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  1. You take Pitts if he's there and get your LT in the 2nd. That said I don't see him getting past Miami.
  2. Traded down with Dallas in the 2nd round in this one...
  3. Out of the two I'd say Pitts. I just don't think he gets past Miami.
  4. I'll be happy with either of the top tackles.
  5. True, but I can't see taking another DL in the 1st round right now. I like Barmore as a prospect, but we need to look elsewhere in the 1st, IMO.
  6. 1st: Penei Sewell or Rashawn Slater (in that order) 2nd: Landon Dickerson, C, Alabama (can play guard as a rookie, or we can just cut Paradis after the draft) 3rd: Tyson Campbell, CB, Georgia
  7. Another WFT trade down scenario: Elijah Molden in the 3rd is listed by PFF as a safety for some reason. I picked him as a slot corner.
  8. Trade him to the Jets for a 6th rounder this year and a 2nd & 4th next year.
  9. Tried trading down from #8 and still managed to get Slater.
  10. He hasn't been good at all since 2018, but he's still a decent veteran addition given our situation at corner.
  11. No. It's entirely possible he falls to #8. But if he doesn't we can just take Slater - or better yet trade down a few spots and hope we can still get Slater.
  12. I think the chances Darnold ends up being the answer for us is at best 20%. Still, it's worth a shot I suppose. Unlike when we signed Teddy at least we can say Darnold does have the arm talent to be a franchise QB. That was never true of Teddy Bridgewater. There are at least circumstances surrounding Darnold's career so far (Adam Gase, lack of talent surrounding him) that indicate he could break out with a change of scenery. Plus, it's not like a future 2nd rounder is going to make or break this franchise. Odds are if Darnold doesn't pan out we'll be picking high enough next year to draft
  13. A 3rd would be worth it if they'll take Teddy's contract off our hands too.
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