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  1. Post Super Bowl thoughts

    Corey Brown gets knockout every time he makes a difficult catch..
  2. A pass rusher and secondary  (safety ) help would be nice this year.  
  3. 2015 Philly Brown is our 2012 Doug Balwdin

    Can't catch thing was said already right?
  4. This dude was a Falcon fan 8 weeks ago.. Pay no mind to his drivel he will be a Cardinals fan Monday. .
  5. CAMVP

    45 TD only 14 To.. over 4,000 yards of offense leading the number 2 scoring offense.. Nuff said..
  6. Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Corey showed up to the game .. Please somebody call Philly and see where he is at...smh
  7. "[Matt Ryan] doesn't have many weapons"

    If we were comparing to what he had in the past you would be right.. But the point we are disagreeing with the article about is.. His weapons aren't bottom of the league bad... a better QB could do good work with the weapons he has... He is to blame for his failings not his weapons or the system...
  8. "[Matt Ryan] doesn't have many weapons"

    And i'm saying they are pretty bad now because of Matty.. Matt is making dumb red zone decisions not his weapons.. He is a avg. Qb and if things aren't perfect around him.. He can't put the team on his back and mask their warts..
  9. "[Matt Ryan] doesn't have many weapons"

    Ppl have dogged Tony Romo for years for being a better version of Matt Ryan.. 1 playoff win in 8 years and he still gets excuses made for him...smh
  10. "[Matt Ryan] doesn't have many weapons"

    And what do we have again??   Plain and simple Roddy White here with Cam out produces all our WR.. At some point after 8 years Matty has to take the blame.. Other QB'S  have done more with less.. And not been considered elite..
  11. "[Matt Ryan] doesn't have many weapons"

    My bad I thought you would get the correlation in Matty having 600+ attempt when doing the 4,500 yard thing.. Most of these guys numbers are pretty much the same and you can draw a conclusion that if giving the same number of attempts Dalton and Romo could easily put up Ryan #.. My fault I thought you could see that att. Is the only difference between  Dalton, Romo, Delhome, and Ryan... Not skill set and the type of QB'S they are...
  12. "[Matt Ryan] doesn't have many weapons"

    What have they succeeded at again??  Also it's also a good thing to have a  #2 Wr who could be #1 to help out when you lose that number 1 .. Not to mention a TE and running game you have no part in helping..
  13. "[Matt Ryan] doesn't have many weapons"

    No I know exactly what a game manager is and both of those guys and Matt Ryan are at the higher end of that designation. . But still in that category to me... All of them don't make players better and all need multiple things surrounding them to be successful. ..
  14. A Consistent threat at WR...
  15. Panthers 5th Best Team According to FPI...

    This is a Bill Polian creation for Espn... Let that sink in and understand we will never be number 1 on this fictitious bull poo...No matter what we do as long as Jerry is alive..