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  1. Well, since the waitron won't know that Im going to tip them a nickel until after Ive cleared my plate and they have refilled my drink for the last time, Im not overly worried about what they might think of putting in someones food.
  2. What are you going to buy if we win tomorrow?

    Ill finally break down and get ink. 
  3. Trying to pump myself up for this game

    My condolences.   In 2009 we lost my wife's mom and dad 9 weeks apart.  Her from pancreatic cancer and him from myeloma and a broken heart. Shortly after his funeral we went to Disney for a few days and the distraction was genuinely healing. Go to the game.  Have a good time.  Its no disrespect to his memory.
  4. Shelbys is the poo.  That place is going to be absolutely nuts on Sunday.   Ive taught my family the touchdown song and we've been known to sing it when Im back in NC.
  5. Fallout from Norman vs Beckham

    2 PF = Ejection   Only if you make it a reviewable/challengable play.
  6. Panthers Nation

    Ive come to grips with my white guilt, but even that didn't compare to the embarrassment I felt for being white watching this...
  7. Cam Newton INFLUENCES the media!!!

    Charlie Rose's swag is second only to Cams
  8. Which way would you prefer to win?

    This!!!!   I want not only DA to get snaps... I want Joe Webb to get snaps under center.   Cam puts it out of reach in 1st and 2nd quarter DA plays 3rd and half of 4th quarter Webb comes out for cleanup
  9. Which way would you prefer to win?

    I want to win so totally, so completely, so convincingly that the competition committee considers a mercy rule in the offseason.   Im talking triple digit DIFERENTIAL
  10. Bronco buses crash

    In Peytons head... Glad-Its-The-De-fense-es-Bus
  11. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Fisting      ... wait is this the 50 Shades of Gray thread?
  12. Yep

    Congratulations dude.
  13. Anyone else going to watch the SB alone?

    Watching alone = new hipster
  14. Anyone else going to watch the SB alone?

    So let me get this straight... You'd (some of you) rather watch the game alone because you can't control your mouth, stand someone commenting on a commercial, tolerate someone who can't name all 53, likes another team, or might sneeze at the wrong time?   Some of you fuggers need to find a way to put this poo into perspective.   I can't be at the game and Ill be damned if Im not going to have someone to scream with, high five, and hug when we take this one down.  I guess you'll chest bump your Newton FatHead...
  15. Anyone else going to watch the SB alone?

    Flying back to NC to watch it with friends and family.   And to be close by just in case there is a parade in Charlotte.