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  1. Yep everybody on D needs to spend a whole week on tackling..
  2. We need to .. Stop the pussy act and get Cam some playing time.
  3. If this Oline stays relativly healthy and plays good.. We will have a top 10 offense easily..
  4. Thank goddness the saints didn't get him.. Everything in Barnets tape and college production said he would be a beast of a DE..
  5. Hurney was the beane guy under Seifert.. And let's be real from all report Seifert was playing golf going to the beach and stealing Jerry's money.. Perfect example.. He drafted Smitty but wouldn't even let him practice at WR..
  6. You can truly tell ppl who don't know poo .. Or just became a fan 2012 by the Hurney test..
  7. Jeremy Shockey Marlon Mcree Most of the Oline on the 03 superbowl team.. Ricky prohel
  8. Brees is a lock Cam needs a ring and 3 more consistant seasons.. Ryan needs 2 rings or a ring and another MVP season.. Winston to soon to tell..
  9. 1st off all this big boy talk behind a username is comical.. I bet your sister/wife cracks up laughing as your bitchass cusses her out at Walmart shopping for a new Wardrobe... Now I'm trying to be nice with Igo bringing down the hammer on behaviour on the forum.. So keep your dirty ***** shut and keep the debate cordial..
  10. All these psycology majors on the board today..
  11. Just to ask a question when has Smitty took a dig at Cam?? He has with alot of others in this organization but never Cam or Jerry.. Not to mention Smitty openly pound the table to get Cam here.. Maybe you're wrong like .....usual..
  12. Where did you get your Psyc degree from again?
  13. Sorry Smitty isn't the type to play fake that's my boy poo just because their on TV.. Maybe you ppl are wrong about their relationship..