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  1. I've definitely lost a lot of faith in Rhule these last 3 weeks or so. We're seeing issues right now that we didn't see last year, which is really odd.
  2. He's overrated. Solid, not spectacular and certainly not elite
  3. It's the same injury he had in Houston. At the outset it was a 3-6 week injury (fairly standard for hamstrings). I don't get all the negativity at this news; nothing has really changed.
  4. It's bad when the guy playing out of position and the rookie making his first start are double and tripling up the grades of our "veteran" interior linemen.
  5. I thought 20/20 was the PFF grades of our starting guards.
  6. According to PFF, the Moton/Christensen tackle combo played well.
  7. I'm still not completely sold on Darnold as "the guy" but the needle is definitely pointing up. Just wish he had a half-decent OL to block for him.
  8. I love this trade, but PLEASE make a move on the OL next.
  9. This would make sense. He's another versatile player who we could move around on defense.
  10. Anderson's lack of targets has been the most baffling thing to me this season. You'd think with having previous experience playing with Darnold he'd be doing best of all.
  11. Jesus, y'all need to forget about Butker already. It sucks yes, but he's not our kicker and won't be. That said, yes, we need a kicker.
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