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  1. Clifford's Leave

    Prayers for Clif and his family..
  2. No... Just because you don't like Funchesse doesn't mean he hasn't shown he can be a number 1.. And again a young WR not in the top 20 picks will take time to develop ... Meaning you will be saying this same thing next year. You ppl need to look at the Free agent list of WR before falling into the same rhetoric...
  3. No that's not how it works.. You have 4 WR under 25 on the roster you let them develop.. You balance them out with a vet worth a dam.. Just like we needed to do with the secondary.. Plus (And I know you ppl don't ever get this) we are a defensive team and will be one as long as Rivera is coach.. We are getting old at some very important spots and need to retool...
  4. So we add more young WR's to a team with to many of them Already? Okay.
  5. Hornets vs. Magic

    Yep back to please save us Kemba offensive system..lol OMG Clifford sucks and will kill Kemba if we don't fire him...
  6. No doubt.. Mvp level QB and a opportunity to start right away..
  7. Good young WR.. But again it's another young WR on a team with to many of them.. You need to add a vet in this system to help right away.. Another young will take time to develop and Cam isn't getting any younger.. Defense up front and in the secondary is the better use of the draft.. But a FA vet WR can come in and help right away.. And not a Russell Shepard type.. Somebody who has actually been something.. Do the same thing that Philly did for Wents .. When they gave him Alshon..
  8. Larsen hasn't been bad and maybe Kali's replacement already..
  9. I would definitely go DE and Safety in the 1st 2 rounds.. The defense needs a injection of starting potential youth at those positions.. Oline can wait till later in the draft..
  10. We need a young pass rushers and a young safety ready to start in this next draft for next year. We have to many young WR and not 1 vet WR who has been a threat in this league.. I would add youth to the defense and give Cam a exp. Weapon in the pass game..
  11. Would be defense in the draft.. A pass rusher, Safety, and maybe a CB.. Than maybe a RB or TE and olinemen.
  12. No I would go defense this draft.. The Wr position should be filled in FA.. Maybe another RB later in the draft..
  13. Cliff is a idiot then.. Avery Bradly proves you can be a short SG in this league.. And with MCW on the court with him you have a bigger player who can play bigger SG.. Let's be real JJ Redick near the same size has been a starting SG for years in this league.. And he has no where near the athleticism and skills of Monk.. So Cliff needs to stop being stubborn.. Another example Jamal Crawford..
  14. Miami vs Hornets..

    God I hate watching and loving this team...