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  1. Saints Fans and a Delorean

    Good stuff. Downplaying the Panthers while also sh!tting on your own team. We have the fans in the fetal position, and the team is next.
  2. Dominance

    It's a quiet dominance too. 11-0 and still they doubt. Oh it's finally getting some recognition, but any chance for the media to say "I told you so." and they will pounce and pounce again.
  3. Welp

    Up here , look at me, look deep into my eyes.
  4. I feel guilty about wanting to make Samantha's nose twitch. 1. because she is a character and 2. she dead.
  5. yo girl how bout dis panthers d

    Our D rises to the occasion, and slaps you in the face.
  6. Romo discusses playing against Luke

    Run some dirt on it. amirite? Wow, I cry over hot pizza. Some men are just too men. lol
  7. All I noticed was Cassel's killer pornstashe. Need a pic of that!
  8. Fine Art

    What a waste of ink! JJ looks human, and clearly this 'artist' is only doing it for the money.
  9. friday morning schadenfreude

    For anybody having a hard time with the title      
  10. This whole season has been 'playoffs'. Playoff mentality, playoff play on the field. These wins won't be easy, but the Panthers are going to make them look that way. 
  11. Patience. We don't have enough patience anymore. Sometime you can just tell. Rivera has been getting better and better, unlike some coaches..cough chip kelly...cough..
  12. Romo

    Man, y'all feel sorry for him cuz he's got that aww shucks look. fug'em.
  13. Johnson and Hardy

    Oh yeah, I know it was his mistake, still think he was screwed over too.
  14. I overheard a guy say last night as I was leaving the Speedway, "winning brings out all the panther fans...lol" I was wearing our lucky hat :) I stopped and told him, "i think you are just noticing them since we are winning."  Not sure why people think they need to prove their fandom by calling out yours. Just say keep pounding and if they respond, probably areal fan. If they think you are hitting on them, well, former seahawk fan.
  15. Johnson and Hardy

    Yup, everybody got screwed over