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  1. Chief_Chokeaho added a post in a topic Next Four-Who do we beat?   

    I can realistically see 1-3, 2-2, or 3-1 during this stretch. We are 4-0 but we have a lot of work to do. 
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  2. Chief_Chokeaho added a post in a topic Madden 16   

  3. Chief_Chokeaho added a post in a topic Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread   

    This game was over before it started. Unprepared, uninspired team that I know too well. 
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  4. Chief_Chokeaho added a post in a topic Madden 16   

    Madden has really been fuging me lately.
    Just got finished playing an ultimate team game online against a solid opponent. I'm in pro 1st string and the competition there is ridiculous. Regardless, I lost this game 21-14. Right before halftime, my opponent is driving and my defense stops him. He has a 4th and 12 at my 34 yard line. He decides to kick a field goal, logical choice. Well the field goal is short. Sweet my ball in good field position with a couple chances to get in field goal range myself. Wrong. My PlayBook pops up, and it's giving me defensive formations. Are you serious, EA? So he's back on offense at the 41 yard line. There's 10 seconds left. I'm thinking it's 7-7, and my ball after halftime. No big deal. Wrong again. I'm in prevent 3 deep and my entire secondary gets burnt on a hail Mary. He scores a TD to go up 14-7 as time expires in the 1st half and this fugger had the nerve to message me and tell me I suck after the game. Great product EA! There is plenty more examples but I'm developing PTSD so I drink to forget.
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  5. Chief_Chokeaho added a post in a topic I cant sleep...   

    Good thing I'm in Hawaii and it's only 1030 here. But I'm drunk. And I'm worried about my alarm. I'm also at a strip club. This is too much to handle.
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  6. Chief_Chokeaho added a post in a topic Madden 16   

    BTW, if you're on PS4 and play MUT, and you just started, send me a friend request. I have a lot of Gold Cards that I'm not using and I'll trade them to you guys. I'll hook you guys up, so just send me shitty cards and we will coordinate the trade.
    Broseph336 is my username.
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  7. Chief_Chokeaho added a post in a topic Madden 16   

    I've been grinding man. I'm in the military so I had a 4 day weekend, and am trying to save money. So I played MUT literally the entire weekend as opposed to bienge drinking and blowing money on strippers. Do the solo challenges and draft champions. I also downloaded the super deluxe edition and got some great stuff in those packs. Plus I enjoy making coins on the auction block. I buy badges to complete sets, then sell the completed set item for more than I spent on the individual items. I got Terrell Davis last night. I also have a green mystery box that reveals on 9/11. There are only 200 of them total so hopefully it's something good. I also bought one game changer pack that had a legend and elite. 
    Sorry for the run on, typing this on my phone.
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  8. Chief_Chokeaho added a post in a topic Madden 16   

    Disagree. I won Draft Champions Championship with Colt McCoy as my fugging QB 4 straight. Granted I had Calvin Johnson, Demarius Thomas, and CJ2K on offense with me. Quick, short passes are cheese. Offense is so easy on this game.
    My ultimate team is starting to come together. I have 92 overall elite legend Randall Cunningham with Cam as my backup. I have LeSean McCoy and LaDainian Tomlinson at RB. WR is stacked with Odell, T.Y. Hilton, Kelvin, and Alshon Jeffrey. At TE, I have Antonio Gates and Dwayne Allen. Defense needs some work but I've built a 85 overall team. 
    Great Game overall. Best Madden in YEARS. 
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  9. Chief_Chokeaho added a post in a topic Madden 16   

    My observations:
    The deep ball is absurd. Why am I playing cover 3 man if the db is just going to allow the receiver to run right by him and let the safety cover the wr one on one? I abuse this too but it's annoying when there is virtually nothing you can do to stop it outside of audibiling individual players to man cover a wr which destroys your defensive scheme. 
    Quick passes. I have found running a 4/5 receiver set and hot routing receivers to slants is a easy 7-15 yards virtually every play. 
    Look for the PA SCISSORS play. It's a glitch and the TE will be open almost every play. They didn't fix this from last year. This play is in most playbooks. 
    A lot more to be said but I'm on my phone.
    Anyone play MUT? That's mostly what I focus on.
    My PSN gamertag is Broseph336. Send me a friend request?
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  10. Chief_Chokeaho added a post in a topic Randy Moss making a comeback   

    We would be a top destination. His son, Thaddeus Moss is a senior and a major D-1 recruit and plays for local high school Mallard Creek who are ranked nationally. Moss has put down roots in Charlotte so if these rumors are true of a comeback we have to be in the running.
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  11. Chief_Chokeaho added a post in a topic Official Panthers - Dolphins GameDay Thread   

    Dam that was a DOOOOOOOOOOOOOT Cam threw to Philly. Gotta catch those. As long as the olive continues to play like this, losing KB will be a bit easier to swollow. Cam doesn't have to throw it up while he's running for his life anymore and praying KB comes down with it.
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  12. Chief_Chokeaho added a post in a topic Full Madden Team Grades   

    I just did the Hawaii Super Beast Spartan Race yesterday that I have been training for and finished in the top 15. Maybe if I didn't play video games I would have finished top 5. 
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  13. Chief_Chokeaho added a post in a topic Top 5 things to watch against Buffalo   

    Shula went a combined 26-23 as the head coach of Alabama, ALABAMA. How do you basically go .500 with the resources, money, recruiting interest, etc. that Alabama has. One thing Shula does well, and there are facts to prove it is that he can coach quarterbacks. Shula did a great job with David Garrard in Jackonsville and he did a great job with Cam during his rookie season. A lot of that can be attributed to the offensive coordinator and the scheme he implements. Shula has proven he is not capable of handing the responsibilities of anything higher than an assistant/positional coach. We all know he was promoted to OC because his continuity with Cam but eventually enough is enough. No excuses this year. It was mentioned before. If the OL is not providing adequate protection you scheme around it and stop the BS long developing plays that force Cam to wait a long time before his 1st read even finishes his route thus resulting in sacks/hurries. It's not hard. He needs to show improvement this season in his play-calling. More quick, ding-and-dump type plays with a hurried tempo should allow this offense to succeed. Sending Cothery on a streak in a cover 3 isn't going to cut it. That's what I'm looking for: logic and improvement.
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  14. Chief_Chokeaho added a post in a topic Full Madden Team Grades   

    Pretty ridiculous generalization. Me and my friends are all athletic, fit guys who love to play video games, notably Madden. Don't be mad because you suck at sports and video games. You mad or nah? 
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  15. Chief_Chokeaho added a post in a topic Full Madden Team Grades   

    Lol, Ginn with 89 speed.
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