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  1. We should definitely sign Wilson , it's clearly a BPA philosophy move in "Free Agency".
  2. What rd for Troy fumagali

  3. Tidbits from my source

    Panthers somehow always gets fugged, need to turn this around into a good situation ASAP! We need more LUUKEE!
  4. Secondary...

    Draft a CB & SS in the mid rounds. 1. TE 2. RB 3. CB 3. SS 4. OL 5. DE
  5. Y’all wrong 1-2 is going to be either RB, TE or OL
  6. Dickson to Seahawks

    Maybe get out a 5th or 6th round comp pick?
  7. Greg Olsen Retiring for Broadcasting Job?

    That’s why we need to draft his replacement this year!
  8. Like I said shoud have drafted Hunter Henry that year. @AggieLean @uncfan888 @ecu88 @Jeremy Igo
  9. This offseason is off the charts

    So which TE does the fron't office likes better Wilson or Ebron?
  10. Rather have Wilson for sure and it still wouldnt hurt to draft Olsen's replacement.