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  1. ed bell added a post in a topic Rough year for Brad Nortman in 2014?   

    I think it was either Anger (CAL)  or Butler (UGA) 
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  2. ed bell added a post in a topic Is ANYONE able to make a case for Brockel?   

    Intriguing info on the rookie starts, thanks KB_fan.....Brockel may just be a remnant of the staff having to choose someone who is capable and versatile due to a lack of solid depth and being forced to ignore the shortcomings. If ever there was a time to be vigilant about elevating the run blocking game, it is now. This injury could be a signal of an IR move. Certainly the staff sees what we see. This is yet another huge storyline... It's nerve wracking, but exciting at the same time.  
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  3. ed bell added a post in a topic Wegher Love Goes Here   

    I know the sample size is small at the Division 1 collegiate level, but this kid has literally dominated at every turn. At this point I believe the sky is the limit for him....he needs to be challenged. 
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  4. ed bell added a post in a topic The Answer is on the Roster   

    Dammit, I was really enjoying The Huddle until yesterday morning... Now it's approaching insufferable again. 
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  5. ed bell added a post in a topic Opinions: is Frank Alexander a possible cut?   

    I'm sure each player gets handled differently. Possible this is the way Rivera gets to Frank and not Kony 
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  6. ed bell added a post in a topic Opinions: is Frank Alexander a possible cut?   

    Cox put himself in the running, so we might see him in even earlier next game. I'm all for it. That puts Horton and Ealy on notice in my opinion. Ealy is safe from getting cut, but his depth chart status could slide. Rivera said he needs someone to step it up. There is opportunity on this team to move up the depth chart at DE. 
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  7. ed bell added a post in a topic Bottom Panthers PFF Performers - Preseason Week 1   

    Bell is gone, so someone inherits the incessant bitching.... For the moment Ealy is in the lead... The fact that he had productive field time as a rookie keeps me from getting too terribly worried about him. Rivera works wonders with these D-Line guys. Hardy was a liability in parts of his game until Rivera coached him up. Ealy hasn't even taken a snap in his 2nd regular season. 
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  8. ed bell added a post in a topic Steve Smith Makes It Clear - HE Will Choose Who He Retires With   

    Here you go, you rabid Steve Smith Sr. Soldiers:
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  9. ed bell added a post in a topic Wegher to be featured on NFL Network's "Undrafted"   

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  10. ed bell added a post in a topic How bout a little love for Oher   

    No sacks, no pressures... What more could you ask for?  I'm pulling for him big time. 
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  11. ed bell added a post in a topic Was Cam on a Mandate not to Run last night??   

    I was thankful and actually surprised that he stayed clean last night. If that becomes the new normal we are in for a fantastic year 
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  12. ed bell added a post in a topic One Tough SOB   

    He flipped the ball backwards when you watch it from the other angle, and he was speared in the back 
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  13. ed bell added a post in a topic Joint Practices with the Dolphins   

    It will be interesting to see how the joint sessions are conducted. I have no idea what it will entail. Obviously Rivera and Philbin will have had to agree upon a format. I really like the opportunity it brings us for extra preparation for the regular season. I'm sure the players will be fired up about mixing it up with someone besides teammates. 
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  14. ed bell added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Joint Practices with the Dolphins
    For the first time since 2000 we will practice with another NFL team. The Dolphins are coming to town culminating with the home opening Pre Season game. Looking forward to this for many reasons such as extra intensity, and providing coaches another metric in talent evaluation. How does everyone else feel about this and what will you be most interested in? Anyone not happy this is taking place? 
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