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  1. It is what it is. Luckily this draft is full of day 1 starters in the secondary... It would be smart to get full advantage of this.
  2. That is one reason but all those teams have scouting staffs to.. Maybe they are seeing what you have already said.. There maybe some good potential players in this draft.. But not having a top 10 talent might mean you don't have a day 1 starter.. And most teams want a day 1 starter out of their 1st round pick.. So teams paid more for vets feeling they have a guy that can have instant impact instead of waiting on a prospect they know needs development...
  3. Ridely is frail and while being a great route runner he has drop problems.. He might not have the strength to beat press coverage right away.. Moore who I love still has a lofty transition period and doesn't fully run the full route tree yet.. Imo he isn't a day one starter and will take time beating out Smith and Wright for playing time.. Plus if they were great prospects without ? we wouldn't have a chance at 24 getting them with all the WR needy teams (Dallas, Bmore) in front of us... That should make you pause a little... I think all the TE in this draft are 2nd round prospects.. You should be able to get 1 of the top 5 in the 3rd... They all are around the same prospect.. DB we need day one starters.. And the more time you wait the less likely you get one who is a sure fire day one starter.. My philosophy is we are closer to a top 5 defense than offense.. No matter what you draft this year .. You will still have a problem at LT and a okay WR core... If we go defense 1st we can have a solid secondary to go with a really good front 7...
  4. Meaning the guy you can get in the 1st round might be as effective as the guy you can get in the 3rd... All the wr's are near the same range.. You're right not having top 10 talent to go with regular talent does make this a weaker draft. But you can't overlook the fact that a lot of meh vet WR'S talent got paid big.. There is a reason for that..
  5. No matter who you draft we still won't have the weapons to match these teams...
  6. Even if you get Ridely it still won't be better than those teams... Ridely is no Julio, Evan's, Thomas, Brown or OBJ.. At least we can have a comparable secondary to stop those teams .
  7. Best WR in a weak Wr draft is the point.. Each WR in this draft has a ? that would make them the 4th or 5th wr in a better draft... Teams choose to pay avg. Wr big money because this draft wasn't that good at that position.. The signs are there.. I know ppl want WR so bad that they will even draft a lesser prospect but in the end you'll just want another WR next year.. When the guy isn't what you thought he will be... And the DB thing works in our favor this year.. The draft is strong at DB because you have top 10 talent as well as good talent thru the draft.. And since this draft has a lot of QBS and QB needy teams a better DB prospect will drop to us when in other drafts we wouldn't have a chance..
  8. I'd be happy if we added 2 young secondary players.. A TE and a developmental pass rusher.. Than get a RB and WR later in the draft...
  9. More faith in Norv, Smith, and Wright helping the offense.. Than our secondary as it stands stopping anybody...
  10. Thank goodness the draft is so strong in secondary players and we don't have to face these teams with a safety group of senior citizens...
  11. Norv will help the offense more than reaching on players in a weak draft.. The draft is strong in secondary players that is where the value is... Trying to force prospects out of a sense of need gets you wasted draft picks...
  12. I don't know about this.. Wr transitioning to the nfl are hard and not a sure thing day one in a good draft.. All these WR have ? And Smith and Wright know the system already and have specific roles...
  13. Yeah this whole opinion is shitty... 1. I like Moore a lot but he isn't a game changer and has at least a year of development before making a impact.. Other than Ridely I don't see another WR coming in and starting day one... WR is a 3rd or later move for me.. 2. Basically this draft is perfect for a team to get day 1 starters in the Secondary.. I know ppl want weapons for Cam but reality is .. This draft is stronger in defensive players (not DE) But CB, Safety, DT, LB are the strength of this draft.. 3. If they go into the season with the AARP safety starters especially when both are SS.. I will literally be sick... And it will confirm this is a dumbass coaching staff and FO... 4. TE is a higher need than WR .. After Olsen there is nothing .. 5. Ol might be higher because this draft has a lot of OG talent in it... And you play to the strength of the draft ... Instead of forcing need picks and ending up with bust players...