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  1. Lmao the saints aren't even relevant. This dude must be one miserable fug. I was in the same state as you yesterday except mine lasted until about 5:00pm. I didn't even see the sun yesterday.
  2. video of Cam responding to criticism

    That's as real as it gets right there. You da man Cam.
  3. Cecil, "Cam is only scratching the surface"

    His interview on SC earlier was great. Can't wait to hear this one.
  4. I can't wait for the ACC tourney this year. I've already booked our trip. It is going to be so wide open. There are literally only 3 teams (VT, Wake, BC) who I would say have 0 chance. Outside of that it's anyone's weekend to shine. That's the way I like it.
  5. I gotta disagree. This is just the first year since the OAD era started that the OADers just aren't that good. Duke and UK are struggling cause their kids simply aren't ready to win at this level. There are still teams playing high-level basketball. It's just different than the last few years because there are 10-15 teams with a legit shot at the title versus just 3 or 4. Buddy Hield and Brice Johnson have had some dominant performances this year. It's nice to see seniors have their hard work pay off. And you can't tell me that UNC/Maryland game wasn't CBB gold!
  6. Voth compiles the best Media day quotes

    I respect Tillman a ton. He dove head first into this season and our team and gave us his all.
  7. Haven't really been too many surprises this year IMO. The ACC is playing out pretty much the way I expected other than State being so bad.   Heels looked dynamite against Maryland and idk what has happened since. The only players that are playing up to or exceeding expectations are Brice, Berry and Hicks. Seems like everyone else has regressed. Not gonna be too quick to kick Duke while they're down. I wouldn't be surprised if they still manage to split.
  8. It's NOT about race!

    post it
  9. It's NOT about race!

    She got exposed big time lmao. She will probably be hesitant to show her face in her community for months. Wouldn't be surprised if she lost her job for something like this. I don't like to wish harm on anybody, but geezzzzz... this lady was asking for it.
  10. Bronco buses crash

    I seem to remember another bus crash in recent past too. Maybe not this year, but last. Can't remember which opponent.
  11. Yep

    Cheers to one helluva locker room impressions. Congrats @Jeremy Igo.
  12. A lot of them will be seeing him in person for the first time. You truly can't comprehend how much of a fugging tank he is without seeing him with your own eyes. Jaws will be dropping.
  13. I don't think location matters this time. If you can afford to buy a ticket you can afford to travel out there. Now if we were playing the 49ers or Raiders it might be a tad lopsided lol.
  14. Injury updates

    He will play. No way in hell he misses it.
  15. All my love Superb Owl Pie

    I can't get enough SUPER BOWL PIE!