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  1. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    No doubt the Panthers made mistakes and it cost them dearly. I will blame their mistakes more than the officials. If they didnt make those mistakes the Panthers definitely would have won. However, I also truly feel if the officials were not so biased and called a fair game the Panthers would have won the game. We outgained them in every statistical category offensively yet. Barely over 100 yards passing and under 100 rushing. Whose defense was better if officials would have been fair? Amazing Broncos had half the penalties than Panthers. Broncos didn't have to challenge any official call yet Panthers had to use both challenges early in game due to bad officiating. One that everyone in America doesn't understand unless your a Broncos fan or work for NFL how it was not reversed. Listened to Mike and Mike yesterday and they had TO and Chad Johnson on. All four couldn't believe the incomplete catch was not overruled.  
  2. Is WFNZ in trouble?

    I think the promos are a streaming thing and not if you listen on radio in your car. The promos are annoying and I have to turn down my iPhone when they play as well as when Progressive plays an ad with Flo. Damn that Flo is freaking annoying. How they think people like her annoying ads is beyond me.
  3. Its only a game and their are definitely bigger things in my life that are much more important such as family and their well being. I have moved on however, I do not feel fans truly get over such a loss until they win the title. Once the Panthers win their first Super Bowl the disappointment in the Super Bowl losses goes away. Until then their will always be disappointment.
  4. I am not saying the Panthers do not deserve some flack for their cockiness leading up to the Super Bowl or Cam's behavior during the post game press conference however, I do not get how nothing is said by the media about what but several Broncos tried to do some dirty hits during the game (i.e. Ware and Talib) with deliberate intent to injure and their classless post game comments. They truly do not show sportsmanship and class in their comments since the Super Bowl. I have a feeling the Panthers will show what they are capable of next year when they play them and really show them that this past Sunday was an anamoly and the Panthers are truly the better team. I believe the Panthers could beat the Broncos 4 out of 5 games. Nothing has changed either. It just so happen the one time out of five the Broncos won was last Sunday.
  5. Post Super Bowl thoughts

    I say the Broncos winning was due to three factors. The Panther offense  imploding/choking, defense and the officials with a definite bias. The Panthers offense imploding was biggest factor. All the respect and hard work was lost in 60 minutes whether you like it or not. It pains me but look at super bowl losers and the respect they are given.  Why did Cam pick today to over throw so many passes than any game all year, Cotchery drop balls, Remmers get no help, Olsen not a factor, Stewart play so poorly.  As as bad as the Broncos offense played the Panthers couldn't overcome it.
  6. Brad Hoover: "The Patriots Cheated"

    I think Goodell handing such a harsh punishment to Brady for deflategate was an indication to me that there was a lot more incriminating evidence from spygate than what was revealed publicly. Goodell probably told the Patriots to keep it clean or next time the punishment will be excessive. When deflategate happened Goodell followed through on his promise but could never say why. The Patriots cheating in the Super Bowl against the Panthers  would be a good reason for Goodell to give a harsh deflategate punishment. Goodell would never want to say the Patriots cheating affected Super Bowl outcomes because that would ruin the integrity of the league.
  7. Why is This Guy still employed

    It goes along with what Khalil has said where defensive players try to hurt Cam. Based on his constant disrespect of the Panthers most of the season (likely due to getting called out for his Patriots cheating against the Panthers in Super Bowl ). He would want nothing more than to see Cam get hurt and the Panthers lose since injuries is likely the only way they lose. The irony is I could see it backfire on good ol' Rodney. Comments like this brings what players have been trying to do to the forefront. As a result, officials will be on the look out for cheap hits and more likely to throw a flag. Thanks Rodney you piece of trash.   Secondly, I agree he should not be employed. While everyone knows players try to take out other players and win at all costs the NFL does not want things like this said in the media and give them a black eye. I will not watch the halftime show or any show he is on because he is biased and not objective. As a result he brings a fans perspective and not a players perspective. If I want a fans perspective I will listen to talk radio.
  8. It is if your name is Pete Prisco.
  9. I moved from western New York 14 years ago and I know of Jerry Sullivan very well. I am a Buffalo Sabres hockey fan and as a result follow the sports happenings from western New York. Jerry Sullivan makes a career of trying to create controversy and his negativity towards athletes, management and ownership is always over the top. He is not very well liked by sports fans of western New York. It does not surprise me one bit that he is stirring the pot. I will never read any of his stuff because he never has anything positive to say. Why he still has a job is beyond me.
  10. Interesting comments from Bronco CB Harris

    Respect is earned and not given. They beat a Patriots team that had only one Offensive lineman starter playing their natural position. Solder was hurt and in his first game back from injury and playing out of position. The Pats other three starters on the line were out injured. The Pats top two RBs were also out hurt yet they barely beat them. If their kicker didn't miss the extra point who knows who would have won. My bet is the Pats. Panthers on the other hand beat two teams that many predicted to win the Super Bowl. People recognize that and have given the Panthers respect. They earned that. Seattle and Arizona had top tier defenses and we made them look so bad in the playoffs that the players were yelling at each other during the game. If the Broncos beat the Panthers they will earn respect. As of now all they done is beat injury riddled teams. Also, if the Panthers lose the Super Bowl and they will also lose a lot of respect they earned.  
  11. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Patriots  OLine were more beat up. They only had two starters for that game and that includes Solder which was his first game back and playing less than 100%  and out of position. Pats only had one healthy guy playing his position. Keuchly has more TDs than your wide receivers in the post season. Broncos may have the best defense but the Panthers have the best team. 
  12. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Not to mention the Patriots were 3-4 their last 7 games going into the AFC Championship game. Had multiple injuries especially to the O Line yet still barely got by them. Panthers beat the second and third best teams going into the playoffs to get to the Super Bowl. The Broncos barely got by two injury riddled teams. Their paths to Super Bowl much different.
  13. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    The funny thing about Bronco fans is they will be saying next week what Panther fans have been saying leading up to Super Bowl  "Peyton is done..." "Cam cannot be stopped" "Our defense can't stop a power running team" Bronco fans are  delusional right now and late to the party. 
  14. I think the Panthers could of handled DWill's Mom passing better and they realize that. However, I think DWill quit on this team a year or two ago. He go down on first contact. I think cutting him helped this offense.  He lost something like 15#s after being cut. He looked like a different RB this year for Steelers. Sorry if your a DWill fan but I don't think much of him anymore. His interview just reinforces it.
  15. I hate that theory of Cam is young and he will have plenty of chances. People said that to Marino his rookie year after he lost in Super Bowl. He never had another chance. I do worry about biased officiating in this game as well.