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  1. This is very interesting analytical work that was buried in another thread. Whatever this guy's formula is, it seems to fall very closely in line with how Gettleman ranks his board. I've also added some of his commentary I found pertinent to the Huddle's draft expectations. I'm not sure who this guy is or if he has a proven track record, so take it for what it's worth. Round 1 - DT Vernon Butler / Louisiana Tech - #1 Ranked Nose Tackle Round 2 - CB James Bradberry / Samford - #3 Ranked Cornerback Round 3 - CB Daryl Worley / West Virginia - #7 Ranked Cornerback Round 5 - CB Zach Sanchez / Oklahoma - #37 Ranked Cornerback Round 7 - TE Beau Sandland / Montana State - #2 Ranked Tight End UDFA - WR Keyarris Garrett / Tulsa - #8 Ranked Wide Receiver UDFA - S Jeremy Cash / Duke - #13 Ranked Safety Analysis of this Year's Rankings And let's cap it off by all having a laugh at the Bucs...
  2. There may be some potential for Worley to see some snaps at safety during camp. He played safety and wide receiver in HS and he has excellent ball skills from the looks of it.
  3. Trading up with the Titans

    If it can't be done without trading a combination of 2 picks this year that aren't our 3rd and 4th along with our 2nd, then I don't think it'll happen. No way we are trading future picks.
  4. Trading up with the Titans

    Would it cost us our 3rd to trade up 17 picks in the 2nd? Or are you thinking like 4th and 7th?
  5. Another thread about the football man we just drafted

    Can our defensive tackles even get on the same elevator together?
  6. The DE Position

    We have 5 more picks man.
  7. Falcons Fans: Carolina Gets It

    Don't forget about Kyle Love. Dude is pretty good against the run. 5 legit NFL talent DTs... Holy poo.
  8. Not sure what you mean here. Don't 4-3 DTs cost a lot more than 4-3 DEs? He would probably draw offers in the 80-90 mil range as a DT, but as a DE it would only be 50-60 mil.
  9. Spencer Hawes Out For At Least Game 6

    Fug it we need to play small at times. Kemba, Lin, Lee, Batum, and Frank is a pretty deadly lineup if they can manage to secure some defensive boards. Hit 'em in the mouth and wear them down then start going with batum at sf and 2 bigs Frank/Al Marvin/Zeller.
  10. Hornets Win PIE up 3-2 Now

    What a move by cliff leaving in Batum even though he was ass cheeks. Those 2 3s he knocked down in the 4th were huge. We were on the verge of having the wheels fall off.
  11. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    If Coleman is gone I would like to see them draft Butler or Ogbah and trade up for Hunter in the 2nd or trade down and still grab both of them.
  12. Bosa or Rankins would fit quite nicely with our D.
  13. Panther Fan Twitter Follow Train 2.0

  14. I think we will steam roll the saints and the falcons both times. TB should be pretty decent this year so my vote is for MNF. Chiefs, Cardinals, and Vikings may also be close games.