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  1. Inimicus added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    But just as the 18th was repealed by the 21st a 28th could repeal the 2nd.
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  2. Inimicus added a post in a topic Just Ignore Them. Don't Open Their Topics.   

    This thread...

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  3. Inimicus added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    So you need more than a shotgun and a rifle for what?  I mean my home defense weapon of choice is my Mossburg 500 12a Mag not my Glock, my Tarus, or my Sig or even my Ruger carbine.
    And when it comes to hunting I never pack my handguns.  
    Its actually funny that the things I own in the name of home and self defense are really just toys that I take to the range periodically to put 50 bucks through the chamber.
    I think its time we put the 2nd amendment to the ultimate test.  Put it to the people.  If the majority want to keep it than so be it.  If on the other hand the majority believe its past its usefulness then it will go away as it should.
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  4. Inimicus added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    And it only took one more page before someone chopped a single sentence out of a larger point and tried to change the meaning of what I said.  And on top of that you managed to even misread and misrepresent that.
    There is private ownership of firearms in the UK FYI. They are licensed and regulated but people have them and the hunt with them and they kill vermin with them but they don't kill each other with them in anywhere near the numbers we do.
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  5. Inimicus added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    More cynicism...
    I keep seeing this idea of mental heath checkups and I just want to trow some numbers at that.
    Like I said previously I was attached to the mental health industry for the past 15 years so I know some things about that field.
    We were one of the largest MH certifying board in the country and we certified around 60 thousand counselors & therapists.  Our certification was a voluntary one so we didn't have everyone and in fact had only between 20 and 30% putting the total population at around 250,000.  If we double that number to include Psychiatrists (very rough and likely exaggerated number) that puts us at half a million MH professionals.
    Now a full time work year is 2080 hours and since they have other responsibilities beyond seeing patients its accepted that only half of their time are they in appointments with patients or 1040 hours. That's 520,000,000 hour long appointments per year.
    Current US population is 318,000,000 (give or take a few thousand)  and there about 88 guns per 100 people in the country. But we know that that doesn't mean that 88% of the 318 million have guns.  This article puts the percentage closer to 35% of individuals reporting they own a gun.  So lets go with 30% of 318,000,000 or 9,540,000.
    If we need to see each of those folks twice a year (and of all of the counselors I know will tell you that you don't know much of anything about the person for a few visits) that's an additional 190,800,000 patient hours the system has to absorb. Which translates into another 184,000 MH professionals.  Again basing it on my experience the universities pump out about 15,000 newly minted masters and doctorate level folks each year in these fields and that number is largely offset by people leaving the field so that kind of growth could take decades.
    Simply put the system cant handle having to see every gun owner twice a year without substantial change, and twice a year is hardly enough for a MH professional to make an honest evaluation of the mental stability of the individual.
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  6. Inimicus added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    No offense taken because I am fairly cynical on the issue that we can (or will) do much of anything. 
    And then I'm very optimistic that what is difficult and expensive today will be cheap and easy in another 5 years.
    I grew up with guns.  I own a bunch of them.  I would support a repeal of the 2nd amendment along side of an amendment that provided the nation with a much narrower privilege that could be used to accommodate sportsmen.
    Dispose of the right to own firearms and replace it with a system similar to whats used in the UK.
    Short of that you have to look beyond the guns themselves and look at what makes the people resort to these types of extreme acts
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  7. Inimicus added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    Well, without the snarky attitude yeah that about gets it.
    I think we have to take into account the reality that very soon there will be no barrier to people making their own weapons when we examine this issue.  We are not going to ban 3d printing and you don't have to go any further than this very website to find a discussion on the dark web and the otherwise banned info you can find there.
    And as for "outside the box thinking" what you are proposing isn't all that original or different and leaves plenty of space for kids to grab daddy's guns and lay waste to a schoolroom.  Daddy passed his mental health screening.  Daddy was licensed to own a gun.  Kiddo just looked up how to factory reset and open the digital gun safe on the internet and took the gun. And where do you think all of the counselors and therapists for these 6 month evaluations are going to magically come from?  As someone who spent the last 15 years attached to the mental health industry I can tell you that they are not out there and they dont graduate enough of them each year to serve the population you are suggesting.
    Look, I'm not someone who is espousing no regulation because "mah 2nd amendment rites!!!".  I'm simply pointing out an aspect of this discussion that needs to be considered. 
    And yes at this point I'm afraid the only meaningful thing we can do is punish those who cant follow the rules.
    Unless you want to address the sociological aspects of our society that devalues human life to the point that killing 30 people is even something that seems like a way to solve problems.  Or the fact that we spend more money on High School and College football programs than mental health programs for those same schools.  Or that our kids hero's are are people who resolve problems with violence be it in movies or TV or video games or comic books. 
    The answer doesnt lie in the item that is the firearm and whether or not you can buy one.
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  8. Inimicus added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    With the advancements in technology it wont be long before regulating access to firearms is as useless as making porn illegal.
    You can already make them LEGALLY with a few unregulated parts you can pick up at a gun show with not even so much as an ID 
    The only real course of action at this point is to continue to pass laws that severely punish people who are careless with or use firearms in crimes and then enforce those laws without exception. 
    Jr shoots the neighbors dog with your 9mm that you didn't lock up?  5 years.
    Use a gun to stick up the 7-11?  15 years
    Shot your cheating spouse but don't kill them?  10 years
    Gun goes off while cleaning it and hurts someone?  5 years.
    Of course I'm pulling those sentences out of my ass but you get the drift.  Throw in a two strikes rule for firearm related crimes and hopefully you either dissuade folks from using them or get those who cant be deterred out of the population quickly.
    That doesn't address the Lanza, Klebold, Loughner, Holmes, et al cases but in a few short years you're not going to be able to stop them from printing their own arsenals anyway.
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  9. Inimicus added a post in a topic ESPN Bails on Cam/Hochuli Controversy   

    It makes more sense than anything else thats been said about the whole thing.
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  10. Inimicus added a post in a topic At least 16 killed at Afghan hospital after U.S. air strike   

    War Crimes...
    Civilian Deaths...
    What the fug ever...
    The misguided outrage over civilian deaths in war zones is genuinely laughable. Especially when viewed through the lens of "this is what you voted for".  
    This is the government we deserve.
    And before you respond with "I didn't vote for this" ask yourself what you did to make it better and put an end to the partisan extremist bullshit that masquerades as american politics.
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  11. Inimicus added a post in a topic At least 16 killed at Afghan hospital after U.S. air strike   

    More democracy...
    Dresden Germany 1945

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  12. Inimicus added a post in a topic Toxic Relationship   

    Just saying...
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  13. Inimicus added a post in a topic Earlier childhood nostalgia   

    We played with the toys nature provided

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  14. Inimicus added a post in a topic Since the start of 2013, we're 10-3 vs. NFC South   

    I own the T-shirt that proves it

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  15. Inimicus added a post in a topic Notes and Memos - Saints   

    Pretty sure this thread predates pie.  As in it goes back as many seasons as I can remember on the Huddle.
    Take your asshattery somewhere else and quit shitting up a tradition.
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