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  1. I have gotten pie from mr Scot several times. He must not care enough for me to compliment me directly. :(
  2. Got a relationship question...

    This thread is a real cold stream of water up the ass of the OP. The posters who tell him the truth are harsh, bidet are telling him what he needs to hear.
  3. credit card problem

    I had a debit card and a credit card compromised within a month after christmas. One was used in virginia, but one was used in antayla, turkey. Both with in-person transactions.
  4. Got a relationship question...

  5. Panthers ass whoopings will remain free
  6. Damiere Byrd "living in the weight room"

    Sounds about right for a slender guy under a pro weight training program. Lofty goal should be a pound per month in the hopes you see a pound every two months.
  7. Last season according to them we should've gone 6-10 so
  8. Own a piece of history

    so this guy is a dirtbag, I can see that this is news.
  9. Reasons I cant trust Pitbulls

  10. "Cultural Appropriation"

    this is how I feel when black people wear cargo shorts and polos tbqh doubly so if they pop the collar
  11. Is it common for transgender people to a) not ever go through gender reassignment, and b) dress and maintain the appearance of their birth sex at least part of the time?
  12. It doesn't seem like any of you are in agreement about what it means to be a transgender.
  13. Tow Truck Driver Ditches Disabled Woman