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  1. I would keep Byrd because I don't want CMC, DJ Moore, Samuel, and Donte returning kicks/punts on a regular basis because it increases their chances of injury. These 4 are essential to the team's future. Finally , in his limtied time on the field Damiere has shown he is able to make plays.
  2. I want to see the Defense set the tone from the get go. They have a tendency to come out flat and allow an early score. Secondary needs to be more aggressive and not allow every hitch route to be completed.
  3. I assume that Jackson will start on the outside and Munnerlyn will be the nickel. Captain came into this offseason with the right attitude. I dont think he has missed a single practice. Last year, he seemed like he expected the position to be handed to him and it showed with the amount of "vet" days he took.
  4. The secondary last year only had 10 picks and were dead last in pass deflections (56). I agree with the trial by fire approach because Jackson is the only CB on this team with recovery and closing speed.
  5. Good question. I thought Daryl was good in pass protection but he was a non factor as a run blocker. I dont remember one instance of him opening holes for the RBs. I believe Moton has the higher ceiling of the two. He seems competent in both phases of blocking.
  6. Since Bene Benwikere for me
  7. gmonjimbo

    Thoughts on Trading Funchess?

    Would only trade Funchess if it allows us to get Earl Thomas and use the contract we would have given him if he played well to Thomas.
  8. gmonjimbo

    Question on Seymour

    No I wouldn't because he got beat deep 3 times. He couldn't keep players in front of him. If he's the last line of defense, those are going for touchdowns.
  9. Kyle Allen, He doesnt have a shot at beating out Gilbert or Heinicke. CAP, needed to show something after CMC, CJ Anderson, and Hood each scored touchdowns. Colin Jones, need to make playing time for Gaulden and Doss. Jones has no upside.
  10. Was pleased with the offense overall. Played with good tempo. Finally saw PA and rollouts for Cam. I liked how routes were tailored to each individual's skill set. I remember them running screens for Bersin last year, when he gets tackled by a blade of grass on a regular basis.
  11. Seymour worst play by Panthers DB since Bene
  12. gmonjimbo

    Colin Jones...

    Carter flashing
  13. #74 and #68 getting pushed off line on every play
  14. Need Haynes, Hall, and Horton to emerge as an edge rusher to hide this secondary