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  1. Terrace Marshall had a lot of potential and was flashing very nicely until pipsqueak took over under center. His decline, and the decline of the entire offense, can be completely blamed on Bryce Young's absolute ineptitude as a QB.
  2. The pick-6 on Cousins was arguably the best play we've had in 5+ years. Glad he's back.
  3. To answer Charlotte vs NYC, I'm taking Charlotte 10000000000000% of the time.
  4. I used to be super old-school about this. You play for the team that drafts you. Shut up, be a man, that whole thing... but seeing the consistency with which certain franchises absolutely butcher a young QB's chance at becoming a successful player... I get it now. Some people actually care about becoming a great player and doing great things, and there are franchises that just neuter every QB they get their hands on.
  5. If we want to build for the future I could see that pick netting us a 1st next year if there's someone that another team really wants sitting at #33.
  6. I mean... the only guy we lost that was a consistent contributor was Luvu. Burns was nothing special despite what this forum thinks, and Donte Jackson was inconsistent at best. Assuming we sign any of the free agents we are bringing in, they will replace Burns' production as a pass rusher while also not being laughably terrible against the run.
  7. We are still an extremely terrible team, but if we play to our strengths, which should be the ground game, next season may not be the worst one in team history like this last one.
  8. If we commit to the run this offense will be fine. If we let the pipsqueak throw the ball 35 times a game it'll be a disaster again.
  9. Let's not act like the o-line won't be decimated by injuries like it is every year. Icky will see the field regardless.
  10. No one from last year's team's job should be safe. I would have taken a 3rd for Brian Burns before paying him. He's a scumbag that intentionally didn't put in any effort to avoid injury and get his payday. He more or less admit that himself. Even when he did try he was getting manhandled by TEs, getting bulldozed in the running game, and rushing past the QB every other play. Good riddance. Sucks to lose Frankie Luvu, but again, putting money into the LB position isn't going to net this team anything. Games are won up front. We have needed to reinvest in the o line and d line for quite some time now.
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