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  1. Man I know I should’ve made a thread about this. Instead I just posted it in the practice news thread like an idiot
  2. Panthers8969

    Last Day at Camp - Update Thread

    Haha that’s exactly what I did. Thanks for trying to help though very detailed instructions right there
  3. Panthers8969

    Last Day at Camp - Update Thread

    Using an iPhone on safari. The huddle app hasn’t worked for me in a while
  4. Panthers8969

    Last Day at Camp - Update Thread

    https://twitter.com/panthersmax/status/1029026001383313408?s=21 Idk how to embed poo. Tweet is saying Torrey’s smith said he’s never seen someone improve so much over one offseason like Donte Jackson did other tweets I saw were Bradberry saying Curtis Samuel improved a lot and Ian Thomas stood out to luke
  5. Panthers8969

    Defensive passing TD's allowed last season

    Everyone know the “boo this man” gif? Replace the word boo with pie and that’s how I feel about this post. Good stuff OP
  6. Almost like he matches upbetter against some receivers than others lol
  7. Before I know anything? Well, clearly at the very least I know how to use a computer
  8. Panthers8969

    Jason McCourty is on the roster bubble

    How old is he? Seems weird to me a zone corner would fall off a cliff like that. Thought it was a great trade for the pats at the time especially since he would play with his brother. If he does get cut for whatever reason I think it would be looking into
  9. Butler will show up for 2 sacks and have people clamoring about what great depth he is with no realization that he’s a first round bust
  10. Igo clearly a bandwagon fan. Thinks smith balled out as a rookie
  11. Panthers8969

    Curtis Samuel Gets Open...

    Torrey Smith has zero guaranteed money next year so he will be cut. He was an insurance policy that we desperately needed last season and the guy we traded is currently suspended. So next season we have Moore Samuel and Wright as the starting 3. I would keep funchess. Hopefully he takes 8ish mil a year after the crazy WR contracts this year
  12. Did anyone actually think DW played like an all pro?
  13. Panthers8969

    Lost in all the wideout love..Ian Thomas

    / this whole thread
  14. I’d still like to think it’s possible that Matt kalil plays like he did his rookie year (Lol). I’m not saying it’s likely, but... I mean, idk lets just say every year he lies and says he’s healthy, but this year he’s actually healthy! Bam! Now we have a stop sign not a speed bump. Think moton will be solid. Whoever wins LG might not be so great but probably better than AS so that’s a win. Ryan kalil still not playing? Still pissed about last season. Someone needs to spill the beans on wtf happened bc I don’t buy this sleep funny oww I broke my neck poo one bit
  15. fug him. Can’t wait for the sophomore slump