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  1. Panthers8969

    Official Luke Kuechly sucks thread

    Wow this man got pooed into oblivion for doing the same thing to Luke that y’all do to Cam Lol.
  2. Panthers8969


    Number of shots I took after Dj’s punt return
  3. Panthers8969

    Cam had a 93.2 passer rating yesterday

    So irl, if you’ve made a couple mistakes and then someone pins something on you that wasn’t your fault, you’re just gonna role with that bc you screwed up previously? This mindset is dangerous and it’s scary how many fans are ok with bad reffing bc the team didn’t play perfect
  4. Panthers8969

    Cam had a 93.2 passer rating yesterday

    Once again the refs decided the game. Wright held on the last play. Cam throws it where he would’ve been but he was too busy getting held to be there. Oh but wait it was clearly just a bad throw by cam
  5. Mike McCarthy is 5-27 against playoff teams. Or not, didn’t actually look it up but feels like packers always lose to good teams
  6. Panthers8969

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 5

    Lol damn I was nyc for business and didn’t have much free time. Guessing my picks won’t count now but I’ll throw some down anyways. Thanks again for the reminder even though I missed it
  7. Ban OP. How fuging dare you refer to sir drops a lot as smitty
  8. Panthers8969

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 4

    thanks again for the @, would miss this otherwise
  9. Panthers8969

    Is it time for Gauldin??

    Would you rather have a rookie make rookie mistakes or a vet make rookie mistakes?
  10. Panthers8969

    Is it time for Gauldin??

    I actually really like gauldens intangibles. His college coach was a dumbass and you could make the argument he’s better suited to play S. I agree he’s a project pick, but not sure why you’re insulting his intelligence and athleticism
  11. Panthers8969

    Is it time for Gauldin??

    Meanwhile Jessie Bates balling out
  12. Panthers8969

    Turner confirmed out

    Gotta love all the injuries this team has
  13. Panthers8969

    Graham Gano

    Honestly insane how many people are ok with a missed homie fg in playoffs. Kma