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  1. Mike added a post in a topic: Drafting PF makes the most sense...   

    To be honest, I think you're right that there will be at least one worth wing prospect available when we are on the clock. I've recently seen Stanley Johnson fall to #11, Trey Lyles up to #8, and WCS up to #9 in a mock draft (nbadraft.net). For me, if Stanley Johnson is available at #9 then I'd hope that we would draft him because he would be the BPA, same way if someone like Hezonja or Winslow took an unexpected tumble. But outside of them, are wings like Booker, Oubre, and Dekker the BPA at #9 if the top eight is the same as what I posted last time?
    I'm not sure. Dekker is a solid all round prospect that is pretty much NBA ready. Whereas Oubre is raw, but has a ton of potential. And Booker is somewhere inbetween. All three fit a need, but an argument could be made that the likes of Trey Lyles, WCS, or even Turner is the next best player available. 
    I feel that this team is built in a similar fashion to the Grizzlies. We are based on defense, and while extra scoring is required, I wouldn't be surprised if they did draft another big. And to be honest, I wouldn't consider it negative either because someone like WCS could develop into an excellent center. I appreciate we have Biyombo, but his offense is extremely limited averaging a handful of points, whereas I could see WCS developing his shot and play making ability to perhaps get double digit points. I'd probably say if we went for another PF it might be overkill, but Lyles is a decent stretch four prospect that could help us immediately, whereas the jury is still out on Zeller, and Vonleh is still very raw. 
    Personally I hope that one of Stanley Johnson, Justice Winslow, or Mario Hezonja fall to us at #9. If they aren't available, I'd be happy with us taking a chance on Booker or Oubre. Though I can't help but see how WCS or even Lyle could help us.
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  2. Mike added a post in a topic: Drafting PF makes the most sense...   

    The majority of mocks I've read have a draft order something like:
    1. Towns, 2. Okafor, 3. Russell, 4. Mudiay, 5. Winslow, 6. Porzingis, 7. Hezonja, 8. Johnson
    That leaves the following players who tend to come next in many different orders:
    - PG: Cameron Payne
    - SG: Devin Booker
    - SF: Sam Dekker, Kelly Oubre
    - PF: Trey Lyles, Bobby Portis
    - C: Willie Cauley-Stein, Myles Turner, Frank Kaminsky
    I'd love to see us draft WCS. He's very athletic, and a decent shot blocker and rebounder. At worst he should be able to develop into a Dalembert type player, if not reach an even higher ceiling than that. He may always be more limited offensively, but he'd give us an excellent center prospect to build around, and we could even move Al Jefferson to PF.
    The alternative would be to add Kelly Oubre, Sam Dekker, or Devin Booker to give us more shooting. Someone like Booker could develop into an excellent starter at SG, letting us move Henderson to sixth man, and trade Stephenson. Though Oubre is an intriguing player, very athletic, decent shooter, and has the talent to be a starter.
    I'd be happy pick from WCS, Booker, Oubre or Dekker.
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