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  1. Give me a TE, slot WR and a RB with a healthy Oline .. And we will be just fine.. That will Shula proof the Offense..
  2. So you honestly think he replaces all three?? You don't think Byrd or Shepard will get a shot?? And again we still have to draft another RB to backup stew even if you draft Cmac.. If we had the pats OC then i can see drafting Cmac in the middle of the 1st round.. Even thoe i don't think the pats would spend that high of a pick on a Cmac.. But we don't.. And i don't have any faith on Shula to find ways to get Cmac the ball that would make him a worthy of a 1st round let alone a top 10 pick...
  3. Then why are they or were they Here?? Fozzy by defintion is this teams Scat back.. He is suppose to be this team James White of the Pats.. And Tolbert last year in San Diego he has 121 carries and 54 rec. So other teams used him in that capacity.. Most teams can't even plan to deal with a FB who can run like a RB and run routes out the backfield so yes he was a mismatch player and that's why he was here.. So you can act like they aren't but that's why both were here and that's what they were paid for.. Shula couldn't figure out a way like others have to give them even together 12 to 15 touches a game.. So again what maked ppl so confident he can do it for Cmac.. I don't want to spend a 1st round pick on that and finding out later that What we already know.. Shula can't find away to give him the ball enough to make him effective..
  4. No dummy.. I asked did 2 players who could be use as mismatch makers in this offense get these magical 12 to 15 touches you ppl think Shula can come up with for CMac.. You just showed me Tolbert /Fozzy never avg. 12 to 15 touches a game.. No context needed.. I don't care to hear how fat a player was and this, that, blaming the players for Shula not being able to game plan .. Tell that to somebody else..
  5. Don't give me the missionary statement.. I asked a question.. Did Tolbert or Fozzy combine avg. 12 to 15 touches a game?? If they didn't combine how is one player getting those touches. We can add weapons with a new TE, RB, and slot WR in this draft.. We have the picks to do that as well.. We don't have to draft one player to kill himself doing all the jobs you ppl think he can do..
  6. Again you asked me a question i answered it.. I'Ve seen more bad play calls than bad play from Cam..
  7. In the pats or a payton type offense he would be around 40 to 45 rec. Tolbert was a mismatch waiting to be used.. All these touches you think Maccaferey could get could have been going to Tolbert and Fozzy.. Combine did they even avg. 12 to 15 touches a game??
  8. Because i've seen Cam carry these offense bad playcalling and all.. How many time did you see Cam convert a 3rd and long by himself and not from a great shula play call.. How many times has he done that??
  9. Cool i don't.. Agree to disagree.. I don't think Reid or Payton or Arians would be running 9 routes with Cothery..
  10. That wasn't your point.. You made it seem like Shula is being hamstrung by the talent he has to use.. I'm saying other OC could make these weapons work better than Shula has.. I said mothing about them trading their weapons now for his.. I'm saying if they had those wespons and Cam they would consistently have top 5 or atleast top offenses every year..
  11. If that happen then I'm okay.. I don't like the idea of drafting a situational mismatch player in the 1st round.. Because that's a luxury pick and most team find those players later in the draft.. But if we can trade down and still get starter quality players at more needed position it would be okay pick..
  12. We would still need to draft another RB as well right..