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  1. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    This is what Romo will see when he comes to the line.
  2. 10 reasons the Panthers are 10-0

    good find
  3. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Panthers got this. 38-17   Romo 2 int's and 1 lost fumble.
  4. Cam Mic'd Up and All it's Hilarious Glory

    That was fun...thanks for the link.
  5. Cowboys Week: Let's do this

    Well done.  Now we are ready.  Thanks SCP. The Panthers continue the beatdown tour through the NFC east.
  6. Where is SCP ?

    We need you. Where art thou?
  7. Spread Update

    This morning Bovada has the 'boys 1 1/2 fav.  Now the Panthers are favored by 2.  Get your money in fast.
  8. and so it begins

    That article is great.  This guy could be one of our weekly writers (would be 3rd though).  Worth reading the whole thing if you have not.
  9. Where's NanceUSMC?

    I too was directed here many years ago by Nance via the Observer forum. I miss him being here on a regular basis. He is aawesome.
  10. Saints game flexed

    ugh....getting home at 3am and then likely having to do that again for a playoff game or two. That would be 4-5 times this season.  Success can be painful sometimes.     Pinch me.  Must be a dream.
  11. From the Dallas Morning News Also, here is the link to their Cowboys page.  Romo is a god. At least until Thursday.
  12. Cam will be live on ESPN tonight after the game.

    Cam needs to be in bed too at that hour!!