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  1. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    It is somewhat odd how bad the Raptors have been on the road against the Cavs. Granted the Cavs have been excellent at home, but I can't think of a so-called star duo having such struggles at crunch time away from home (?). It's "sad" to see the Raptors struggle like this because ideally I'd rather see them get to the finals than the Cavs... But if OKC get to the finals, I fancy them to beat the Cavs in five or six games. I don't see them being bullied or choking like the Raptors have. But ideally a seven game finals, nip and tuck, would be better from a neutral standpoint since it's a long off season. That said, hopefully OKC get the job done against the Warriors and hand LeBron another finals defeat.
  2. If we bring back our free agents and have enough space to sign Noah, then that should be a positive move for the team because he's a good center when he's healthy. Roll with a starting line up of Kemba, Lee, Batum, Williams and Noah; though I could see MKG slotting into the starting line up if we let Courtney Lee walk and move Batum to shooting guard. But overall Noah would be an upgrade defensively on what we already have at center. It would also be nice if we could bring back Jefferson to come off the bench, but I'm probably being greedy! I wouldn't mind Whiteside. He's a hell of a player, my issue with him is whether he will maintain this level of play (and ideally continue to improve) when he gets paid, or whether he'll get complacent and not be the player he has been for Miami. He's probably worth the risk, though I assume signing him would mean making some sacrifices in which free agents we bring back? If so, the debate would be whether we see Whiteside as "the guy" to get us to title contention, personally I don't think he is, so if it comes down to retaining our FAs and signing Noah or signing Whiteside (or Howard) and losing some FAs, then I'd take the former.
  3. POLL: How would you rate this season?

    I would say it's been a successful season that ended too soon. We could have been a top four seed if we had started better, but that's an improvement over the past few seasons. We also pushed the Heat to seven games in the play offs and perhaps should have beat them. Overall, we are moving in the right direction and if we bring last year's team back, get MKG back, and perhaps add through the draft/free agency/trades, we should be pushing up into the top four teams in the east if all goes well. So yes, I'd say the season was a moderate success in which we showed we have a potentially bright future.
  4. 2016 NBA LOTTERY 8PM ET

    Well acquiring Noel may not be as costly as you may think, though perhaps my Hornets bias is influencing me here. But they are unlikely to go forwards with Okafor, Embiid and Noel. At least one of them will end up being traded and perhaps we could get Noel for someone on this team and/or a draft pick? I'm not saying we should do this deal, but as long as we intend to re-sign Lee, Batum and Williams (or at least one or two of them), then see if they'd take MKG and our first for Noel. That gives them a good player for SF and in all likelihood MKG may not start if we bring back Lee and Batum, since MKG really doesn't have the size to play PF unless we go small ball. Though to be honest I wouldn't be against trading for Okafor. He's not a dominant center, but he's certainly got the talent to be an Al Jefferson type center for a team. Get him in and with defensive studs like Lee, Batum, Williams and MKG we would be able to hide someone who is not a dominant center. I think he'd also be available for something like a draft pick and a player or a combination of picks. That said, I'm not sure we'll enter the fray for any of them.
  5. 2016 NBA LOTTERY 8PM ET

    Well first spin on the NBA draft lottery simulator on realgm: #1 Bucks, #2 76ers, #3 Nuggets (swap with Knicks), #4 76ers (from Lakers), #5 Celtics (from Nets) Be interesting to see what the 76ers would do in this scenario, draft two more young players or try to trade one or both picks for a difference maker? I think the same argument could be made if the Timberwolves win the lottery. Will they draft another young stud to go along with Wiggins and KAT? Or trade the pick for a difference maker? I think I'd lean towards them trading the pick for a veteran to help get them to that next level since there's no great star prospect available.
  6. Sam Bradford wants Philly to trade him

    I don't blame Bradford for wanting a trade. He probably wouldn't have signed a contract extension with the Eagles if they had said to him they were going to draft a first round quarterback (eg Lynch at #13), or trade up for a quarterback in the first round (eg Lynch, Goff or Wentz at #8, or Goff or Wentz at #2). He would have hit free agency and signed elsewhere. So I don't blame him and if he gets his chance to leave, then good luck to him because he's going to need it. Though the Eagles could always decide to relegate him to third string and not make him activate on game days, like the Redskins did to RGIII. A bit spiteful? Sure. But the Eagles could start Chase Daniel and let Wentz or Goff be the back, or they could let those two compete for the starting position. Essentially sideline Bradford and cut/trade him next off season if they don't want to do it this year or don't have an adequate trading partner.
  7. So the best tackle in the draft, tipped to be a future all pro caliber left tackle, is going to be the third OT off the board? Then the Dolphins are going to pass on the opportunity to get a starting corner for a LB that won't even start for them? Some other interesting picks, but if some of these things happen I'd be very surprised, but very happy if we ended up with Hargreaves at 30.
  8. To be fair the media criticised us last season quite a lot, and that was simply because we was winning and acting in a fashion they didn't like. If we play the same way next season, and our players continue to celebrate, the media is going to criticise us again. And while I don't particularly like Greg Hardy the person, as long as he comes in and works hard and plays hard, sod what the media think and say because we are probably going to be criticised anyway...
  9. Denver's Cap Space?

    If someone said you can have a great four or five year run, win a championship, with Peyton Manning. But then have to suffer a rebuild/reboot for a few seasons, then I'd happily take that. Equally if someone said you can build what we have here and be a long term contender. I'd happily take that. What I'm saying is we shouldn't be so quick to mock another team's situation that actually got the job done and brought home the Lombardi because I'm pretty certain they'd rather be in their situation than ours because they have that shiny trophy and a fairly talented roster to build their next run on. We certainly did, but the Broncos showed how to shut down Cam Newton. Would that happen every game? Nope. But after one of the most dominant years they showed that shutting down Cam is possible. I hope you're right that it won't happen again, and if we do it next year, I think we'd be the first team to lose and return the following year and win it.
  10. Denver's Cap Space?

    I am happy with our roster and direction. My point was simply directed at those that want to make fun of a team in worse cap situations than ours that has just won the Super Bowl by posting this type of thread. Oh look at them, they've got next to no cap space and need to signs loads of players, let's make fun of them. It's part of message boards and I get that, heck Id even be willing to partake, but the team has just won a Super Bowl and I think their fans would be happy to accept a few quiet years (if that happens) after the run they've been on these past four years. Essentially they've had a great four year run with Peyton. Will it hurt them long term? Perhaps. But I don't think anyone in their right mind would go back in a time machine and have them not sign Peyton and go with Brock Osweiler instead. I agree that no one can compare to Cam, but that doesn't mean he'll definitely return and win multiple rings. Right now he's tough to stop on his day, but the Broncos managed to stop him in the Super Bowl. So that shows Cam can be stopped, and if other teams can replicate that - especially in the play offs - then we might not be back. I think we will, but it's not easy. Look at A-Rod, never been back but he's been one of the best QBs every year. Sometimes you get one shot.
  11. Denver's Cap Space?

    I assume that's partly tongue in cheek, but if you're being totally serious, then I suggest you look at a QB by the name of Dan Marino... In his second season he became the first QB to throw for over 5,000 yards - a record that lasted twenty seven seasons. He also threw for a then NFL record 48 TDs, which was twelve more than the previous record - this record stood for twenty seasons. In 1984 season he led the Dolphins to the Super Bowl and lost to the 49ers. Many thought this would be the first of many appearances for him and the next time he would win. Despite a hall of fame and record breaking career, he never did make a second Super Bowl. We may believe that Cam will make another Super Bowl, but of the previous 57 Super Bowl starting QBs, only 20 made multiple appearances. Hopefully he is the twenty first QB to start more than one super bowl, but there's some pretty damn good QBs that have only been to the big game once. I guess it comes down to what people value, maybe our young roster returns and wins one, but if I was offered a Broncos type run - say we didn't draft Cam five years ago and the year after we signed Peyton - I'd have taken that short four year run if it featured two super bowl appearances and bringing a Lombardi to BOA, even if it meant a year or few years of strife in the aftermath. Why? Because winning that Lombardi is the pinnacle.
  12. Denver's Cap Space?

    The Broncos already had a well built roster before they paid out big money to add the likes of Peyton Manning (elite QBs don't tend to hit the market), Talib, Ware, Sanders and co. Sure it's the mortgage their future approach but they've had four years with division titles, two Super Bowl appearances, and one Super Bowl win. That's a great return. Now sure it doesn't always work out that way, but it did for them, and my point is simple - what they've achieved is something we've not achieved [yet]. So while we may want to poke fun at their QB or cap situation, they have what we don't - Lombardi trophies. So what's our bragging point... cap space? A franchise QB? That's the two things we edge them on because the Broncos still have a very well built roster. If they can get a QB, or get game managing performances from Sanchez, they'll be ready to compete again next season. They are not in as bad a situation as people like to think they are.
  13. Denver's Cap Space?

    It is hard to criticize them or mock their cap situation because they have just won their third Lombardi trophy, and while we may love our team and believe it has a bright future, how many fans would swap what we have for a Lombardi trophy in the cabinet at Bank of America Stadium? If someone said you can win a Super Bowl next season, but the result of that will be Cam Newton retiring early and the team being in cap hell next off season, would you take it or say no thanks? I'll be honest, I think a lot of fans would love their team to be in the situation that the Broncos are right now. We might want to mock them because they have Mark Sanchez and little to no money to spend, but despite that they are still the reigning Super Bowl champions with a roster that is still talented enough to win their division and make a run in the play offs. As great as our roster and cap situation may be, we don't have that Lombardi trophy, and that is ultimately what matters - winning the big game. We haven't done that. But the Broncos have, and so have the Saints... Anyway, it will be interesting to see how the Broncos round off their roster for the coming season and how far they go. I wouldn't be surprised to see them make the play offs again. If they can do it with The Golden Calf of Bristol, they can do it with Sanchez.
  14. DC Comics Mock Draft

    So it is, my mistake!
  15. DC Comics Mock Draft

    Bucs one is great lol Catwoman for us is fine. I suppose the cat thing played a part, but if they wanted to go all out they could have gone with Black Panther!