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  1. Video of Cam Ripping Down Banner

    Throwing it on the ground and urinating on it is the only thing that would have made that better. 
  2. What Eagles Fans are Saying

    I love the one claiming the Panthers havent faced a good QB. The irony is absolutely beautiful. Mallett is the only QB that Bradford would probably start over (and yes, I'm including McCown).
  3. The Rainy City Bitch Pigeons injury report.

    Aww, what happened to Frank Clark? Did he strain his hammy kicking at strippers? 
  4. Quote this Russell

    "Yah bro, I didn't know they had a 'Forever Celibate' section either. I bought the whole collection and it's made it even easier to keep my promise. Well, for the women at least..."
  5. The sad thing is that the gods in this case are hopped up on Ritalin and other PED's. Kratos may need to bring a team of drug screeners. Great article, I hope we do attempt to spread them out early.
  6. The Star Wars movies need to be edited. All mentions of Skywalker should be changed to Kuechly. @dcarcass
  7. 2015 Carolina Panthers Final Roster Projection

    I think they would have left Williams on the PUP if they didn't plan on him being on the roster. I wouldn't mind Simonson or Lucas taking Brockel's spot. I like the gamble with Mayo, but an extra DE may be better than an extra CB.
  8. Official Panthers Cuts Thread...

      I wonder if Marcus Trufant has anything left.