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  1. Panthers Final Decision On Hardy : No Thanks

        Yeah there is, it means he's a chronic masturbator, not that there's anything wrong with that.
  2. Panthers Final Decision On Hardy : No Thanks

    You simply can't afford to tag a player 2 years in a row. What does it bump by, 20%? And why would you after you got nothing from him last year and he could still be looking at another 6 weeks off. It sucks because we are losing a dominant home grown player. Teams like to resign their own talent. But unfortunately the writing was on the wall when we tagged him last year and never came to a deal. Tagged players usually move on year 2. Maybe they knew they were dealing with a guy on the edge and thought they could get somebody to bite on a trade last year but Greg signed that tag in record time making it impossible. Greg wasn't going to be resigned for free either so it leaves cap space for another player or players. Not the end of the world, Gman likes drafting Dline anyway apparently. Ealy needs to step up and CJ needs to find that fountain of youth, can't start out slow next year too CJ. Honestly, I thought the original plan would be to resign Greg and cut CJ, guess the elder statesman proved more reliable.
  3. Panthers and Cam Newton in contract talks

      If you stop posting this in every thread i'll do it.
  4.   2003?   This defense is on the way up. They might not finish #2 again, but if they stay healthy (touch wood) they could be special for a few solid years to come. Add a young quality safety behind Luke and Star next year to solidify the interior middle and you're going somewhere.
  5. Greg Hardy Arrested

      Actually, in fairness to Gman he didn't have much of a chance to trade him. If you remember back, Hardy signed his tender real quick. Much quicker than you usually see tagged players commit. Usually, they at least try to feel out FA. Hardy signed his before it even started. You could look at the bright side and say at least Gman bidded his time and didn't commit a lot of guaranteed money into a new contract. Now he has leverage even if thing do work out for Hardy legally. For sure there will be language written into any new contract protecting the Panthers, otherwise he is gone for sure.