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  1. luke nukem added a post in a topic Gameday Menu   

    dabs and pizza.
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  2. luke nukem added a post in a topic We have a sharp looking squad   

    "an sharp looking squad...."
    Am I really the first person here to notice this?
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  3. luke nukem added a post in a topic Per Wilson: Foucault promoted to active roster, Horton waived   

    The only thing that makes it ok is that it was Hurney who drafted him. God we should have brought in dave after Cams rookie season, We would be in a better position this year. Its ok though because as Ive said, 2016 and 2017 is when our window becomes wide open.
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  4. luke nukem added a post in a topic KK to be Great   

    Whats up with this star misses games meme? players get hurt, the guy only has missed 4 games and looks good right now. If he plays the rest of the year he will have only missed 2 games this year, not bad considering how big the guy is. Short is great, but star stops the run in its tracks. Id take him if I could only have one. Just use the eye test. Star is fuging massive.
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  5. luke nukem added a post in a topic Kuechly Officially OUT for Third Straight Week. We Need Answers.   

    lol , the salt is real with you buddy, wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?
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  6. luke nukem added a post in a topic RR: planning to play without Luke   

    Well I for one am Completely fine and not worried about this. Concussions take nearly 20 days to recover from. If Luke is out come Seattle my panic will begin to set in. Glad he gets 34 days to get his head straight. The Wins always cure the disappointment of not seeing 59, but I damn sure hope this is the last time we don't see him dress. Cam will put the team on his back though, he loves to murk Tampa.
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  7. luke nukem added a post in a topic Bucs week: MRSA, metal science, crab legs, and Gold Bond Medicated Powder   

    LET'S GO!!! 4-0 and 2-0 in the division and a week to get healthy, couldn't be any more excited for the season.
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  8. luke nukem added a post in a topic No sign of Luke at practice possibly out until after the Bye   

    well he failed his test Tuesday, Ron said that they see the doctors every 4 days, so Saturday he will be tested again, If he passes, he plays, if he fails then its 15 more days of R&R.
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  9. luke nukem added a post in a topic So....who gets cut?   

    Its gotta be Horton or Cole, I hope its Horton cause I mean, god the guy obviously isn't going to get any better, at least Cole is an established veteran and could fill in for any one Star, Short, Love, Edwards. Horton seems to never find the field so Id rather let him walk. He could be put on PS too because I mean lets be real, no team is going to claim him off waivers.
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  10. luke nukem added a post in a topic Shaq Thompson getting some praise   

    God I cant believe that was the only "sack" of the game. we have to get to Winston early this week.
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  11. luke nukem added a post in a topic Do we start Allen this week?   

    that's how this is a question. Ive come to the conclusion he will be in rotation this week. Learning our entire scheme isn't as hard for a DE as say a S or LB, but It still will take more than 3 practices to feel accustomed, not to mention he has been trying to play OLB in the 3-4 for the past 6 months. The BYE is coming at a perfect time for Allen, I expect to hear his name come week 6, Hes a smart guy.
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  12. luke nukem added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Do we start Allen this week?
    Do you think Allen comes in and immediately replaces CJ or does he need to learn the playbook some? I think it would be wise for us to give Addison the start this week with Allen getting some reps on obvious passing situations, I worry about his run defense and the fact that Hes been stuck playing OLB this year, makes me want to have a few practices under his belt before replacing CJ. Good thing we have a BYE next week so when Seattle comes around he should be adjusted, either way I'm very pleased with this signing and If he plays well I'd love to have his deal restructured and be brought back in 2016.
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  13. luke nukem added a post in a topic Charles Johnson Injury   

    I just feel Like when Hardy first was drafted by the panthers He had a much higher ceiling that Kony. I know it takes a few years to develop but Im trusting what my eyes tell me and that is the fact that he is a bust, sorry.
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  14. luke nukem added a post in a topic Charles Johnson Injury   

    It is becoming obvious that we need a DE in the draft, I hate to be that guy but Kony Ealy is Dave's first real bust. He just can never get containment on run support and commits costly flags at key moments, also has a non existent pass rush. Id trade Norman for Hardy tomorrow if Jerry offered. I miss him every sunday.
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  15. luke nukem added a post in a topic We could go 12-4 and still not win the division. Look at these easy ass schedules y'all   

    don't sleep on Houston if foster is good to go, I see the falcons finally falling this week, while we coast into our BYE. Then its 14 days of well deserved huddle circle-jerking until Seattle.
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