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  1. Look How Happy Russel Wilson Is Now!!!

    Yeah, I am not a salty Seahawks fan and I have no hate for RW. Actually I like the fact he is a less good version of Cam. He is like our cute little brother that is no threat to you. Bless his heart. 
  2. Why Seattle is already worse???   O wait.... 95% of Seahawk fans arn't actually from Seattle. 
  3. Bro you are doing this all wrong. This is not how you troll. If anything we should start a petition to bring back Russel Wilson to BOA so we can beat him again.
  4. Cowboys hoping for playoff run, won't IR Romo

    I'll be honest some seasons at BOA I went for the to drunk to care approach. It was the only option... 
  5. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    My bad on defending Hardy, yep he definitely did it. Still want him to be a panther though our Dline would be nasty with him. Nobody cares who is on your team when you are winning Superbowls. 
  6. This is coming from the magazine that predicted Tampa Bay would win the division last year.  If anything this confirms Shula sucks. 
  7. Sports Bar in Asheville

    If you want an overweight hairy "eclectic" chick read to you from the book of Marx then Asheville is your spot.  If you are a good, hardworking, domestic beer drinking, capitalistic American you are SOL. That being said we always went to wild wings downtown, its servicable.  My real recommendation would be to move immediately.
  8. When I think about Luke I touch myself. 
  9. The Answer is on the Roster

    This sounds good and all but we wont end up doing any of it because....  Shula. 
  10. Rookie Camp - Day 1 Wrapup

    ​This is like the kiss of death for Mayo. Zero chance he is on the team in two years. Why do you hate our young prospects? Kid could have been a special teams contributor. 
  11. Obviously unless something catastrophic happens we are stuck with Shula for this year, and I don't think we will be implementing a new offensive system. However our offense is going to struggle this season under Shula. Just like every other offense Shula has ever coordinated. We need to make some whole sale changes this off season and let Gettlemen hire his guys. Rivera is a lame duck coach, and Shula was a stop gap hire to get us through the season.
  12. I can fix the offense in two steps 1. Fire Shula 2. Hire someone competent at their job. The way Shula uses Cam, is like giving someone a Lamborghini and letting him drive it like a Toyota Corrola. Meanwhile Rivera is 2-13 in games decided by a touchdown or less. To me that's a damning statistic, something needs to change. Whether thats winning close games, or cleaning house.