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  1. No need for the attack dude lol. If you disagree, than whatever, feel free, but don't try and insult me.
  2. I mean there's fans that are there to just start an argument like "PantherFan" on the .NET. Check the thread BlueThunder created over there. Most of the replies to PanthersFan aren't attacks or insults, and generally "nice" considering the circumstances. (Btw, the thread doesn't have much post because the topic is just other fan forums, so the content is kind of random) (I don't want to advertise another site, and feel free to take this down if it infringes the rules) Also I'm interested to know what your name was on there? People don't mind anyone's opinion as long as it's not inciting drama or argument, you have a right to think what you want to think, but if you're in "enemy territoty", expect to be a bit more humble about it and don't be ignorant.
  3. First off, what forum was it posted on? There's been plenty of panthers fans at the most popular seahawk board. That article was already posted too in the forum I'm thinking of, so if it was deleted, it was probably cause the thread was already there.There's plenty of Niners posters at the main seahawks board, don't think that opinions aren't welcomed. It's that there's been a rash of trolls or posters intending to start drama, so the forum is keen to those type of people. Mistakes happen, idk because I know for a fact that someone wouldn't get banned for just posting an article. I don't know if the poster said anything insighting any type of drama. The staff is kind and reasonable.
  4. With the way you're thinking, it's like he's prone to improvement and adjustment though. It's been over 10 years since he's been in the NFL and while dominating the college ranks. Like those who argue how the Panthers aren't the same team from the beginning of last season to the beginning of this season, Pete Caroll isn't the same coach as he was 10 years ago. With your thinking it would be like it's safe to assume the Panthers are going to continue to bad cause they don't have a great track record(I just want to point out that's not what I think, it's just for the sake of arguement). It's also not like I'm pulling this out of no where, he's shown improvement in the NFL with his ability in the NFL with his roster churning that turned over a team into one of the most talented on paper(keep bringing this up), and his 2 playoff appearences and 2 wins. Please don't compare me to a blatant troll like RichardSherman25, I'm actually here to discuss legitmate and reasonable football. I still don't understand why you continue to insult my opinion by calling me illiterate. When I was talking about your exagerations, I was refrencing your intended insult on the comparison of my opinion to another of your posters which isn't a matter of truth but opinion. I know I'm not a home town fan, but I was here having good intention and being as polite as could be knowing I'm in enemy territory. You say I'm drowning in my own opinion/POV, but to me it seems like your homer glasses are blocking you from any outside opinion other than your own. I gave a realistic rebuttal in which you don't have to agree with, but don't insult me on a personal level, it makes you look like an huge ass.
  5. Thanks for the welcomeish lol. There's no excuses if we lose, none. Only reason I wanted to join the site is because I wanted better insight on the team and I wanted to state that, contrary to popular belief, seahawk fans aren't taking this game lightly and expect a good game. And of course as fans, we all think and want our team to win, that's a given.
  6. I'm not claiming to be world champs or anything like that, but excluding what happened ten years ago which really has no relevance to what he's done since taking over the seahawks, he's turned over a roster and seemingly made it into a powerhouse. Yes, it's only been one good season and two playoff appearances, but there's much to be optimistic about as a seahawks fan. In his tenure as the seahawks coach, he's been to the playoffs twice, with 2 playoff wins, but only one positive season record which I'll argue with that his first two years were spent churning out the roster, but bad record nonethless. He's formed the #1 defense in which they rank first in the league in almost every major statistical category, the best secondary in the league, grabbed his QB of the future, and added multiple all-pro and pro-bowl players across the roster. This is only the beginning of his NFL journey with Seattle, so there's not much of a track record with how he is today, but with all this, it's not out of this world to think he'll be a good head coach, which yes is "hope", but more than anything it's realistic hope. He's done well with his time as the seahawks head coach and certainly a lot better than others. I don't get how my opinion is extreme, just because I think Pete Caroll is or can be a good coach? Is that really out of this world? I'm seeming to be drowning in my own POV/opinion cause I think Pete Caroll is a good coach more than someone who thinks David Gettis will become a #1? I don't know how I indicated to you that I'm "drowning" in my opinion, I just stated what I thought, but if that's "drowning" to you, than so be it. I hope you're just over exagerating because it's pretty low of you to attack my opinion with insults instead of having a legitmate discusion.
  7. Do your best to ignore those trolls. Most seahawk fans aren't taking this game lightly and expect a close game.
  8. Your prediction is your opinion, so to each their own on that. Just because he's had success in college makes him prone to promotion? He's done well in college and has shown ability to do well at the NFL. He's built a roster full of talent and what many are saying are one of the top teams in the NFL. He's done very well turning over what was a team with a top 5 pick on draft day to a superbowl contender.
  9. A lot of troll Seahawk fans in here lol. I think most fans expect a good, close game. Most fans at the more popular Seahawks message board expect a close game and aren't overlooking this game at all. We're going to be without three of our top 4 pass rushers, so we're going to need everything we've got to get this win. I'm expecting a close and probably sloppy game since it's the first of the season.