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  1. Fallout 4

    I got it sitting right here but cant fire it up til this weekend , trying to change shifts at work this week to 3 am to 2 pm is gonna be tough but ill have something to do early mornings all by myself now.
  2. New York bans Fanduel and Draftkings

    There is nothing wrong with the head to head leagues as that is traditional fantasy style and they offer it on a week to week basis. The big issue is with the large tournaments and these not being regulated enough, these are 100 percent gambling and no different than a lottery ticket / bingo / keno style game where the top 1 percent are the ones who usually are winning due to the high number of entries and some advanced analytic s.  
  3. Walking Dead Season 6

    I was wondering about it to , did her son kill himself and that was his blood running down  ?  
  4. Anyone getting Black Ops 3?

    yeah i bought it but im gonna trade it in , just not a fun semi realistic game like it used to be.    will give star wars a try at least if im gonna do future gadgets and what not its gonna be all the way space fantasy not some mish mosh. 
  5. Official Hornets at Heat Thread

    fox sports south east 
  6. Official Hornets at Heat Thread

    anyone else getting an annoying ass buzzing sound on the fox sports southeast feed 
  7. Interesting Bonnell tweet/deleted tweet

    It was probably some crap like us picking up another PF like Anthony Bennett. 
  8. Back up PG

    im barely 5'10 and when i met Kemba he was probably only an inch taller than me if that 
  9. Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson resign with the Cavs

    Im all for a hard cap , if they want to team up and play together they can all take pennies on the dollar , if not then let every team have a shot at least one star player thats getting paid. 
  10. Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson resign with the Cavs

    they brought back shumpert 4 yr 40 million as well    when they resign james they are gonna be at like double the projected cap 
  11. Are We Done Dealing?

    Myself im fine with those front court pairings but we need to find a home for Al and depending where some of these free agents are going there could be some sign and trades needed to be made and AL would be a good piece to add in 3 way deals to match up money wise if some of these guys need to be sign and traded . 
  12. exactly those mid to late round picks dont do much for anyone , they would have had to add smart and another player to even of had a shot along with the picks 
  13. Are We Done Dealing?

    If were bring back Biz then  we have a front court log jam , Cody and heck even AL and his expiring contract are not beyond the reason of being traded moved still at this point.  I would not mind moving on from AL myself if we can get some more guard help. 
  14. they dont have much on their roster to even give a godfather offer , smart plus 16 and next years pick along with nets would have been interesting but its still does not help us much right now just gives us more trade pieces for next off season 
  15. Hawes shot 40 percent from 3 his last year in Philly , they could not resist getting a 3 shooting big to try and replace what McBob gave them a year ago.