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  1. 2018 Roster turnover

    Kasey cost us a super bowl and still loved..
  2. 2018 Roster turnover

    Keep Pep and Gano ... Wait on Dickson see if he gets signed by another team.. If not bring him back for cheap. Cut Cj Stew, Shep, one of the vet safeties (Colemen) and Kali.... Let Star and Norwell walk..
  3. 2018 Roster turnover

    Gano was a pro bowler this year. Only miss 3 kicks this year. What are you mad at??
  4. 2018 Roster turnover

    So.. .don't care.. Steroid head ....stay away.
  5. If you sign 2 FA WR's there is no need in drafting 1.. No need in putting that much capital in that position.. At that point You would have like 3 or 4 WR's under 25 on the roster..
  6. Love Stew but this is the right move.. Time to cut some fat to improve the team.. CJ, Sheppard, one of the safeties and others should be next. With Stew situation. Younger legs in the draft.. Rather be reloading than rebuilding..
  7. Your speed back is Cmac.. You need a different back in other situation to change up the run game.
  8. Yeah we will probably have to grab Duke in the 2nd.. After watching some game video he will rise fast..
  9. Royce Freeman RB Oregon .. 5'11 231lb 947 att 5621 yards 5.9 rushing yards avg per rush.. 60 tds 79 rec. 814 yards 4tds.. Big back with okay hands.. Not a blazer or big play breaker.. But will be the punishing back you can match with Cmac to form a diverse back field.. He can carry the load and wear down the defense... He is a goaline beast.. He sniff thecrowning goaline and gets the TD by any means like Cam.. IMO he can come in day one and replace a cut J Stew for cheap... Highly productive in college being Oregon's lead rusher all time... Breaks tackles runs with a purpose ... Love the body type .. A solid 231 no fat.. Not tall at all so he doesn't give defenders a solid target to hit.. Stocky low to the ground at 5'11 so he can hide behind his blockers until he just they the line.. Good speed not great speed.. Does get caught from behind .. Hire the hole hard.. Reminds me a lot like Emmitt Smith and Stew .. Could be had in the 3rd round right now .. Wouldn't touch him until then..
  10. You're not signing 2 WR's if Watkins is one of them.. He is a 10 to 12 mil player on the open market if he makes it there..
  11. Mike Wallace and Moncerif is my 1st choice.. I like the combo of older vet who leads the room and adding a younger vet about to hit his prime.
  12. If that what your reading level got you to.. Cool... Now go KYS for the betterment of humanity..
  13. I've done it a couple of times .. You are just stuck on me liking Landry to notice.. I love how you snuck Pryor on that list of actual guys who produce for more than 1 season.. But again for the last time I type this to you... Wallace is great option to replace what Ginn was good at.. John a Jaron Brown are speed threats.. Kendall Wright was a chain mover in Tenn. I would also add a younger option if we go that route.. Moncerif, Matthew's, Richardson, or Lee..
  14. Yes that's why I said other less risky option.. Or you pay the money for a dependable for sure option...
  15. We've already done that.. We Can't pay everybody.. Turner got the guard money and KK got the tackle money.. You have to fill the other spot with either a cheaper option or develop a younger option.. But you can't pay everybody at 1 position... And you might not like this but reality is.. With Matt Kali contract we are Stuck with him at LT for another season.. It is what it is.. Norwell and Star have to walk for you to have any FA money to play with..