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  1. I actually love this signing. Wanted him the last time he was a free agent. Not a long time fix at this point, but solid signing IMO.
  2. Short-Butler-Suh-Peppers

    If he wasn’t an absolutely horrible human being, I don’t think anyone would hate that line-up. That being said, I wish he wouldn’t get a single offer from anyone in the world.
  3. I think I will reserve judgement until he plays a game, but he is not another Russell Shepard. Shepard hadn’t really done a thing to deserve snaps. Torrey has played well. Until Byrd and Samuel show they can be healthy for a season, I don’t think they deserve guaranteed snaps over a veteran who has had succes and has managed to stay on the field. IMO.
  4. What if ...

    We don’t need a big name, but we need a receiver who can catch and has good NFL speed. Right now I love Byrd, but we haven’t seen him be consistently healthy. Granted , we haven’t had a large sample size. If he and Samuel could stay healthy, then I don’t feel like we would really need to add one via FA. But I don’t trust them just yet to stay on the field. We can win without upgrading the CB position. Our problem last year was not scoring and settling for FG. Our problem isn’t defense, though we are getting older. So we should def start to bring in some to start in the future. Just not a high priority in my opinion.
  5. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    Yeah, I think it was all a joke. But I do agree if the roles were reversed and a white comedian were to joke this way there would be a major backlash. So, I feel both instances should be treated the same. If this is okay, it should be okay if a white person were to say something similar. And as I believe there was ZERO harm meant here, I don’t think either would be a big deal. And although it doesn’t really matter, this is coming from a white conservative.
  6. Fan Optimism and Enthusiasm

    Much higher. I was really excited last year with the CMC and Samuel picks, but was afraid we wouldn’t be able to utilize them to their potential. We have been playing well in spite of the coaching. I’m SUPER EXCITED to see what we can do with a competent OC. Also good to see that Rivera actually believes he is on the hot seat, this may bring Riverboat Ron back out. We need him back if we are gonna be consistent.
  7. Have MIke Shula as our.........nevermind, I’ll just watch it.....
  8. XFL (Fans Above All)

    Yeah, that’s my biggest critique. I’m not talking head shots, but like pressing for 10 yards, no ticky tacky pass interference calls (needs to be substantial), I really like someone else’s idea of no punting or kneel downs. These would make the game more interesting and fun to watch in my opinion. Love the idea of ref bonuses. That should happen.
  9. That’s actually what I’m worried about...
  10. What is Gettleman’s idea of going hard??? Extra dessert?
  11. XFL (Fans Above All)

    What about Kickoffs? They usually did that scramble thing. I’d like to see the kickoff from the 25.
  12. XFL (Fans Above All)

    I don’t know......it would teach the kids accountability......
  13. XFL (Fans Above All)

    .......I don’t think that’s family friendly......
  14. So Vince just said that he would listen to fans above all. What are some things you would do differently if you were calling the shots on a new league? I would definitely make it easier on the defense. Lighten the rules on pass interference. Not like Blitz, but not as strict. What you got???
  15. Hue Jackson, Todd Haley

    Especially if the AFC is as weak as this year