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  1. Josh and TD on ESPN right now

    What happened?
  2. tons of college football players doin the dab today

    She could've been a Panthers fan playing the long con.
  3. Cam to Bama Hater:"I'll slap the S*** out of you"

    Downside of being one of the hottest players in the league is all your actions get put under a microscope. Should he be tarred and feathered for this?  Of course not.  Will the media say he should be?  Probably not.  They've actually been very supportive of Cam in the last several weeks. But this will just show fans of other teams how they were right all along about Cam being a classless kid pretending to be a man. Which is fine.  Let the anger flow, etc.  But don't be surprised when you hear about Cam threatening fans of other teams for the next five years because of this six second video.
  4. We'll let him go.  Bank on it. I'm already anticipating this board's implosion and the calls to fire Gettleman.
  5. To be fair, Dez had him beat on quite a few plays.  We were lucky Dez didn't hold onto one of the touchdown passes, 'cause Norman missed the deflection completely.
  6. Panther Nightmare

    His team just got destroyed in one of the most watched games of the year. I hope memories of this loss haunt the Cowboys and their fans for years to come.
  7. Aggressive blitzing, like Tennessee did, is actually a good way to fug with the offense.  The OL can be exploited, and Cam isn't nearly as focused when he's running for his life every other down. Of course, you also run the risk of gassing your entire D by the second half, as we saw with Tennessee, so ask yourself whether it's worth it. Offensively, you have to get the running game going.  The reason Washington and Dallas failed so spectacularly against our defense was because they couldn't make us respect the run.  And the QB has to outsmart Luke.  Luke knew everything Romo was going to do yesterday. So an elite QB, an elite running game, and a defense as aggressive and indomitable as ours. Make no mistake.  If we end up playing them, the Cardinals and Patriots will be a slog.  No dominant wins at that point.
  8. yo girl how bout dis panthers d

    in a heartbeat like that guy on Black Mirror who had to fug a pig on national TV to save his daughter from terrorists
  9. Unheralded Architect of the Carolina Panthers

    Hurney was against drafting Luke and signing Olsen.
  10. Revenge Tour isnt Finished

    Jesus, I came a little just reading this. I can't wait for the Panthers to shock the world when they beat Arizona and New England.
  11. A hot take from the Patriots message board

    Our offense was putrid yesterday, and we still had the game wrapped up by 3 scores in the 3rd quarter. If both sides of the football are running on all cylinders, New England is hosed.
  12. The media

    There's something special about how badly the Panthers are fuging up this season for the rest of the NFL. We kept the Packers at bay, punished Seattle and the 12th man, and handily mauled the Cowboys as they began looking for a run on the playoffs. But it has nothing to do with the media. It's the fans. NFL fans en masse utterly hate the Panthers. They're led by a classless show boater at QB and continue to play spoiler week in and week out to every team they face. We crushed a Redskins team that had thought it found life. We made golden boy Andrew Luck look like a loser. Make no mistake. This team is hated, and no matter their success, this season will largely be dismissed as a fluke by NFL Films and a mediocre disappointment by fans. But we'll know the truth. Enjoy that smug sense of superiority New England fans have enjoyed for a decade.
  13. Romo discusses playing against Luke

    I like Romo a lot. Maybe being forced to root for Jake Delhomme conditioned me to have a soft spot for UFA QBs that overachieve. I dunno. But seeing him fail so horribly after he was being heralded as the Cowboys' great white hope was goddamn cathartic.
  14. SQUAD

    I still remember being furious when the Panthers drafted Kuechly (also the last draft I watched before leaving North Carolina). What the hell were we doing drafting some Jewfro pile jumper when we had Jon Beason, no receivers other than Smith, and no defensive line depth? I love how much of a fuging idiot I was. Luke will retire one of the greatest players of all time, regardless of the recognition he receives outside the Carolinas.
  15. Literally just parroting what Rivera and most fans are saying while being condescending. If you're not excited to see your team go 16-0 (which is a MUCH rarer achievement than winning a Superb Owl), fug off. Or if you are excited, stop acting like a coach on media day.