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  1. Snow on Sunday?

    Lots of dick posts about the original post. You look like an idiot when you attack something you know nothing about. First off, the high doesn't mean anything. It matters what the temps are when the precipitation rolls in. Tempstend to drop considerably when a storm rolls in. True, the high is often hit in the afternoon of a normal day but ever notice how temps can drop like 20 degrees when a storm hits? Or when a cold front moves through? And it doesn't even need to be below freezing in the forecast temperature to snow. That is at the surface level. As long as it is below freezing higher in the atmosphere it will snow. If it is cold enough for long enough on the way to theground it will still come down as snow. And the predictions are generally unreliable this far out but they are far smarter than you. Will it snow? Probably not. But thereis the potentialof a snow event, which is what the original poster thought was worth discussing. You don't need to be a dick about it if you don't think it will snow.