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  1. General_Purr added a post in a topic Other Team's Cuts   

    Brown would be cut from the majority of teams in the NFL..
    Byrd didn't get to play any as a WR in the pre season.. We want Brown who does not look smooth as a WR what so ever.. to be our guy. I doubt we sign anyone but someone to compete with the Bersin Boykin type slow hand non YAC guys
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  2. General_Purr added a post in a topic Brown   

    Byrd got better hands, faster.
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  3. General_Purr added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    Patriots will know the ends and outs of everything weve ever done... because our play calls are the same year after year Cotch in the backfield.. fake play action to Stew and Cam spins around like Bruce Buffer and throws as screen to Tolbert.
    Just hope we stay healthy and make them look like poo
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  4. General_Purr added a post in a topic Funchess hamstring still tight, "MAY" play Friday.   

    We need some sports scientists like Eagles.. look at guys workout and nutrition set personally for each member. Little imbalances and tweaks in diet and workout could do amazing things to injury prevention. A hammie is a common problem than can be worked around
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  5. General_Purr added a post in a topic One thing to watch in JAX. Cruz/Beckham give warning of sorts   

    We play bounty hunters and the dirty ATL twice a year.. 

    Welcome to the south?
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  6. General_Purr added a post in a topic The final episode of Camp Confidential   

    good question Jerry
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  7. General_Purr added a post in a topic Two FREE tickets for Friday night   

    I can get laid by a smoke show?
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  8. General_Purr added a post in a topic Is Star a Two-Contract Player for Carolina?   

    I think Star could be an all time great underrated Panther.. Just a beast on the inside. He had some nasty sacks as well.. Love him and KK being young and big giant beast in the middle.. Got to keep him healthy below the knees. Thats a big ass mofo
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  9. General_Purr added a post in a topic Corey Brown will be OK   

    He catches it like a beach ball and always has. He can get away w his speed and diving using his body to trap balls into his arms..
    But still don't see crisp smoothness like Byrd has. Corey has more NFL games and has the ego on his side which is needed. Hope Brown makes some big yard catches.. I agree he will be ok. He won't be a Ocho Cinco though
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  10. General_Purr added a post in a topic Wegher and Ward, Ward and Wegher   

    Brockel looked sooo slow and weak trying to be a fullback.. I don't get how he is held in so much higher regard than Ward..
    Weg wants it and he is strong and fast.. both seem like hard ass workers, not the kind of guys you worry about getting suspended. 
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  11. General_Purr added a post in a topic Shaq Thompson   

    AJ is not terrible.. I like him on blitzes and runs at the line. 
    But Shaq with a few seasons under the belt like AJ will look awesome. Once he knows the pro speed and game plays I would love to see him. AJ looked comfy out there running the D. Glanton wasn't terrible either.. he is low key alright to plug in.. Still weird to see shaq as 54 in a 4-3 defense lol but loved the plays he made.
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  12. General_Purr added a post in a topic Coach Rivera: Frank Alexander, Defensive End has a torn achilles   

    People will be like oh give him prescription pain pills
    Now is when big Frank needs some hashish and a rest 
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  13. General_Purr added a post in a topic Rivera On RB Cuts   

    First of all I dont see 3 running backs staying healthy for an entire NFL season keeping pace in every single game..
    Stew, Cap, Weg...? I love Ward but Tolbert seems to have a certain soul to this team.. I can't put any cuts past DG though. Its hard to say Ill be shocked when someone gets cut and picked up quickly by someone else
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  14. General_Purr added a post in a topic Is Byrd Earning a Roster Spot?   

    Way more versatile offense when he is on the team. The cotchery in the backfield thing we love to do is awesome for him.. He will beat his man most of the time... If he was thrown at as much as 7 or Boykin I think he would have made some plays. Great hand eye, smooth runner. Ted Ginn is going to be one of our most used WR.. I hate having someone returning who is out on the field almost every play. Same goes for a starting CB or safety who returns. 
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  15. General_Purr added a post in a topic Official Panthers - Dolphins GameDay Thread   

    Byrd has better hands than Browns Baskets
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