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  1. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Looks like they came after the panthers for testing this week.. Mainly the guys on IR...    Seriosuly NFL? We have rampant PED use across major teams (RoidHawks) and they bust guys who just had surgery for a joint??? Yet we see Greg Hardy in 2 days..?  Ok Goodell..Great job of leadership.   I know Frank will get major flack from some of the guys that treat football players like Video Game players. But this is just dumb. 
  2. Do we have reliable back up RBs?

    Yes we have more than reliable back ups but they have 0 playing time. 0 time even suiting up. They stay on the sideline for the entire game in a hoodie watching. Not even getting 1 carry to see the speed of the game, or to let stew catch his breath, or to give them a new look.    Cowboys have 10 games of Stewart in at every play. We never use Wegher who showed OUT in pre season and earned a spot on the team to sit and watch from the side. Cap got what ONE rush this year? Yeah we do but they have no game experience even in blowouts, Stew is still there. 
  3. Josh Norman vs Dez Bryant

    I think Dez would blast Norman with a wild over hand right like Chuck Liddell. Then here comes TD just spearing his mental ass to the ground.. as Bene hip tosses Terrence Williams as Colin Jones takes on Mcfadden as the underdog down to the 50 and just slams him in the wrestling match.. Luke and Jason Witten holding on to each other trying to sort things out but just play a game of Grabbies.  
  4. We're a top 5 defense again

    We take every Luke play for granted because thats just what he does but Im LOVING this new fumble thing he likes to do... Looks effortless. My man TD hopping on the ball yesterday. Defense was just filthy.
  5. Cam MUST be protected from Hardy....

    Mad Mike vs him. Wish we had Norwell jumping over to smash him into the ground.  Would love to see Wegher running full speed at him in a pass block situation with him and stew in the backfield as he goes out
  6. Oher and cam

    They were constantly knocking our Olinemen off the pile. I don't know how that wasn't ever flagged.. happend to Oher and Remmers I saw.. but I guess they felt bad for throwing enough flags against them.    Smh would have been nice to see Wegher or Cap take over the second half and get stewart ready for thursday. I swear whoever rotates from the sideline is absolutely not watching the game at all. I know theyre inactive but damn.. Use the entire team? Paying them to sit around
  7. Does that mean we can upgrade one of our young backs we neeeeeeed to develop? Stew cant play every snap of an NFL season. Plus these guys have to get playing time. Save some body health lets be fuging smart with our players health.
  8. Fozzy Whitaker

    Thinking the same to. It took us many drives to realize oh hey they are blitzing every play.. which means someone is open or Olsen/Funch is man man with their size. I wish We used all of our backs.. I have always been a HUGE Stew fan and he is a real PRO NFL running back. But we have switch em up talents just sitting there watching when they can help the team out.
  9. Refs......again and again

    Refs run most of the game. Spots.. Holds.. Block in the backs.. Thomas Davis was getting held the majority of the game.
  10. What Titans Fans Are Saying

    We need take aways... Tillman needs to do what hes paid to do.. knock 2 balls on the ground... Norman needs to stop being a Greg Hardyesque and take some INT from the rookie..    I see us starting slow with those fake PA greg olsen screens and a few 50 second 3 and outs. Shula ball....
  11. CJ returning to practice this week!

    Brocke can go , David Mayo needs to learn whatever Ben Jacobs does. 
  12. It's time we remember the Titans....

    Activate Cap and Wegher have a shotgun or full house formation with all 3 RB... Or Stew Weg Tolbert Cam.. Run the ball 30 times and own the clock. Pressure Mariotaoaooaoa. Norman get 2 picks. Bene gets 1. 
  13. He should of tossed the ball to Cam on the fade... Cam NEEDS to catcha a TD this year... look at the size difference it was like a tight end on a small corner. Thats the only way that play should of turned out is Webb throwing the ball.
  14. Seriously, how does it happen? (Visiting fans)

    Because 24 year olds and below don't have a shot of getting in the game. The people who own lower deck tickets are for sure rich. And the ones that don't care and only own them for an occasional weekened get away.. just sell them because money is to money(theyre rich)   Me and my friends have been dying to go this year to support our team we were born into. Yet we cant afford 200 dollar tickets. I swear my entire lifetime I will never get to sit in the lower bowl. Sitting in the upper 500s will be fine but your average fan can't afford to go to a game. Tickets plus parking plus gas plus food is something real. So you guys will have to be set with rich kids with daddys credit card.......