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  1. We need to know if Corral can play by the end of this season because if not, we need to target a QB in 2023.
  2. Howell has long been overrated by many on this forum. All the talk of how great he is and he ends up being a 5th round pick. Let it go, folks. I'm not saying he's guaranteed to be awful in the NFL, but if he was as good a prospect as some here would have us believe he'd have gone a lot earlier than the 5th round.
  3. I'm also not convinced Corral is a future franchise QB, but he was well worth taking a shot at considering what we gave up to get him.
  4. Corral needs to play this year. If not from week 1 then at least 2/3 of the season. We really need to have some idea of what we have with him so we know if QB is still a major need next offseason. Not saying he has to win OROY or anything, but we can't go into next offseason without having some idea of what we have.
  5. I agree. I don't think Corral is the long-term franchise guy, but for what he cost it was WELL worth taking a shot on a guy with his upside.
  6. I've been begging for us to draft a franchise LT for 5 years now. Everything after Ickey is icing on the cake.
  7. Rhule is gonna bolt for the first half decent college job that comes open.
  8. Willis is worth trading away some future picks for, as long as it's not next year's 1st.
  9. How in the hell did the Ravens get a 1st rounder for Hollywood Brown?
  10. They actually did it. They successfully rebuilt the OL in one fuging offseason. Unbelievable.
  11. I wouldn't trade down for any deal that doesn't include a 2nd rounder.
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