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  1. He is a defensive stopper.. Which can be in the starting line up or off the bench.. No matter what you need somebody who can slow down the other teams best scorer ..
  2. This is such a useless worry.. Just say what you want.. You are done with MKG and want him gone.. To bad so sad.. He is a improtant part of the team. Monk will get his time and even if he comes of the bench it will be a good thing.. He still needs to build up his body and skills before he is ready to take the Nba pounding.. Coming off the bench and being the microwave scoring guy is a good role to start with.. Hell MKG being on the floor with him will help with his defensive deficiences..
  3. Where did berry get drafted again..
  4. 7 Shut up i hate talking basketball with walmart tarheel fans.. Jackson is a young expolsive pg with a really good out side shot and nice size... with alot of upside As a backup developmental pg to kemba he would have fit perfectly
  5. Dumbass Carolina Fan.. I was against Kennard at all cost.. Maybe pull your basis out your ass..
  6. I don't care.. Jackson was a young explosive pg who could have developed into something really good behind kemba..
  7. I don't understand the need to trade this pick.. Jackson was a dam near perfect replacement for Lin..
  8. He caught your attention? Lol Jesus christ...
  9. Do you not notice how stats don't actually agree with "what you notice" or your definition of standing out??
  10. He still will be playing in that weak conference.. Hopefully padding his stats for us..
  11. Hmmmmmmmmm Top 5 league wide rebounder last year.. and 1.5 blocks a game.. when he didn't care last year.. "Cough cough"
  12. Pretty much this thread is done.. Bam isn't really needed now..
  13. Not big on knowing what the "fug" you're talking about either..