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  1. Hi,

    Me and my girlfriend are coming to our first ever Panthers games from the UK (Falcons and @ Tampa), so we're looking for any advice for the games around tailgating, where to sit (for both games) etc. I can't seem to find the button anywhere to post in the forum but have seen you guys on Twitter and saw you on here so thought I'd say hi on here.


  2. Los Angeles 2016

    This and Denver have been the toughest tickets to get. Be prepared to spend some $ on tickets.
  3. Tailgate with a Purpose & the Cam Newton Foundation

    Putting Twitter people with Huddle people with IRL people is a challenge.
  4. Los Angeles 2016

    We aren't playing in San Diego this year - the Chargers are coming to Charlotte. Did you mean LA?
  5. LOL Replaced.

    It amazes me that you really question why people come at you about GMan.
  6. On second thought...we should have paid Norman

    you would feel better if they kept him until July even if they knew there was a 0% chance of reaching an agreement? Why?
  7. For anyone uninterested in the fifth round...

    I think this is the first year you're allowed to.
  8. I will happily volunteer...... to come to your photoshoot with you.
  9. Gettleman says BPA philosophy changed this year.

    Great post @uscgamecocks
  10. Tampa Bay Fans Delusional As Usual

    I have an entire section of seats reserved for the Tampa game. Can we please make their stadium look like this?
  11. Vernon Butler was already a Panthers fan

    But the counterpoint is when there is a 100% chance you're getting drafted then there's nothing wrong with daydreaming about who you may play for or would like to play for. Its not like he said he can't wait to take KK's spot.
  12. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Here's a video I took from the draft if you're interested -
  13. Vernon Butler was already a Panthers fan

    C'mon, bro....
  14. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Easy bro...he hasn't even played a snap yet. Give it time.