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  1. instead of walter payton? Nah
  2. Is every bad cb we draft gonna be compared to Norman lol
  3. Of the guys available, Lattimore was pretty much the only guy I wanted left. Still pissed we let him go to the saints
  4. So far the only thing that has impressed me about CMC is route running. Disappointingly un elusive, can’t run up the middle (obvious from college but was hyped up like he could for some reason), and is struggling to run outside too. Critics Shula for bad play designs sure, but he’s getting a poo Ton of targets and has yet to break one. Does he even have a play over 20 yards?
  5. lol. True. Best thing CMC has done for us is distract other teams
  6. Flea flickers in this offense?

    yes i can post in this thread before its locked
  7. Cam apologizes

    yeah thanks i guess? Idk what this has to do with the VP
  8. Cam apologizes

    That’s what’s she gets for trying to oust camCam
  9. Cam apologizes

    Lmao he didn’t even need to give one. 1% off females even heard about this let alone the % that was offended. Americans are such cats now adays
  10. did he pick up the right guy there? Serious question. Let another player run straight at cam
  11. Anyone Notice Billicheat

    anyone got a vid of this?