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  1. Panthers8969

    How would you rank D-lines?

    We were third in the league in sacks last year. 2 10+ sack DEs. 2 pro bowl DTs. The question marks on our line come from depth, save peppers, who has proven time and time again he can beat Father Time. But sure, bc I disagree with you I’m in denial. Great joke you should use that all the time
  2. Panthers8969

    How would you rank D-lines?

    those people are idiots. If peppers doesn't regress our line will be even better. Poe is better than star anyways
  3. Man I absolutely hate when people start talking about the law of averages. What about a future HoFer is average? If you wanna say his play will fall off bc of age, fine, maybe that true. But, to say it will decrease bc of the law of averages is ludicrous. Just Bc some scrub DEs only convert 15% of pressures to sacks doesn’t mean that peppers will. Average qb throws 15 picks a season. I bet that’s how many brady throws now bc he’s gotta regress to the mean right? bet David Tepper only makes 60k this year Bc that’s the average income. like you can just go on and on about outliers returning to the average, but there’s a reason they aren’t average in the first place. Law of averages is supposed to be used for random events such as tossing a coin 10 times and getting 8 tails. Then you would say that next time, 5 tails is more likely bc of the law of averages
  4. Panthers8969

    Possible Huge Addition

    Would love to have him if it doesn’t effect team chemistry. As long as you don’t get arrested off the field I don’t really care what he does. McCoy called him “his fav white boy” so not convinced he’s racist
  5. Wouldn’t t be more concerning if he wasn’t fired by the browns? They’re known for bad decisions, firing him was probably one of them
  6. Panthers8969

    Mike Rucker

    Lmao skinny = sick now? He’s a professional athlete used to intense excercise. Take away the 5k calories a day and it’s easy to drop a poo ton of weight
  7. Panthers8969

    Mike Rucker

  8. Panthers8969

    Mike Rucker

    Good for him. One of my fav players growing up
  9. Yeah still can’t beleive he didn’t catch that hail marry. Thought he would catch it and then there would be PI also wow AJG is getting disrespected. Still a true wr1
  10. I forget did we want him to be the owner or the other guy honestly don’t think it changes much
  11. I thought the saying was “for all intensive purposes”
  12. Panthers8969

    Elijah Hood

    If he didn’t play for the tar heels you wouldn’t even be mentioning him rn. We just signed CJ why tf would we sign another back. Need to cut fozzy too not add more guys. updated depth chart: 1. Cj 2. Cmc 3. Cap 4. Armah
  13. Panthers8969

    Yes, this is it

    Wtf is this?
  14. Why did he say “and of course” to transition every pick lol. also not an analytical approach at all. Analysts don’t just look at the data they look at the “why” behind the data or the meaning of it. This dude just basically presented data and didn’t offer a meaning besides “he should be a long term starter” or “he has the athleticism of a all pro” like thank hats what your graph says you gotta say why and expand on that