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  1. lol at Cam "I tried to start a wave, but everyone left."
  2. The fact that we're just letting Dallas try to score kills me, though.
  3. I love the fact that both the Skins and Cowboys just gave up in the second half.
  4. This offense needs to regroup.  The Saints should be easy pickings.
  5. The teams are playing to avoid injury at this point. Cam is fine.
  6. I don't get a chance to complain about it much, but... This new habit in the last four years or so for every kick return to immediately be followed by a commercial pisses me off to no end.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some discussion before the game between the two teams. Something along the lines of the Cowboys saying, "please be gentle."
  8. alright great we let Cassel get a TD so people can talk about how he played better than Cam this week now go get another TD on offense
  9. Christ alive if we let Cassel get a TD in a game where Cam doesn't have one (passing).
  10. I would hate Cam if he played for another team.  Especially another NFCS team or the Cowboys. But he plays for my team, so they can all suck a donkey dong.
  11. Jesus Christ is this Foxball? stop fuging running following by running followed by passing
  12. yes yes YES run the score up on these whores LET AMERICA SEE THEIR NEW DYNASTY
  13. Your 2 point underdog Carolina Panthers, everybody.
  14. suicide watch for Cowboys fans ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (though I hope Romo's okay)