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  1. Huddle thinks Matt Patricia should be coaching our D line
  2. Speaking of uncool

    That's the face a ref makes when he's got a large stack on Patriots money line.
  3. If they try to move the stadium, it will be a colossal mistake. Attendance will plummet. App State had higher average attendance than the Chargers this year lmao.
  4. Norv would be good for Cam.

    Cam really does have the talent to be the Lebron of the NFL. I hope he starts to become more involved in decisions on scheme, personnel, etc. Hopefully we get someone on staff with the resume to keep him grounded.
  5. Replacement Possibilities

    Lincoln Riley get him now.
  6. We need some clarity on this. If Hurney is behind the firing, then who gave the extension? Maybe a buyer already been identified?
  7. The thread of all threads. Just posting to be a part of this.
  8. 2018 Needs and the draft

  9. Friday news and tweets

    Huge getting Shaq back. All of the teams we may play in the playoffs (Rams, Eagles, Vikings, Saints) want to setup the pass by establishing the run. With a healthy Luke, TD, and Shaq we have the best run defense in football. IF we can shut down the run we can really impose our will in the playoffs.
  10. Offensive Line

    Cam might have one of the best hard counts in the league. I just wish we would snap the ball and take the free play. We always just settle for the 5 yards. Snap the ball throw it up to Funch or Byrd. We see it every week. Could be an easy big gainer or a PI call. Just snap the ball.
  11. These refs screwed us

    Yes both of those calls could've went either way. Kind of shocked we got that TD and even more shocked on the fumble to seal the game. The block in the back call was just pathetic. Who else saw Worley get slammed in the back as Cobb crossed the goal line? I think they were equally bad for both sides and we won so hard to be too upset.
  12. Pats Steelers Saints Rams Panthers Gonna be tough for the Saints to beat us 3 times in a row. Not quite sold on the Rams but have to give them the nod based on what their offense has done. The NFC really is wide open. Winning out and getting some help from the Falcons would be amazing.
  13. Zero faith. It's obvious after last Sunday that the Bengals have packed it in. Saints get back on track after a loss at home in the dome.