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  1. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    Sheesh. Gman should go on the exempt list for that outfit.
  2. Lil Dicky - Mean Guys

    I had a good laugh at this too. Thanks for posting.
  3. Of course he has no issues with the Panthers. Gman brought in a beastly front 7 for him to play behind and now, after only about 20-25 games as a real contributor in the NFL, he's rich AF. Gettlemagic.
  4. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    My initial thought is that it's very surprising to me you think Kyle Love doesn't get a spot. I thought he played very well against the run last year. Considering we have the luxury of moving KK to the outside for a snap here and there I think big Dave would be more likely to keep 5 DTs than 5 DEs. If Delaire proves to be a true asset in camp I think it's time for Wes Horton to go. I was also surprised, to a lesser extent, about not seeing Robert McClain on this list. I thought he played well for us down the stretch and he has true NFL playoff experience now. With that said, I know zero about Lou Young. How does his speed and athleticism compare to Bene and co?
  5. Olsen proves time after time what a steal that trade really was. Love this dude.
  6. Bill Barnwell's NFC South Offseason Report Card

    Bradberry at safety?
  7. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    I think Philly may be in some serious trouble this offseason. I'm going with KB, Funch, Ginn, Garrett, and Byrd. I wouldn't be surprised if Hill finally puts it all together though.
  8. Couple of first round picks meet....

    Is there any kind of option we can select that prevents the page from making embedded tweets smaller? Every time someone posts a tweet with a video the frame is so small you cannot see it. If you click it, it doesn't link you to the tweet either it just starts and stops the video.
  9. Madden 17 Cover Release

    They should do something with Cam and Von like they did in Madden 10 with Fitz and Troy. MVP versus Super Bowl MVP #1 overall versus #2 overall NFL opening night show down...
  10. PFF tags the 16 Worst picks in 2016 Draft

    I will not be surprised when Bradberry or Worley has the best season of all the rookie corners.
  11. This is very interesting analytical work that was buried in another thread. Whatever this guy's formula is, it seems to fall very closely in line with how Gettleman ranks his board. I've also added some of his commentary I found pertinent to the Huddle's draft expectations. I'm not sure who this guy is or if he has a proven track record, so take it for what it's worth. Round 1 - DT Vernon Butler / Louisiana Tech - #1 Ranked Nose Tackle Round 2 - CB James Bradberry / Samford - #3 Ranked Cornerback Round 3 - CB Daryl Worley / West Virginia - #7 Ranked Cornerback Round 5 - CB Zach Sanchez / Oklahoma - #37 Ranked Cornerback Round 7 - TE Beau Sandland / Montana State - #2 Ranked Tight End UDFA - WR Keyarris Garrett / Tulsa - #8 Ranked Wide Receiver UDFA - S Jeremy Cash / Duke - #13 Ranked Safety Analysis of this Year's Rankings And let's cap it off by all having a laugh at the Bucs...
  12. There may be some potential for Worley to see some snaps at safety during camp. He played safety and wide receiver in HS and he has excellent ball skills from the looks of it.
  13. Trading up with the Titans

    If it can't be done without trading a combination of 2 picks this year that aren't our 3rd and 4th along with our 2nd, then I don't think it'll happen. No way we are trading future picks.