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  1. Cam Newton is not and has never been a good scrambling QB. This is a false narrative spun from his reputation as a "mobile quarterback", which is based solely on how good he is at burning defenses when they collapse the pocket on the outside. In reality, Cam is the definition of a pocket passer. He absolutely picks the backfield apart when given time to throw, but his performance plummets when he's flushed and forced to scramble. His running ability is rarely shown off unless it's through the A gap in a short yardage or blown coverage scenario. Russell Wilson and Cam Newton are almost polar opposites in this regard. Russell is molded more in the style of Aaron Rodgers or Ben Roethlisberger: a QB who excels under pressure. Cam is basically John Elway 2.0.
  2. A region with 3 professional teams has one championship between them. Time to make it 2.
  3. Should the Super Bowl be Held on a Saturday?

    Sunday. There's no advantage for it to be on a Saturday for me.
  4. Denver will have to get inside pressure to beat Cam Newton. As I mentioned previously, Cam's performance plummets when he's flushed from the pocket. Luckily, we have a phenomenal GCG tandem in Turner-Kalil-Norwell.
  5. To hell with that.  52-10 Panthers
  6. Cam Newton disappointed me

    I'd rather Cam focus on winning the Super Bowl. Pictures with kids can wait until next week.
  7. Spoiled Youngsters

    I hear that Dellome guy didn't even dab.
  8. Spoiled Youngsters

    I think it's good for keeping draft picks here long term that they are spoiled. It also creates an expectation in the locker room of winning seasons every year. I'd hate to have a team complacent with being mediocre.
  9. It'll be the Rams. Never mind, that's an away game.
  10. How the Broncos Can Stop Cam

    It sounds obvious, but the reality is that Cam is actually quite a bit worse under pressure than other top QBs, like Big Ben, Rodgers, and Wilson.
  11. It's real now

    Sappy as it sounds, I've spent most Sundays this season reflecting on the night I watched Jake Delhomme throw 5 interceptions against the Cardinals and send our franchise flying off the tracks into a hole that seemed impossible to climb out of.  All season long, it's felt like there was something special about this team.  Even when we were struggling in the first half of the season to finish games strong, when there was no statistical reason to believe we were going to the Super Bowl, there was something remarkable about a team that should've barely scraped 6 wins out of a hopeless 2015 season. I'm going to remember this year for a long time.  It's probably the first time I've ever actually felt like I watched history being made.
  12. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Lol at the literal cuck
  13. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Isn't working on Mobile 
  14. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Can I get a link? The OP's link isn't showing interviews at all.
  15. No, it doesn't involve keeping him in the pocket and doubling Olsen. "Newton’s passer rating is a meager 71.1 (six TDs, six INTs) under pressure this season, and when he is forced to scramble, the former Auburn star has not been a dynamic threat this season. Newton was forced to scramble 58 times this year, converting 29 of those into runs for 222 yards; but as a passer when scrambling, he has completed only nine passes for 126 with no touchdowns, one interception, and only two passes of 20 yards or more." In other words, contrary to popular opinion, Cam Newton is phenomenal as a pocket passer and very mediocre as a scrambler. His unhurried passes this season average an impressive 124 QBR, but plummet a staggering 53 points when he's hurried. However, it's also obvious from these numbers that Cam can easily burn defenses with his legs, averaging over 7 yards when forced to abandon the pass and rush. But therein lies the rub: Cam has been increasingly unwilling to run when hurried. We've seen him take sacks for a loss many times this season. I suspect at least a couple such sacks will happen on Sunday. When all's said and done, it seems the difference maker for the Owl will be the same as for the 2015 season: the o line. May the big uglies carry us to the promised land. (As an aside, I'm curious how these passing statistics might've changed throughout the season. It seems Cam just never turned the ball over down the second half stretch.)