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  1. Dominque Wilkins Brad Daughter Walter Jones Cornbread...lol all way better born In NC
  2. James fuging Worthy ppl Sleepy Floyd
  3. With our need for some youth at Pass Rusher is Cox the one going to get the snaps to take snaps off Pep and CJ? Or do we bring another old guy in to add to the rotation??
  4. Nic Batum out for season?

    Could Nic get Wally pip'd? Lamb is the more aggersive scorer we want Nic to be. With the minutes if he starts to put up 15 to 20 ppg and reach his potential as a player could Nic's job be in jepoardy?
  5. Who is the hitter back there.. i didn't think Adams was one and i know Byrd isn't..
  6. When we signed him i was thinking he would be a better version of Chotchery..
  7. He playing the Slot but i haven't notice him getting open or being a chain moving factor? Is he a speed guy? Is he a route guy with good hands? Is he quick to get open like Eldman type guy?? Is it him or Cam not having no time with him making him non productive?? Could his snaps be better used by a younger player with upside or a vet (like cruz) off the street who may be able to be more of a factor?
  8. WR Depth Chart

    This is a big question now.. What type WR do you get to replace Byrd.. Speed? Duke Big guy? Key Chain guy? Bersin Or a good route guy?? Fasier Or sign a vet?
  9. I am and have been since some dumbass let at all pro home grown CB walk out the door...
  10. All owner are fire back at Dump... I would love to see Big Cat stand up for his players..
  11. 35 - 14 panthers.. We are a better team and will show it in a big way..
  12. Today's offensive performance is on Cam

    It happens in alot of games..as well..
  13. Today's offensive performance is on Cam

    https://youtu.be/bAm76ZIoCHY This just the highlights and there are 3 underthrown balls by the goat.. But Cam better be perfect..lol
  14. Today's offensive performance is on Cam

    63% 200 yards passing and no TO while being crushed all game.. Good job Cam.. Shula and the Oline needs to step up...
  15. The players and Mcdermont is the major factor.. We will see if other teams can stop us like that..