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  1. been burned by paper tigers before . . .
  2. please for the love of god keep Hurney away from the purse
  3. there will be no trades. hopefully there's a playoff to push for when he returns.
  4. It's the thinking like this--player first--that has fuged the game today. Players aren't poo. Cam's flare for theatrics bring him more press than his wins. And that's not opinion; that's fuging fact.
  5. 2 touchdowns through 2 games

    Nothing will change. Rivera is in charge of the coaches. Shula is as good as ever.
  6. Hats off to Sean McDermott

    thhhpppppbbbbttttttttttt.....Shula gets out-coached by the mirror when he shaves in the morning
  7. mediocre thread for a mediocre team
  8. The Roaring Riot tailgate

    Light Rail Stonewall station is about 3/4 of a mile from the tailgate. Walk West and curve around the stadium, hooking left after you pass the new JR statue and you will run right into the tailgate after about another 300 yards.
  9. For the Shula Haters

    Mike Shula has a job because Ron Rivera doesn't know jack poo about offense.
  10. marty hurney blows fuging balls . . . the wheels have already been set in motion. everything that gettleman was building towards has halted. hurney is making moves that indicate a more permanent role.
  11. The NFL has an Offensive Line Crisis

    Article is extremely one-sided. Coaching and GM preference for building DL has taken priority over OL. I do grant credence to the evolution of college offenses. But that's a market problem that should fix itself (i.e., kids want to go to schools that can put them in the NFL). Besides, there are still great talents out there. This is much ado about nothing.
  12. I was waiting on this once I heard the news. Love it or hate it, that's life in the NFL.