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  1. True,but unfortunately, there will probably be as many deadskins fans at this game than Panthers fans, As pathetic as that is. So underdog or not, we will probably not  have the home field advantage. That actually makes me sick!
  2. Im confused, I thought this was Cam's inspiration:  
  3. Some former Panthers get picked up

    This^^ Hope our coaching staff was not stupid enough to give up any type of strategy to our practice guys. That should be a top priority, learn the playbook without learning the schemes.A very fine line. y 
  4. GRITS

    I like cheesy grits with my breakfast.
  5. I think this Skins game is the definition of a "trap" game. I will not be surprised if we lose this one,  especially since it will be a "home" game for Washington, unfortunately. 
  6. Former Trailblazer Jerome Kersey dead at 52

    He didn't die from the knee surgery, per say, he died from a blot clot that formed in his leg AFTER the surgery. His blod clot traveled to his lungs, I think it's called a pulmonary thrombosis? Anyway, I knew a lady a few years ago who went in to have a routine knee scope, then died two days later. Her blot clot went to her heart and caused a massive heart attack. I had the same surgery when I was 19 and dying never even crossed my mind. Just goes to show you, there is no such thing as a "safe" or routine surgery.