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  1. They might not be quite as good as their previous super bowl runs, but they've been there and they know how to win in tight situations. Wilson usually doesn't beat himself like he did in the super bowl last year he usually finds a way to get it done given the chance. As much as I'd like to see it, there's no way in hell the NFC East knocks the Seahawks out of the playoffs. Best case for us is the Packers winding up in the 3 spot with Seattle in the 6th spot, but with the remaining schedules I'm thinking Seattle winds up with the 5 unfortunately.
  2. The Seahawks are going to win their first game regardless of whether they're a 5 or 6. If they're the 6 we play them no matter what happens in the other game. If they're the 5 then we would still play them unless Green Bay / Minnesota beats the other on the road. I think the best case scenario for us in the first game is 1) Minnesota, 2) GB, 3) Seattle.

    This is the best pie I've ever had. Still the worst undefeated team!
  4. 11-0 Pie

    Nothing better than 11 and 0 pie. Keep Pounding
  5. A Proud Mother

    It's great that so many of the player's families were able to come enjoy that performance. Cam didn't even play his best ball yesterday and we still dismantled them with their season on the line. Makes me feel pretty good about our chances in the playoffs.
  6. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Did I miss something and we actually signed coples or is that just something the huddle spun up?
  7. Giants game

    I might take you up on this. @RoaringRiot Zack do you have any tickets for this game?
  8. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    They've got a few people over there who are being realists.    
  9. Tillman Most Likely Out

    I think a major deciding factor will be can we stuff the run like we did the previous two weeks against that o line and can we generate a pass rush with our front 4. If we allow Romo to dance around back there all day he can make big time plays.
  10. Tillman Most Likely Out

    I'm not too worried about it. Jones can contain Beasley especially with some lb support. Beasley is an average nfl slot receiver at best. I think this might end up being beneficial for us. I like Bene on Terrance Williams more than Peanut. This experience Collin is getting might pay off in spades come playoff time. Also, it's always a plus to have more speed on the field.
  11. Spread Update

    If we lose it won't be because of any conspiracies. We are the superior team and this is the perfect opportunity to show America how the Panthers do business.
  12. Spread Update

    The spread opened on most books at Cowboys -1.5 or -1. It has already moved to Panthers -1 or -1.5 on most books. This is a pretty massive line movement with the game still 48 hours away. I expect it to close at least Carolina -2 or maybe even -2.5/3. Even the betting public isn't stupid enough to bite the Romo hook versus Cam and our D!!!  
  13. Rank our remaining games from toughest to softest

    Dallas Bucs Giants NO ATL x2 I think the bucs have the best shot at making the playoffs outside of the giants who will make it by default.
  14. Silatolu out - CJ will take his roster spot

    I really hate this. It looked like he was making progress. Fortunately for us Norwell might be good to go. To win the Super Bowl you have to be both a little lucky and really good. Hopefully the injury bug stays away from us down the stretch.
  15. Need the Huddle's help to get to SB50

    Just voted. Keep Pounding.