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  1. Not necessarily endorsing Jones, but I do agree that mobility is overrated. It's a band-aid that masks other glaring issues.
  2. David Newton is the one who said it. This is a pretty new story. Don't get me wrong, Newton is an idiot and this is at best well-informed speculation, but he's just as much of an insider as Voth. https://247sports.com/Article/Carolina-Panthers-quarterback-2021-season-Christian-McCaffrey-trade-Deshaun-Watson-Houston-Texans-160992696/
  3. Never said that. I was just saying the OP was misquoted.
  4. You mean good QBs are important and worth sacrificing a lot for? Wow.
  5. I am not implying anything. There are insiders within the organization that have said the Panthers would include CMC in a trade that netted them Watson. Granted they are "anonymous sources", but no less legitimate than anything coming from Panthers beat writers.
  6. Who says they want him? The only team that's actually tipped their hand at having an insane hard-on to get him is the Panthers.
  7. I'm only saying what OP posted. Whether or not it happens is irrelevant to the discussion. And yes, it's so crazy that people are discussing trading CMC... ya know... like people who actually work for the Panthers have discussed....
  8. Y'all have SERIOUSLY got to work on your reading comprehension...
  9. Read again. The OP said trade #8 and CMC for Miami's #3. We would still have all of our future picks.
  10. I agree. IF, and ONLY IF Zach Wilson is there I'd take him. Not a believer in Justin Fields or Trey Lance.
  11. For the record, you aren't reading what OP is saying either. OP is saying trade with Miami to get the #3 pick, then use that pick and future picks to go get Watson. Not trade with Miami to get Watson after Miami already traded for him.
  12. I don't think you're reading what I'm typing. When I say "it's feasible" I am referring to the concept of 3 team trades. I'm not talking about this specific scenario. Everyone is acting like 3 team trades don't happen or are impossible. That is absolutely untrue.
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