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  1. M- Major A- Assistance G- Given I- In C- Calls Magic = Refs???
  2. No way he believes that. 8 in the box is heaven for us, NINE....there just isn't a way to describe it, but I'll try. Ginn- 2TDs, 124 yards Brown- 2TDs, 85 yards Olsen- 1TD, 113 yards Fun.....I think you get the picture.....
  3. Kickoff or Receive?

    It's Super Bowl 50. You are the Carolina Panthers and you just won the coin toss. Do you elect to start with your dominating defense against their somewhat limited offense, or do you elect to receive and start the tone on offense? And why?
  4. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Denver hasn't done well against teams who run well. I think that is really something to look at. They won't be able to use the same scheme for Cam that they did for Brady. They are going to have to play defense against us that they have had pretty much ZERO experience doing in a real game. I don't see that affecting how we play offense though because people have played us this way recently....and it worked once. I also can't see Star/Short/Keek/Davis/Norman/Coleman not playing lights out. If they get a run game going it may close the gap, I just don't see that happening. 
  5. They just forget about last year??? (Mock Draft)

    And I think that's really huge. Look at D-Will. He went to Pittsburgh and did much better in a system better suited for him. We have a system that NO ONE else has in the NFL. Why even remotely mess that up??? Getts is really smart when it comes to this. Look at all the "mediocre" talent he has brought in that has shown out. Cam said it best, "It's the SAME Ted Ginn..." The difference is he was the RIGHT piece of the puzzle, not just a puzzle piece. Cam helps too....haha! Coleman/Ginn/Cotch, these guys and more have been the RIGHT pieces. 
  6. They just forget about last year??? (Mock Draft)

    Nothing will really surprise me. If WR is BPA, I almost expect it. But I think the WR would have to be significantly better than the next best DE/CB for him to do that. Like Calvin Johnson just fell to pick 31!!! 
  7. They just forget about last year??? (Mock Draft)

    And in that order. It also depends on FA too though. I'd also like to see us draft Olsen's eventual replacement and pair him with Olsen now. 
  8. They just forget about last year??? (Mock Draft)

    I don't doubt that at all. I know Gettleman's philosophy, and it ROCKS!!! I was just pointing out that the writer seemed to not realize that's what we planned on doing with Shaq. 
  9. They just forget about last year??? (Mock Draft)

    I wouldn't mind the pick for safety, but we got TDs eventual replacement. It will all depend on who falls and who the best player is. DE will likely get the nod for 1st pick, maybe CB. 
  10. Lol! We already got a Thompson for that. The sad thing is, Shaq was our FIRST ROUND PICK. It's not like he was our 6th. How does this guy miss that? Not a bad idea, just a year late. I think we will stop being overlooked soon though. Just thought this was a bit comical. Besides, I'm VERY excited about Coleman/Boston for the future. 
  11. What is our gameplan with T.D.

    Pretty much what I think. He will have a cast like Gronk hopefully, this will allow him to catch when needed. Unless he is limited by his injury, I don't see him limited in the game. 
  12. Underdogs

    Ron should show him his ring and say, "You can have one like this, but Denver..." Nod, then walk out. 
  13. Broncos enjoying the underdog role

    And let's not forget that we were treated in much the same fashion. You can't beat so and so. You won't beat them in the playoffs. I don't see them slowing down Fitzgerald/Brown/Floyd. 17-1 now. With much more convincing wins against IMO more talented teams. 
  14. Broncos enjoying the underdog role

    Reasons I believe you can't: 1) Cam 2) Luke
  15. Who is this year's surprise star in the sb

    Boston. I think he is getting it together and may see more action if we can get ahead quick and force them to lean away from the run.