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  1. You are a piece of poo, stop race baiting people

    What the fug is this thread
  2. Is he actually cams mentor? Never heard of that
  3. Omg yes! I cannot believe they had a teenager try to act like she didn’t know what a fuging computer was
  4. That Packers #26th ranked Defense...

    I’m not convinced rodgers plays the whole game.
  5. Possibility Wentz tore his ACL

    They also had he easiest schedule ever, besides maybe the Steelers. But, yeah, never want anyone to get injured
  6. Ryan Kalil is a Difference Maker

    Seriously, where tf is that guy that said Larsen was better than kalil and we should just let bench kalil the rest of the year? That thread was hilarious. OP had like 10 pies too. Still trying to figure out why found it. Was that big cat guy. Only 2 pies though actually
  7. Apple or blueberry for best pie?
  8. Props to Bersin

    Lol. It was a good catch, but oh my the recency bias in this thread. I get players improve over time, but Bersins been bad for a while, I don’t really see that changing
  9. So do you want Kenny Britt?

    and last year he was on the rams. Not much better. His regression this year is very concerning though
  10. i noticed that it was posted with some dumbass vague caption
  11. Carson Wentz a top 5 QB?

    Wilson my mvp fav then brady
  12. Hello From a Vikings Fan

    yeah you would think Ryan kalil would tell us not to waste money on his injury plagued bro, but yeah, clearly not
  13. What frustrates me about the offense ~

    imagine if cam had a star Wr idk why we continually try to fug cam over. This team with anyone other than russel Wilson (who has a worse oline and maybe slightly better weapons) would get 6 points a game