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  1. Boomer Sooner! Zack Sanchez is a Panther!!

    this topic made me laugh
  2. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    so much this. Is it that hard to communicate with someone before cutting them? This is my only real gripe with gman. I trust his football knowledge and decisions, but just be nice and open with players
  3. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    Im looking forward to CJ/kk/butler/ealy. That should be a very disruptive combo on 3rd and long
  4. who cares how he used the word sexy
  5. Carolina Panthers NFL Draft - Day 2 Predictions

    Steve Smith is the most overrated receiver the NFL has ever seen. Sir Cameron Newton: Leader of Men, Lover of Puppies...Esquire is a mediocre quarterback who lost us the Super Bowl and Von Miller made him his bitch. I'm glad we released Josh Norman and I think that all of the CBs we drafted will be better. It pains me to say this but I do not think this team will ever be back to the Super Bowl. Last year was our one good shot and we blew it. The Panthers will soon be the laughing stock of the NFL.
  6. Carolina Panthers NFL Draft - Day 2 Predictions

    there will never be another Steve Smith. Stop comparing every small wr to him
  7. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    If i had to guess I'd say he will rotate him in
  8. Cameron Artis-Payne Arrested for Speeding

    who gives a fug. Everyone speeds. Stop trying to make something out of nothing
  9. So, would you rather...

    if he didn't want to sign the tag why did he fire his agent and attempt to sign it?
  10. The best thing you will see all day....

    kb fan excited to have kb back?
  11. So, would you rather...

    we could've kept the franchise tag and still had the money to resign the DTs. Dumb thread is dumb
  12. u can't be serious
  13. Don't look for a big move to replace Josh Norman

    lol, unfortunately I don't think Ryan is that bad. They were the only team to beat us last year and they will most likely be better this year