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  1. Johnson and Hardy

    Exactly what I thought too. Hardy didn't have The Kraken personality against us. No ferocity. No nothing for the most part. Many mixed feelings here. I don't know...
  2. Skip Bayless

    I don't care if Norman doesn't get re-signed. I'm getting his jersey in Electric Blue along with Thomas Davis' in Black this year.
  3. Captain America: Civil War

    Tony Stark's story arc in the MCU has been consistent? Ha! And ironically you're calling me a fanboy. Sorry, just because I don't agree every film Marvel Studios releases/produces is a smashing success (quality wise) doesn't make me a 'hater'. You, on the other hand, are a pompous nuthugger who can't handle criticism towards Age of Ultron, Ant Man, Thor: TDW, Iron Man 3, etc. You're probably one of those idiots who actually believes Spider-Man 3 was 10x better than Watchmen just because Spider-Man is a Marvel property. Yep, I'm a DC fanboy who just happens to have Captain America: TWS, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, Blade and and X2 in his Top 10 CBMs of all time, and values underrated titles like The Punisher with Thomas Jane. 
  4. Captain America: Civil War

    Well, I comprehend that Marvel can't use the 'mutant' angle because Fox apparently owns those rights but this Civil War is a direct result of Rogers disagreeing with how out government views him and Bucky now. However, at the same time, Tony Stark goes from 'Screw you, big brother! You can't have my suit or my services!" to "Yes sir. Captain America and Bucky are a threat to National Security". Sorry, your BS excuse for why I can't stand Disney's/Marvel conservative, cookie cutter formula is laughable. Odds are I'm a bigger Marvel fan than you.
  5. SQUAD

    Dab on Dallas!!!!!
  6. I liked our blue uniforms

    They were cool but I still prefer the all blacks.
  7. 11-0 Pie

    15 in a row. Luke is a machine. Cam is MVP. Carolina Panthers just curve stomped the Cowgirls on national television on Thanksgiving. Skip Bayless is suicidal.     Awesome Sauce.
  8. Captain America: Civil War

    To me, too. I mean, Bucky? Bucky is the reason for The Civil War???? I knew Marvel and Disney would water down the story arc for a movie adaptation but I hate this angle.
  9. I didn't realize Deadpool was the Dallas QB coach...

    Slade Wilson sounds cooler.
  10. Finally, an episode of Inside the NFL that doesn't suck

    Boomer and Schein actually giggling and blushing like school girls. These guys are... well, were Newton's biggest haters on CBS. If Bradshaw joins in, the apocalypse might be upon us.
  11. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    I guess nobody wanted to pick up his contract. Now we play hardball. G-Man is probably gonna offer him 300K. I'd take it, Quinton.
  12. Tillman Most Likely Out

    And yet, he's been decent with us. Good enough for me.
  13. Tillman Most Likely Out

    Obviously, I hope Tillman recovers as fast as possible but Benwikere is significantly better on the outside and Jones (outside one blown assignment) is solid on the inside. Damn right, this is a blessing in disguise.
  14. Undefeated Watch pt.2: Bills v Patriots

    LMAOOOOO good night, Sexy Rexy.
  15. Undefeated Watch pt.2: Bills v Patriots

    Not looking good for The Bills thus far.