanthersClinic added a post in a topic What a piece of trash   

    Why would he lose his scholarship? The previous QB was a rapist. This is just some battery. He'll probably miss a snap.
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  14. PanthersClinic added a post in a topic Hornets select Frank Kaminsky   

    What lanky skill players like Kaminsky ever find success in the NBA?
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  15. PanthersClinic added a post in a topic Brandon Ingram   

    Austin Rivers shouldn't even be in the NBA or the Dleague. His last name is the only reason he's went anywhere. The fact Duke took him in is the embarrassment, not their failure to be successful with him.
    Parker hasn't shown anything in the NBA but he at least was a solid college player. That team had depth issues. If Parker and the other kid who's with Utah didn't have a big game, no one else on the team could step up.Sulaimon and Cook were not too reliable to pick up the slack that year.
    Either way though, Duke has 2 championships in the past 6 years so I don't see how anyone will complain about that. UNC is still living of the Sean May glory.
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