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  1. What Redskins Fans Are Saying

    I think the Texans beating the Bengals proved as a reminder to the Panthers to not take anyone lightly so you can throw that trap  game theory out the window. I find it comical Redskin fans trash talking and running their mouth. They beat the Rams, Eagles and Saints. Teams all below .500. They are also 0-4 on the road. I guess they want to trash talk now since they will not be able to come 4PM Sunday and beyond.  
  2. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    Sorry but a nine year old does not ask that many profound questions. She probably asked a simple question or two and the lady embellished and added her thoughts. I could see half those questions from the daughter fabricated by the mother. So what is a worse role model to the daughter, lying as a Mother about her daughter or what Cam did?  Maybe this lady needs to look in the mirror at her team. How much you want to bet that Titan players were running their mouth all game. Judging by how they celebrated when they sacked Cam and how they reacted to Cam's celebration you could sense there was some serious trash talking going on from both sides. I feel that is why the celebration lasted longer than usual.