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  1. I don't know why you keep even giving these dudes life on this subject .. All they are is a bunch of hypocrites hiding behind a username claimimng some higher moral compass.. We've already established that if it was a another dude he knockout they wouldn't give a poo.. Even thoe both are wrong and both are a crime.. We've already established that the women could be the only crimmnial in the incident and still get the benefit of the doubt.. (especially a white girl) Beyond the context where we are talking about 2 grown ass men compare to 18 year old kid.. The crime is different of course the other commited DMV's and Mixon commited assualt.. But what is starting to really piss me off about this is some ppl saying he doesn't deserve the right to play a sport because he made this horrible mistake as a a kid.. Same motherfuger kept their mouth shut and didn't give a fug as police drag a women( a black women) Sandra Bland out a car on tape and found days later died in police custody. On video with no outrage or saying anything about the policeman who did that poo to a women.. They will drive right by that poo without a blink.. But don't let it be some over priviledge athelet who worked hard and used god giving talent to get where they are at.. You shouldn't be able to play a sport if you hit ppl but you can be a person who is suppose to serve and protect ppl and beat all the black women you can. And yes I said it like that because I'm starting to beleive if the girl was black with the same crimminal record and action in the video half these punks wouldn't give a fug what Mixon did.....
  2. No... Different type of WR who can all line up together..
  3. How are we copying them?
  4. You wanted speed now they have speed..
  5. No more excuses for Shula and no more Cam doesn't have weapons..
  6. No don't want WR either.. Go defense next 2 picks then a TE or OT 3rd round.
  7. No i like norwell..
  8. This is where we disagree Cam is dropping for a reason..
  9. If that's your opinion ..Just by positional value why spend such a high pick on a RT?? What about D William we still have him as well.. If we are looking at OT we need one who can back up at LT.. Which everybody has already realize Cam can't play..
  10. He sucked in the 1st and will be the same garbbage in the 2nd..
  11. Yeah i like Charlie's better give me a safety instead of Sharp and I'm happy..
  12. She mention like 3 or 4 routes and talked about losing Wr's but none of the 4 or 5 we signed..
  13. That makes me not want him even more.. I rather have more than a project in the 2nd and 3rd round..
  14. If he was a bust at in the 1st round what makes him a steal at 40??