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  1. Good god, this is amazing...

    "I'm just here cause I've already been fined"
  2. Did Kelvin hurt his knee? The DFS world is already talking about CMC value with kelvin out.
  3. I too thought he could've\should've made a move to the inside there to break down the defender. It was a crucial play and one I'd like to think the #8 overall pick could make.
  4. Rivera post-game presser

    LOL that's dumb af to say. Pretty much every NFL play could've been a nice gain had X not happened. But oh wait, it did. And it wasn't.
  5. How does this contest work? How many plays do you get to make? All equal units?
  6. Predictable play calling has probably attributed to the bad run blocking which causes contact behind the line of scrimmage.
  7. Maybe Samuel will finally get involved?
  8. I think it's a potential let down spot for the Eagles. Played at home against a Cardinals team that went through 5 grueling quarters the week before and traveled from west coast to east coast for a 1 o'clock game. They also have a big MNF match up at home against the Skins next week. Should be a good one. Weather looks perfect for Thursday night. Can't wait to turn up!
  9. "Sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose." -Ace Hood
  10. Are we confident that Pep plays? DNP on Friday........... Matt Kalil also Friday DNP. Moton at LT today?
  11. Huddle Fantasy Football 2017

    I need 2 for my contest this week. https://www.draftkings.com/draft/contest/45912136
  12. Can somebody link me to this
  13. Great Job Pep...5th in sacks so far.

    He's been anchoring our D-Line so far. Amazing signing. Hopefully our DTs show up with a big game on Sunday.