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  1. mbarbour21

    McCaffery's pace

    I know right......we hardly ever see 3rd and 20 anymore AT ALL. We need to make a banner.....
  2. mbarbour21

    Several thoughts on the game

    Nope, you are 100% correct. The ball wasn’t in the best position, but you can’t expect ANY QB to put it there ALL the time. Besides, as a #1, tha t is a pass you are expected to catch. He had both hands on it, the defender wasn’t draped over him, and he wasn’t anywhere near out of bounds. Have to make that catch. Especially if you want #1 status or money.
  3. mbarbour21

    Bengals beat themselves

    You could honestly say that about every game in most sports. Well, if we didn’t throw 4 INTs we would have won. If we didn’t settle for FGs, if we just did that. It’s part of the game. I understand though, we have been there.
  4. mbarbour21

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 3 (READ ME)

    CIN @ CAR: CAR  NYJ @ CLE: CLE NO @ ATL: NO DEN @ BAL: BAL NYG @ HOU: HOU TEN @ JAX: JAX  SF @ KC: KC OAK @ MIA: OAK BUF @ MIN: MIN (***someone retires BEFORE halftime***) IND @ PHI: PHI  GB @ WAS: GB LAC @ LAR: LAR  CHI @ AZ: CHI DAL @ SEA: SEA NE @ DET: NE  PIT @ TB: PIT PIT - Tampa Score (27-24)
  5. mbarbour21

    Switching gears, bengals up next

    We will get destroyed by the Bengals if we do not make a change. Just putting DJ in for 60 snaps a game would make the difference. Keep Wright in and pray Samuel is ready to go.
  6. mbarbour21

    Does Funchess deserve a Payday?

    That was such a beautiful pass too. LITERALLY right in his hands. That hurt.
  7. If he doesn’t know the playbook, work around it. Him and Wright should never leave the field except to get a breather if needed. DJ is our big play guy and Wright is the security blanket in place of Olsen. Funchess isn’t a horrible receiver, but he isn’t a big play receiver. Jennings called it right yesterday. Funch waited for the ball instead of going to get it. That’s how he plays. Yes, he caught it. But if he went and got it, he could have made a bigger play. He doesn’t have a big play mentality. That’s fine, but not as our #1. (#1 in snaps)
  8. mbarbour21

    Moore DJ please

    I don’t know who is making the decision to leave him off the field. But that decision is WRONG. If whoever it is, can’t see it is wrong after that, they shouldn’t have a job on this team. I don’t care if Cam told them to keep him off the field. Whoever keeps him off the field from now on should be kicked out of Carolina.
  9. mbarbour21

    The flag at the end

    Nope. I wish DJ, Wright, Samuel/Byrd was our default. I wouldn’t keep Wright out, he is a solid possession guy.
  10. mbarbour21

    It could be worse

    I’m reserving most judgement til about 4 games in, but: I don’t see a problem with play calling, Cam has been smart and accurate, receivers have been dropping passes though, Moore needs to see field more, we are missing Samuel/Byrd (which relying on them I said was dangerous seeing how they haven’t put together a string of healthy games), Donte Jackson looks GREAT for a rookie CB 2 weeks in. He has over pursued a few times, which makes his strength (speed) a weakness but I fully expect him to learn from this and correct it. Good CBS give up some plays too. Especially 2 weeks in on rookie year. Defense had a down game, I don’t expect that play to be the norm.
  11. mbarbour21

    Can someone please explain...

    I thought we did much better than we would have with Shula calling the shots. Cam is dumping it off more when the big play isn’t there. He threw some beautiful passes that Funch and Thomas dropped. Big important passes. If we would just play Moore we would be fine. He honestly reminded me a lot of Smitty with that 51 yard TD. I’m not saying he is Smith, but he plays big like him. Jennings called it when he said Funch let the ball come to him, so he was unable to make a big play. He made the “safe” play. We need a big play guy on the field. That guy just isn’t Funch. Great number 2 IMO.....not a guy who should take snaps from Moore.....or Wright for that matter.
  12. mbarbour21

    Josh Gordon!

    We have a number one, his name is D.J. MOORE!!! They just won’t put him on the field. I don’t care if he is having problems with playbook. Find him some plays and get him the ball. He needs to be on the field. We are better when he is. MOORE WRIGHT MCCAFFERY They should not come off the field unless absolutely necessary. Put CMC at WR if you wanna run C.J. These are our top ballers right now from what I see.
  13. mbarbour21

    Browns just cut Josh Gordon

    This would be perfect if it could work out this way. The reward you could get if he played to his ability would be worth THIS risk. Not worth a large sum of ANYTHING guaranteed. He hasn’t proven he is capable of being reliable. But he has proven he is talented. Worth a shot at least.
  14. Agreed man. A major example of this is Julius Peppers. He stayed in to protest, but the next week or so, he was paying respects to troops that were there. It was never about disrespecting anyone or thing. And I think most people know that, it’s just easier to trash them than to try to work together.