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  1. Pats Steelers Saints Rams Panthers Gonna be tough for the Saints to beat us 3 times in a row. Not quite sold on the Rams but have to give them the nod based on what their offense has done. The NFC really is wide open. Winning out and getting some help from the Falcons would be amazing.
  2. Zero faith. It's obvious after last Sunday that the Bengals have packed it in. Saints get back on track after a loss at home in the dome.
  3. Aaron Rodgers may not play after all

    Yes it would be very stupid to play him. The chances of them making the playoffs at this point even with him playing have to be fairly low. What if they play him and lose Sunday anyways? Then what? Shut him down and throw Hundley back out there? What kind of message does that send to the guy who's been putting his body on the line for you the past 2 months?
  4. All a wild card does is fug us by getting this coaching staff extended for another 3 seasons.
  5. Rivera seems like a good guy and all but when it comes to game awareness, adjustments, talent evaluation, well you know, everything that comes with COACHING, he's an idiot.
  6. Big Ben

    What's with all this Bud Light hate? I love a good craft beer as much as the next guy but dang if I'm trying to get fugged up it's Bud Light and liquor for me.
  7. CMC

    Seems like Kareem has slowed down a little bit. Getting Olsen and Byrd back will open things up even more for our offense. Now with Watson out of the picture, it's wide open for CMC to challenge Hunt and Fournette down the stretch.
  8. Peppers over Luke slightly and, sadly, Gano.
  9. Lol texans bring in 2 quarterbacks worse than kaep
  10. Why is Igo butthurt over CMC?

    Somewhere Bill Bellichick is licking his chops waiting for cmc rookie contract to expire.
  11. Samuel and CMC both should be position-less and on the field for every play except short yardage situations. Just get them the ball and get the fug out of the way.
  12. U-G-L-Y

    What is stew doing on this play? Makes me wonder if half the guys even know the play call just like that one last week.
  13. Cam's Beef with the Local Media

    Wow, now that's an article. Wish I could give this a whole pie myself.
  14. CLT Restaurants

    Staying in City Center Saturday night before the Falcons game. What restaurants uptown do you recommend that have good food and would be good for a group of 8? Preferably no more than around $30/plate.