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  1. Is WFNZ in trouble?

    Radio is dying. It has stopped having any role in people's lives beyond drive time. Self driving cars will be the nail in the coffin.
  2. SMF was one of the only posters advocating to draft Newton when the vast majority of the Huddle wanted nothing to do with him. He's earned the right to criticize him.
  3. You need to read this

    Scroll to the bottom.
  4. fug all of them. I watched this team stumble in obscurity when the players were all work-a-day blue collar schmucks who couldn't catch a break. Now they're finally breaking out of the mold of being humble NFL bottom feeders, and it's pissing everyone off who wants the Panthers to accept their lot, go back to being endearingly mediocre, and do it with a smile. I want every team to hate the Panthers and I want the Panthers to laugh all the way to the bank as they continue to step on the necks of every "classy" team in the NFL. Open your asshole, world. We're going in.
  5. You need to read this

    When all you have on the refs is that they didn't call enough holding, you are grasping for the reasons why you're a victim. fug off. It's becoming more and more obvious to the world that you were given the Lombardi by the NFL.  I can't wait for the Panthers to stomp some Bronco ass when they visit that stoner's shithole of a stadium next season.
  6. You need to read this

    Really? No source?
  7. I had to go to work immediately after the game. Listened to Hurt by NiN and cried my eyes out during the 40 minute drive in. Yeah, I went full Josh Norman for about an hour. Imagining Broncos fans across the country cheering, partying, and fuging while I drove through the rain to my job where everyone couldn't wait to give me poo... I didn't want to be alive that night. A few hours into my shift, though, I started reflecting on everything positive about the season. Having the coach of the year, the MVP, and a roster full of talented and now royally pissed off professionals that I know are itching to get back on the field this September for a brutal rape and revenge tour of the NFC and AFC West. And I realized how truly fuged the NFL was going to be next season. Now I know that SB50 was the catalyst to create an explosion that will burn the Panthers' opponents for years to come. And I've never been more excited for the Panthers going forward than I am now.  
  8. Glad to see Funch get a lot of snaps. Hurts imagining how the game might've ended if Stewart was in on the play where Tolbert fumbled after a 10-yard gain.
  9. It was a great run...

    The '05 Panthers failed because of bad offensive design and placing everything on getting Steve Smith the ball.  The '15 Panthers failed because someone walked under a ladder.
  10. It was a great run...

    This is the first time after a great season by the Panthers that I haven't felt like the window closed. I'll be shocked if the Panthers aren't in the Super Bowl next season.
  11. Exactly. The Panthers failed to execute a game plan that would've easily beaten the Denver Broncos. We had one of the worst offensive games by a Panthers team of all time and still stayed in it until the final minutes. It doesn't help that there are a sizable number of fans uncomfortable with criticizing Newton. It's worse than the Delhomme apologizing that went on in early 2009.
  12. What encourages me going forward is that the Broncos' game plan would've failed were it not for the worst execution of the year by a country mile for the 2015 Panthers. -They had four turnovers -They allowed seven sacks -They had six pre-snap penalties -They had at least three drops -They dropped at least three interceptions -They gave up the longest punt return in Super Bowl history -They missed a field goal If there were ever a team that could say "we beat ourselves," it's this one.
  13. My heart of hearts told me that it was still anyone's game until Denver got their final touchdown to make it a two touchdown game. Then I knew the season was finished.
  14. This is a false narrative that needs to die. Our game plan wasn't the problem. Even with the most mistakes I've ever seen made by a Panthers offense, we were burning Denver for huge gains every other drive. Then, like clockwork, we'd stall in Denver territory, and Cam would miss a wide open receiver, or the receivers would get butter hands, or Tolbert would hand the ball off to Denver. All. Night. Long. What was Shula going to do? Throw out the playbook that got us to 17-1 against multiple top 5 defenses? Build a dump off offense in two weeks after New England lost to Denver using that exact style of offense?  The players had to not make mistakes for us to win, regardless of the game plan, and holy fuging hell did they poo the bed. Blame the hostile crowd or the lack of focus or whatever helps you rationalize it, but this loss was as much a failure of the players as it was of the coaches.
  15. I heard that they were only putting "Make some noise!" on the Jumbotron when Carolina was on offense. Apparently, it was deafening whenever the Panthers had the ball. C/D?